2012 and/or 2013 MET Crossover long term review ( 3 helmets) awful

I strongly advise against buying this helmet.

having a safe helmet is important, this one is not that safe because the adjustment mechanism can fail anytime.

the way it is made it’s impossible for it to not fail.



the plates that are snapped together 8 pins, fails, the adjustment wheel pops out because of the screw holding it in place fails.



  • the adjustment strap is big,and poorly made feels and very flimsy
  • the cushion on side are poorly made and they are glued together and not stitched, so you will get glue on your head
  • sun guard is too short to be effective,
  • the price is high compared to some other much better and comfortable helmets.
  • the net on the front of the helmet does not stop flies or anything really,too big holes so pointless to have them
  • the red rear light is weak but that is to expected from a so small light with this kind of battery
  • the cost, you can get a much safer and better helmet for the same price or just little more.


  • good ventilation
  • red rear light
  • the helmet will fit big heads (my  size 51-60 cm)


I have been unlucky with my helmets from met 2 out of 3 of them were faulty

the first one was a red version, the rear of the helmet had cracked so much that it almost fell off I just ripped it off with my fingers, this was just few months a with riding I never dropped the helmet(of course some in the store could have abused it)

i could not see any serial number,i did not have the place to store the broken helmet so i thrown it away, I cant proof I did not actually break the helmet anyway,but I of course did not.

this did only happen with one of the helmets.

in my opinion every single helmet must be tested before its shipped out and.

i forgot to contact Met about this issue, but I did it now in 2016 bit late I know.

helmet nr.1

the part in the yellow above is showing the part that fell off,

in my opinion the helmet should not have so many sharp edges and strange forms,it will reduce the protection.

helmet nr.3 the screw holding the adjustment knob jumped out,  it did not happen with the helmet nr 2

and can feel uncomfortable on some heads,

note that this is in no way an attack against the MET helmet company,just facts,info and my opinions




2015 Mavic Notch trail helmet long term review

2015 Mavic Notch helmet with 2015 adidas pinner gogles


  • the price , for $110 you get a decent helmet
  • the Weight : 310 grams (M)
  • good ventilation
  • ERGO HOLD SL retention system mall and confortable                               http://www.mavic.com/helmets/ergo-hold-sl-retention-system
  • the adjsutment knob feels nicee easy to use grips well.
  • the cussions are thicker than on most helmets i ahev seen,this makes it a confortable helmet,(unleass you wear some headwear)
  • sun guard that aclutaly is the right size,of course if you need more you need glasses anyway if the sun is so low.
  • adjustment mechanism is confortable nto liek the met crossover’s helmet where it hurts to have it on.
  • the clamps for the side straps clamps trong
  • the helmet comes in 4 colors matte blue matte black,matte white,matte yellow
  • good ventilation


  • visor is too short(Its useless when riding in sundown.
  • no visor adjsutment
  • only 3 adjsutment hole
  • If you are are careless when you take off the helmet the rear palstic straps might go out of the triple adjustment slots.
  • when i wear a buff o nmy head, the helmet will sit bit higher so the adjustment mechanism will be bit too high, witch is unconfortable. but i need to ignore that its unconfortable, when i ride in -6 degrees celsius, i need to wear some ehadwear. so thsi helmet need better adjustment.

17.11.2015 I noticed this part that is gued to the helmet loosened.


I think mavic did a good job with the comfort and ventilation.



a great review i found written by Francis Cebedo,

mtbr.com wrote a review and they the helmets did nto fit them as well as on my head.

”a medium size is too small but a large was too big as we got shell contact on the upper back of the skull.”

read more at http://reviews.mtbr.com/review-mavic-notch-helmet 

as always very good reviews and videos.