2015 Mavic Crossmax Jersey long & short sleaves

I have not crash tested it yet:-), but I assume its quite durable.

the sizes are about 1 cm difference each way, so I can use International medium and International large.


  • very comfortable against your skin soft and stretches, much more comfortable than a normal cotton t shirt., quite smooth.
  • stretches so easy to take on & off elbow pads when wearing the jersey
  • will fit every type of body armor, I use POC VPD Air elbow pads
  • excellent fit
  • the collar could be a bit higher in the front.


  • the size label  in the rear/ neck is not comfortable against your skin
  • size label in the neck is uncomfortable
  • The yellow jersey attract bees


Because I can use base layer and jersey but still feel cold in this area, use use a buff but I pull the jersey down fro the rear and on the sleeves so I get full coverage in the neck-chest area.

as you can see there is no issue wearing the Poc VPD AIR elbow pads underneath.



good fitting and comfy jersey,so I recommend it


Review: 2015 POC Flow jersey

If  you crash a lot, and need a durable jersey, POC Flow is a good choice.

if you want soft and super comfortable jersey i would go for the Trail jersey instead, biut for me this is OK.


  • confortable, the jersey is smoother inside than outside, so it will not be as unconfortable as you might think.
  • Very Durable,i crashed 2 tiomnmes ( on concrete stairs and on asphalt) with this jersey on and it still looks like new,but i assume if you crash very bad the POC logo might get some scrapes.
  • no itchy size label



  • None yet

i ordered wrong size but i kept it did not have time to deal with it so i just used it, but one size too small  was wearable but not so comfy to put it on, but hopefully i can get some more of these in the right size



Conclusion, if you want durability, the POC flow jersey is a good choice.

TEST: Twentyfour Svalbard Hanske

mine hansker har grønn farge istedet for lime og har twentygfour logo på pekefnger, Bra

  • godt grep
  • bra passform,jeg brukte de mange ganger i regnvær og vind på sykkel.
  • ingen problem med bremsing,lett å bevege fingrene.
  • behagelige hansker
  • ingen plagsomem sømmer inni hansken
  • lange nok så du kan trtekke en jakke over de
  • lett å ta på og av

Ikke Bra

  • insiden av hanskene krøller seg,men det kan man fikse lett.
  • jeg syklet i forferdelig regnvær og hanskene ble helt gjennom våte,for å få hanskene vanntette må du bruke impregnering dette har jeg ikke prøvd ennå.
  • den ene flate strikken falt av
  • mine hansker hadde for lange tråder hengene fra sømmene


LED Lenser T7 no.7439 light & Bracket/mount review

its not a bike specific light but,i need a decent light for commuting, but its a horrible choice if you use it at max power for long distances after few days you need new batteries, So I can’t recomend this light for mountain biking.

so i got my self LED Lenser M7 LED  (Item no. 7439) flashlight,

i got a clamp too it fits thick bars and comes with rubber spacers os it can fit on thinner handlebars.

its not a cheap light but the good light are often expensive.

if you crash or get off the pedal and hit the light you will push the light out or almost out of the clamp,but during rides it does not slide out.


  • light light adjustment
  • made of metal so its strong,but its heavier than plastic lights of course
  • nice button on the back with nice feel,and click.
  • pattern for extra grip
  • good battery cartridge, you cant get the batteries or cartridge stuck inside the light.


  • Last about 6 Hours  with energizer max power batteries, after 6 hours it is getting too weak to ride with
  • lights up way too small area,its useless for riding fast in dark woods or paths/trails.
  • it should be water proof but i got damp inside on the inside behind the glass,but i have ridden in some really bad rain.

Bracket item No. 7799-PT


  • tool less easy to mount the clamp/mount
  • easy to take off the clamp/mount
  • clamp got turning joint so you can’t adjust the light for the right angle


  • after more than 1 season the light began to slip forward when riding hard, but that can be fixed with some rubber or tape.



This is a ok flash light, but not a bike light, way too narrow and short beam.

Buy a proper bike light.