Absolute Black OVAL 77 Designz ISCG05 Bash Guide Long term review

after the initial review back in 2018 , I have updated the review, some improvements, and added videos.

I have used it for few months.

34T Absolute Black oval chainring
with 34T chainring

I haven’t had a very hard impact on the bash guard yet, but I had one light scrub, which barely gave a mark, but once I get a big impact I will update you on this.

The bash guard is mounted with two Torx screws to into the plate, which makes assembly and disassembly is very easy & fast, there is no need for two Torx screws like with MRP AMGv2, but the only bad thing about this is if you ruin the threads, you cna’t just swap bolts, but it keeps the weight down.


  • Doesn’t clog up with mud, 77designs designed a great chain guide, it does the job well, without any unnecessary bulk or material, mud will travel through the big hole.
Absolute Black 77Designz Bash Bashguide _5025
77designz- Absolute Black
  • easy to take the chain off, due to the simple and great design of the guide, you just undo the bolt little bit and swing the front guide, with Loctite 243 and proper torque it will stay on securely.
  • the chain guide from 77 Designz seems to be good, with keeping the chain in place, I tested how well the chain will stay on by forcing it off the chainring, the plastic pushed it back on, so I think the chain will be very secure on the trail no matter how fast or hard you ride. I think it does a better job than MRP AMG v2, which is not really made for oval chainrings.
77designz- Absolute Black

Broken Bash plate


First I used 34T oval, which the guide supported but for this chainring size the bash guard could be few millimetres longer, to protect against very uneven stone edges, but I later switched to 32T Oval and that should not be an issue for sure, I have also ordered new bash guide plate, the size was 28-32T which was exactly the same as the original.

I intentionally did stupid things to try to make it drop.
I forced the bike when the chain got stuck in a tree stump.
this video shows what happens if you do, I of course would not do this mistake otherwise, just lift the bike way from it make sure chain is in place, and everything is fine then ride down.
I think you can drop the chain with any chain guide, if you are brutal enough.

Chain drop experiment

I did the things in the video to test it, the guide did not fail, but chain dropped, which I suspected would happen.
I’ve not had the chain drop with this chain guide otherwise.
also it does not get clogged up with mud.

Chain drop experiment

I will update you on further developments.

More pictures of the guide mounted on my Nicolai/Geometron G1

Cable routing
iscg05 mount
iscg05 mount
Race Face Atlas

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