Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium- Long term review

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

A long time after September 8, 2017 when I posted my 6 months review after using first case I bought I have updated it the review.

First thing I noticed when un-boxing it was the nasty smell of the rubber, which eventually goes away after few days.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

the installation is easily done with 1.5mm Allen key,which is a smart design,unlike those cases that just slip on,they are pointless as they would fall off on impact, but the Powerful case can many hits.

I have crashed hard on a asphalt bike path I lost control as my joints slipped twisting my bars to the left I landed sideways on my shoulder and my thigh resulting in damage of my shorts, a hole and a damaged zipper, but the case protected the phone.

I noticed the case has been bent from the middle Allen screws, This might be from the crash, as it was a hard crash.

The case is thick and the camera lens is less exposed due to it being raised, so you won’t scratch the lens glass if you lay the phone on a dirt table or a uneven surface like a asphalt.

Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070326084
Shattered screen protector Love Mei POWERFULcase Sony XZ premium
Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070307275

Love Mei decided to go for a door for the 3.5 port, but a rubber cover for the USB-C port, it seems like a good choice, but the red door has some play.

Screen protector:

I tried to scratch the Screen protector with a Allen key, but it did not scratch.

The protective screen cover is very weak, it does not withstand the abuse I but it trough when mountain biking.

The screen protector can’t handle any flex, so having it in your pocket will destroy the screen protector, the shorts will move your muscles will move, the phone well move, so it will be destroyed fast.

I don’t know what actually damaged the screen protector, But it’s most likely me just riding with the phone in the pocket in my Poc shorts,Which I am pretty sure is the reason.

But the bike path crash I had did not result in any visible damage on the screen protector, but it might have damaged it any way, later I went for some long mountain bike rides, one time the zipper failed, so it was sliding down, which might have damaged the screen protector, or it might have been that I hit my thigh on the Timber bell or the dropper post remote, or maybe it was the flex in the protective case at some point on the ride, I don’t really know.

Video below shows how easy I could take apart the shattered protector.

Love Mei claim the glass is toughened, I have no clue what that means, in my opinion the glass is very weak, it cant withstand too many impacts,but you can of course replace it with something else. if you take a close look you can see the pattern in the layer of the screen protector. The screen protector does not effect the touch sensitivity.

Shattered screen protector Love Mei POWERFULcase Sony XZ premium
Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070326084

After the failure I bought Panzer Glass screen protector.

Panzer Glass

here are some photos of the new screen protector after I cracked the Panzer glass screen protector after long term use.


it was far stronger, than the original screen protector Love Mei had glued to the case.

Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Love MeiPOWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070232418

The USB C cover shows signs of wear, its rubber so eventually it will wear, I don’t think there is anything wrong with using rubber.

But they offer replacement part

In the video below you can see how where I put my phone while riding:

In my hands:

The phone is bit to big with this case, but much better than the tiny Cat S50, way too small, but something with similar case and just little bit smaller, would be perfect.

at the first times I tried using the shutter button I had difficulties with getting it to work, but it was probably just a small alignment issue when I put it together, after few more tries it worked flawlessly.

The case has rubber almost all the way around the sides & the back/rear side of the phone, but they don’t eliminate slipping, they definitely reduce it but , it still will slip, but the raised edges of the case make holding the phone more secure, the edges stops it from slipping.

when taking pictures or filming for example I can securely hold my phone with my trigger finger on the shutter speed, and the thumb in the upper corner, and my left thumb in the other lower corner, or my whole left thumb  up to the right corner which gives good and stable grip.

The rubber buttons work flawlessly and feel great, but as it’s weak rubber it will eventually wear out,I have used it for few month, without any major signs of wear, but I can see the buttons are rounded off a little bit.

I have been using the case in rain and humid weather and I have not had any issues with water coming inside.

scratched Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_065208571

The paint job on the plastic front frame scratches off easily, just by taking the case in and out of the pocket, it scratches off with hitting the zipper.

here you can see the second case that is also is scratched up:

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

The rubber on the backside is meant as a heatsink.

I bought a spare case, in case I manage to destroy one, I did not, but I lost the rubber cover on it, so I took one from the first case I got, which I bent slightly, but I managed to bend it back some, but not perfect, but it eventually got a tear in the rubber where it is clamped.

Both sides of the frame are made of alloy.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

Also one the rubber plug on the red 3.5 plug cover fell off, I wore it out so it got too loose I guess.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

it is not waterproof, at least not without the original screen protector, so water might get in. this was result of careful cleaning, no water directly to power input, but I got some water on it and wiped it clean, so in rough rain it will get water inside there too.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

Verdict: robust, with awful Screen protector

This case is about what I actually thought of would be, alloy frames bolted to each other, I reduce to use those thin & fragile cases where camera is still not protected enough, but this is not a problem with this case.

If you get this Case get a better screen protector.

So far this is one of the best case I have found, but the screen protector is horrible.

The case works well for me, size is good, I could do with a smaller size, just a little bit smaller could work for me, but not any bigger, I think this might be the sweet spot.

The phone is heavier now, but the protection is worth it.

Product page:

EZGuardZ Screen Protector – waste of money

scratches easy and gets covered in scratches fast, just takes few days to get it all scratched up, few weeks and the touch is does not work properly.
anything hard will scratch it with ease.
easy to apply and remove.
waste of money.