Maxxis High Roller 2 29er 2.30 quick Long-Term Review ( work in progress, Shorty and more info on issues)

I won’t repeat everything other reviews mention, but here is my experience with the tyres. So far this is my favorite summer, dry tyre.

I have used I have been using these for years, and worn out several of these tyres.

Mudhugger FR _5086

The narrower spacing and sloped knobs make this tyre roll well no matter the surface.

The good spacing on the side knobs keeps it grip well in corners, on gravel,dusty, dirt, works great, great tyre for midsummer riding,when you don’t need the sharper knobs and wider spacing to grab on to roots and ride clear mud, but this tyre can handle some mud.

The tyre grips well in corners, good transition from the middle when going straight to turning, good on loose surface, gravel dirt, fast rolling, even on asphalt, unlike Shorty which will have significantly more drag, and be slower to ride, great grip in the dry and hard packed but decent in some mud too, but it’s won’t let you climb on steep terrain with wet roots, the spacing is not wide enough, the knobs are not sharp and tall enough.

For some reason some of the tyres came this thing.

You know the tyres are new when_2601
New tyre2593
The bead is the weak point of Maxxis High Roller 2
The bead is the weak point of Maxxis High Roller 2

So this means you have to watch out for the bead, if you see wear in the bead replace the tyre immediately.

The bead is the weak point of Maxxis High Roller 2

The Experiment

Just as an experiment I tried to install a tyre with with worn out bead, which as I suspected it exploded, but here is the proof, don’t install tyres with the nylon showing from the bead. the bead was ruined after 40psi, it exploded

Worn bead_2590
Cush core & worn out bead experiment_2583
Trek Fuel EX_5117

Everything below this is work in progress:

might be confusing or typos.

Maxxis Shorty 2.30

I am not sure whats wrong, but I have had issues rubber on bead on Shorty tyres too, it was 3 tyres in total.

I also had issues with warping after long term use on one rear tyre, I don’t know why. this tyre and the one very badly warped High Roller 2 tyre, they are the worst warped tyres, the others were not as bad.

At 25 June 2019 I noticed the Shorty tyre I had on the rear got very bumpy. I used the 2014 Trek Fuel EX back then, but I built my Geometron G1 winter 2019/2020, so converted the wheels to boost, and used it on the G1.

eventually the wheel got out of true, but that might be due to not having enough tention and me not checking it as often as I should. I don’t know if this made the issue worse.

I actually love how grippy these tyres are, how they ride.

how fast they roll, how grippy they are all of these corner well, but I am not sure why I am having issue slike these, I am curious.


as you can see the bead is fine, but the tyre is warped.


I have deflated the tyre once and added 60 psi, let it be for a while before reducing to normal pressure and rode it, one day the issue came back, then it got better while riding and came back again.


You can see some of the tyre pops up to when laying down some point down, but a new tyre won’t do this.


I see the other tyres looked similar to the tyre shown here, apart from one tyre that is new.

the tyres looked round and not out of shape, wit some short term sue they still looked as good, but with long term they did not.

but I will use those tyres too and test it further, see if I will get same issue as with these tyres.

10.12.2016 Updated Review: 2015 Bontrager SE4 Team Issue 29×2.3

After few weeks of use of the XR3 Expert tyres, so I need new tyres so I purchased all the se4 tyres in stock. I did not abuse the tyres, I rode singletrack & some stairs.I do not mind the weight of these tyres because of the durability.

After using the 2015 Bontrager SE4 Team Issue 29×2.3 for the 2015 season, I tried Maxxis High roller 2 3C Maxx Terra EXO TR  2.3  the 2016 season, which are much better tyres in my opinion, so I needed to update you on this.


  • durable
  • No twisting when running 25 psi.
  • Takes rock gardens pretty well, no cuts yet.
  • the excellent pattern gives you good grip
  • I did not notice any difference in rolling resistance from the Xr3 expert to the Se4 team issue
  • puncture resistant.Never got a puncture no matter how hard I rode, which is partly good luck at the time, but these tyres won puncture by trail use. even if I rode on broken glass.( of course I if you  ride on a big and sharp thing you will puncture every tyre)
  • no problem to run 25 psi,no matter how hard I ridden,which I can’t do on the  Bontrager XR1 Team Issue 26″” x 2.20 or the Bontrager XR 3 expert
  • fast rolling & cornering, Compared to Maxxis HigRoller 2 23.3 Se4 corners better on asphalt.its the thread pattern & hardness of the tyre which does it.(but for grip Maxxis HighRoller 2 2.3 wins.)

    As you can see the side knobs are pretty close, that’s why this tyre corners so fast.

these tyres are easy to put on and off the Bontrager Duster 29e rims


  • heavy at 1010 grams for one tyre its quite heavy, but the higher weight is unavoidable with thicker s, stronger tyres.
  • The Se4 tyre is way too hard which result in the tyre washing out/sliding out on hard packed dirt or loose dirt, The tyre does not compress and form to the surface enough. I had these tyres on my spare bike, but iI swapped wheels from my spare bike over from my main bike and taken a ride the local trails with the Bontrager Se4 tyres the rear i crashed which I have never done on the trusty Maxxis High roller 2 3C Maxx Terra EXO TR  2.3.


I can’t recommend these tyres because I have tried Maxxis HighRoller 2 3C ‘s

I have not had any issues when riding on the pavement or asphalt road, but I haven’t ridden down o’clock turn on asphalt, so I can’t Tell you about it.

Not so good on common variable trail conditions. mountain biking, I recommend getting a tyre with better cornering grip, and stickier rubber for better grip, I now use Maxxis HighRoller 2’s and I have never looked back.

Maxxis HighRoller 2 is as durable and got a much softer compound.

For me the Maxxis HighRoller 2, offer a better package, even it does not turn as fast, but for me it’s perfect, sacrifice, the result is an excellent overall experience.

I use Maxxis Minion 2.3 on my trek 6300 26er bikes, and they roll fast in corners, but they don’t slide/wash out on you when riding fast in corners, so for more technical trails I recommend Maxxis High Roller 2 2.3 or 2.4

for xc gravel, or not too rooty trails, for xc, gravel and asphalt Minion’s are perfect