Fox 180 Airline jersey XL Short review

Poc Resistance Strong Fox 180 Air jersey_4352Edit

There are no itching labels or big uncomfortable stitching or bumps.

Poc Resistance Strong Fox 180 Air jersey_4352Edit

As The name suggest air flows trough it, the jersey is thin, has a lot of venting holes all over it, it creates air flow, I can feel the air flowing trough keeping me cooler, similar to opening two windows in your home.

So this is one of the thinner jerseys I use on the summer.

Here you see me wearing the jersey

2016 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon & 100% Goggle

Body armour fits well underneath, I wear Poc VPD 2.0 Dh pads

Poc Resistance Strong Fox 180 Air jersey_4352Edit

The jersey fits nicely, the sleeves are long enough, it’s a true to size fit.

Fox 180 Air jersey_4354Edit
FOX 180 AIR LINE white XL jersey
FOX 180 AIR LINE white XL jersey

I will update this review later, so far I don’t have more to mention.

2015 Giro DND Medium- for people with big thumbs- Short-term late review

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I was supposed to post a review of these gloves but did not finish it at the time, but here it is.

I only used these gloves for riding a short period, they did not fit me, so I eventually got other gloves.

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I don’t know about durability as I did not use them enough.

But I started to use them again but in the winter because it’s too big for me, but with fleece gloves.

but even with fleece gloves in side I can still feel the stitching and the glove still feels too big, fingers are too long for me, the wrist are still too big.


  • Bad sizing, for most people, the wrist area is too big, and the thumb is too big, this might fit people with big thumbs and huge wrists, but it does not fit me, and smaller will be way too small, at least the Medium I tried in the shop I bought these from it was way too small, maybe it was small the guy gave me to try, or I might remember it wrong, I am not sure.
  • this happen after just few days of riding
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

quality of the stitching was not great, this is quite common issue, and can vary from glove to glove & brand.


  • decent material on the top.
  • nice sweat/nose wipe area
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

Long-term review: ESI Chunky extra chunky silicone grips- Revised & added video

Race Face Turbine 1x Dropper post remote_1608

Here is an improved review, since the last time I posted a review on these,

I have used Esi grips since 11.2015 until January 2018, so I am very familiar with them. updated it march 2018. But now finally I revised the review, new pictures, improved text.  July 2019 I added video and revised the text some more.

I put them thru its paces, I rode with them in -11c to summer heat, in most weather conditions.†

I went from hard and too small diameter grips to Easton MTB grips, which was torture to ride with so I had to get something better, but ESI Grisp were just a temporary solution.

I went for the 34mm diameter grips, they fit me perfectly.

I have been using these grips since 2015, they definitely work, but not for long, So I had to swap them out for a fresh set after few weeks.

my upgraded  2010 trek 3900 ESI Chunky orange silicone grips

but when used for longer I managed to put a lot more wear in them, and eventually they were spinning slightly, especially at the the ends.

Some pictures:

Timber bell_1607
Race Face Turbine 1x Dropper post remote_1608
2014 Fuel EX 7 29er: ESI GRIPS-Deore Xt M8000, M615 brakes-
View from left-Trek 6300 Race Face Turbine

Sortimo T-Boxx_20170424_103707
I stored them in Sortimo T-Boxx

Flickr Album:


  • Shock absorbing
  • feels great without gloves
  • 10 colour choices, I got green fits my fuel-ex perfectly.
  • stays in place, does not slide off.
  • reduces hand numbness – fatigue- arm pump
  • easy to clean with a hard brush
  • not effected much by the subzero temperatures, they work in the summer heat and in the freezing winter.
  • they can be used in the winter, I have ridden few days with -10  and more, with the grips, without any issues.


  • not as grippy as rubber grips.
  • but they only last me 4 weeks, they become too soft and lose the shock absorption, and at that point, they are torture to ride, so they are expensive in long term. In the  In the winter I use 2.1 Suomi Gazza Extreme studded tyres with 4psi higher pressure than my summer setup with Maxxis 2.3 tyres, which becomes torture to ride with once the grips lose the shock absorption feature, first comes the loss of shock absorption then the grip becomes more fragile and gets ripped apart easier and easier, then they begin to spin slowly, but this happens over the course of many weeks, with higher volume tyres I could ride them for bit longer, but not with my current winter setup, it’s torture, so I had to swap to fresh grips every 4th week, which cost way too much. even though the too soft grip is not as noticeable with bigger tyre volume this is not acceptable for me.
  • birds can damage the grips like here, after riding with them more than a week after the bird attacking them there are holes so deep I can see the handlebar, so if you crash hard you will rip the grips part.
ESI Grips Extra Chunky Black- closeup
I don’t know what caused damage on this one, maybe some branches, they could definitely cause this.


I can’t recommend these grips due to the issue with the grips getting too soft fast, but so far it seems like I am the only one mentioning this, maybe I got a bad batches these years, if you have other experience with them why not comment below. if htey lasted longer this would be a cheap and great option I guess, but for me it did not work that great for long.

So when I saw RevGrips I bought them, and that’s what I have been using since, and probably will continue to do so.

The end caps are junk,  you can replace them with proper alloy end caps instead.

Putting them on & off:

The best way to install the grips is by using a compressor.

here are some great videos I found on YouTube:

I put the grip under running hot tap water to heat expand it or fill the sink up with hot tap water, but a using compressor instead is much easier.

What you should NOT do:

DON’T USE A SCREWDRIVER TO PUT THEM ON AND OFF!!! It will damage the grips on the inside and the grip can rip apart.

Don’t use hairspray, even if the bike mechanic tells you to, it might stink, and make the grip slipperier on the inside.  it’s dangerous stuff to breathe in.