adidas escalate stability pro moderator [long term reveiw(1 season ]

When i tried them on i knew i would buy them so i got 2 pairs,
there is perfect amount of room inside the shoe i nthe front so even wide feet would fit,
but my toe comes over the inner sole,but its still confortable,
adidas pro moderator tecnology works pretty good, but the Asics GT-1000 2 GTX’s back end of the sole bends more and is softer,but it does nto mean its unconfortable,infact the shoe is quite confortable.
affordable price
very breathable
dampening sole
more space for your foot than asics shoes fro mteh same year


the white part of the of the shoe get wear out,they crack and small pits fall off, but your outer sole will wear out before this has has to worry you.
as usual as msot of thee running shoes or shoes in general whoes whould be wider for better support for the pinky toes.

here is a picture of my abused shoes,alot of riding on with straightlien defacto pedals.

IMG_20150906_151Adidas performance Escalate stability running shoe box 632//