Long term review: Straitline defacto pedals[Recommended]

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I was so impressed with these pedals that I ordered more sets so now I got 4 in total.

I run these with all pins, and the grip can’t even compare to normal cheap pedals they are on a whole new level.

I have jumped and landed with the pedal on a end of a stair end and no damage not bend no play . but they are now on my fuel ex and the left crank arm failed and the left pedal fell off, the threads for the pin failed few days later, which is probably caused by loosened pin, and damage to threads was probably done wheel the pedal fell off,I have Used Loctite 243 all of my pedals,the thread locker on the pins are will no do the job properly, So you have to apply some more.


No damage done to spindle threads.

IMG_20150805_165802 IMG_20150805_174302 IMG_20150805_165323

No I did not overnightened them,it as a bike mechanic in the store that switched the pedals from my trek 6300 to the fuel ex.,good they had a spare crank.I have used the pedal with the xt crank arm I got and the pedal did not fall of, so i assume it was just a faulty crank arm that caused this.

After about 2 season of use the metal rings and the locking clips will show sings of wear,and there will be noticeable play and knocking sound.

But straight line provides spare parts,which can be bought directly from their site,or from online shops.


  • Only one size,for sizes above 44 these pedals will be too narrow,my size is 43-44,and my shoes go over the platform by  about 05cm.


  • Very durable,can take some abuse.
  • excellent construction
  • excellent grip
  • easy to replace pins
  • easy to service,one of the easiest on the market right now
  • many colour choices, will match most bikes


Excellent pedals, I absolutely recommend these.

If you want the best gripping concave platform pedals on the market but not spend much cash on light weight pedals go for the defacto pedals!

but they not the lightest pedals with good grip on the market, but if you want to save weight go for the Syntace nine nine titan instead,but the Straightline de facto are much cheaper.


Kjøp Straightline komponenter i Norge/buyg straightline components in Norway:






eller: http://www.sykkelbutikken.no/komponenter/pedaler/mtb/straitline-defacto/