2015 Evoc Freeride Enduro Team 16L backpack 3 years review


  • Durable
  • The pack got alot of room for every thing you really need for a ride plus more, id you want to use it for grosery shopping you can, I can fit 2 cola bottles or 2 1,5 milk cartons,3 1 L cartons
  • upper pocket got 2 Compartments with an elastic band which is perfect for a wallet and a helmet light battery charger, I sue one for Gemini Xera light battery charger and the other one for my wallet. And it’s perfect a smartphone & Go Pro mounts, small chargers.


  • the top pocket got keyholder
  • soft material inside the pocket so you don’t scratch your camera lens smartphone, I can fit a Sony experia XZ Premium smartphone in the pocket but any bigger phone won’t fit, but I prefer to have it in  short pocket instead.
  • The Velcro transparent pocket is nice for storing food that was in a plastic bag you have opened, for example trail mix.
  • in the top pockets , I got Lezyne SV10 multi tool, 2 Co2 cartridges, Dynaplug, the big mesh pocket can fit 2 29er tubes.  the narrower higher pocket fits a shock pump & tyre pump. in the outer pokets I got Shopping bags & a lock.
    in the big mesh pocket I keep cables, tyre lever.


  • back protector comes at 145 grams with feels like nothing.
  • side pockets with elastic band, which is great if you forgot to fill up the Hydrapak and just wants to buy a bottle with juice or soda or to keep shopping bags in.
  • Tool compartment 
  • no matter how aggressive riding I done, jumping, riding in stairs, the zippers staid in place.
  • Side waist pocket, which is perfect for rubber gloves or a small snack: 
Snapped zipper slider, but this is not a surprise, zippers eventually fail, So it’s great that that Evoc desided on dual zippers.




The belt keeps the back pack from bounging. The Velcro got worn quite worn after about 2 years of use, so it did notstay in place by it selc, but with buckle strap it stays in place still after 3 years. But if you need new Velcro straps you can buy new and sew them on, so tha’ts ntoreally an issue. The buckle & the other plastic parts still works great.



  • the logos will start to peal off after one season of use.



  • if you use the helmet holder for a xc or trail helmet, make sure you get the front down and all the way in other wise it will be too loose
  • you have to have the zippers to the side or it will take in water because of the gap in the 2 step zipper


After about 3 years of use it’s still going strong. I am Sure I will be able to use it fore many more years.