22.02.2017 updated 2 years review: Bergans Airojohka Mens jacket

I have used this jacket for about 2 years.

This is not a cycling specific jacket, but a sports jacket, but I think it its good for cycling.

The arm zippers:

To close them while riding, you have to do the bicep bodybuilder move, which will hold the jacket in the sleeve in place while you zip it up, do it carefully of course.


  • excellent fit, which you can see in the video above.
  • Good coverage. I went with size XL, size L could fit me, for walking, but I went with the XL so I had full coverage, so the when my arms are down my hands are inside the jacket, but when having it on when riding and moving in all directions and stretching my arms and moving my upper body backwards, the jacket covers everything, and I don’t get wet.26429134494_b9afe8dc82_b
  • well placed venting zippers, so when I began to be too hot, I just unzipped them and I stayed the perfect temperature.but when wearing a backpack you can’t fully unzip the zippers, but that is not a big deal.26429093764_582e974c2a_b
  • the hood fit perfectly under the helmet, and it has adjustment i the back head and 2 in the front, but it is not in the way of the helmet adjustment which is great.25540285094_bae8fc92a8_b
  • Excellent fit, perfect for mountain biking.
  • the adjustments are placed in the perfect spots.
  • 2 big front pockets
  • I can wear the POC elbow pads without any fit issues.
  • the front of the hood is stiffer than the rest
  • you can roll it and put it in your backpack, it takes little space. so its perfect for me, as the weather can change from warm summer weather to cold and rain weather the same day.
  • I have ridden in -9 Celsius with only Swix base layer and a jersey under this jacket, I stayed warm, but I also did a ride in -11 Celsius I stayed warm but if I was still too long I felt bit colder, so if I am very active, I won’t get cold in -11 degrees, but, if your activity is not intense, another jersey should do fine.


so far none

Durability: Updated 22.02.2017


The jacket fabric:

I crashed few times, but the latest crash, loogI jumped a root over a root and landed and my back twisted and I lost control, and my bike went to the left I went on the right and, the jacket’s sleeve landed on the gravel covered asphalt, I got a small hole, on the left sleeve.

The Zippers:

2 of the lower pins in the zipper, bent so I had to bend it back, but it came back to being bent few times, I don’t know why this happened, maybe in one of the few crashes I had.


This jacket is perfect for any use, in my opinion, no matter if you run, ride, or ski.


Flickr album

Product pages: http://catalog.bergans.us/clothing/jackets/shell/Airojohka-Jkt-Green-Tea-Lime-Navy-L-163309-p0001052230


I found this German review: http://ich-liebe-berge.ch/test-bergans-airojohka-jacket/


Asics GT-1000 2 GTX Gore-tex XCR shoes review

at first the shoes were pretty tight fit, compared to other shoes like Adidas running shoes,

but after use they got comfortable,

they are Gore-Tex shoes so they are wind proof and water proof.If you use those shoes make sure your rain pants are long or you will get water inside the shoes,

the gel damping technology works well.

i have been walking,running, and mountain-biking in these shoes,

the shoe grips well but having soft rubber sacrifices the durability,after some some riding  the outer-sole begin to wear,the pedal pins ripped the rubber apart.


  • Grips well
  • confortable
  • Shock absorption: Gel in the heel
  • plate on the rear of the shoe make it stiff and easy to take on and off
  • the rear of the shoe is stiff soit’s easy to take the shoes on and off


  • price
  • red part on the top of the shoe near the shoe laces wear out
  • not for wide feet.
  • would be nice with wider front for people with wide feet,
  • my feet are average width,but my pinky-toe goes over the inner-sole little bit, but would be nice with wider shoe anyway,at the beginning the shoe felt too tight but got away after some days of use.
  • the outer-sole should be thicker and not wear as easily



Online Price: 999,- NOK (Norwegian crowns)
local store Price: 1 299,00