Long-term review: ESI Chunky extra chunky silicone grips- Revised & added video

Race Face Turbine 1x Dropper post remote_1608

Here is an improved review, since the last time I posted a review on these,

I have used Esi grips since 11.2015 until January 2018, so I am very familiar with them. updated it march 2018. But now finally I revised the review, new pictures, improved text.  July 2019 I added video and revised the text some more.

I put them thru its paces, I rode with them in -11c to summer heat, in most weather conditions.†

I went from hard and too small diameter grips to Easton MTB grips, which was torture to ride with so I had to get something better, but ESI Grisp were just a temporary solution.

I went for the 34mm diameter grips, they fit me perfectly.

I have been using these grips since 2015, they definitely work, but not for long, So I had to swap them out for a fresh set after few weeks.

my upgraded  2010 trek 3900 ESI Chunky orange silicone grips

but when used for longer I managed to put a lot more wear in them, and eventually they were spinning slightly, especially at the the ends.

Some pictures:

Timber bell_1607
Race Face Turbine 1x Dropper post remote_1608
2014 Fuel EX 7 29er: ESI GRIPS-Deore Xt M8000, M615 brakes-
View from left-Trek 6300 Race Face Turbine

Sortimo T-Boxx_20170424_103707
I stored them in Sortimo T-Boxx

Flickr Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskorWHoL


  • Shock absorbing
  • feels great without gloves
  • 10 colour choices, I got green fits my fuel-ex perfectly.
  • stays in place, does not slide off.
  • reduces hand numbness – fatigue- arm pump
  • easy to clean with a hard brush
  • not effected much by the subzero temperatures, they work in the summer heat and in the freezing winter.
  • they can be used in the winter, I have ridden few days with -10  and more, with the grips, without any issues.


  • not as grippy as rubber grips.
  • but they only last me 4 weeks, they become too soft and lose the shock absorption, and at that point, they are torture to ride, so they are expensive in long term. In the  In the winter I use 2.1 Suomi Gazza Extreme studded tyres with 4psi higher pressure than my summer setup with Maxxis 2.3 tyres, which becomes torture to ride with once the grips lose the shock absorption feature, first comes the loss of shock absorption then the grip becomes more fragile and gets ripped apart easier and easier, then they begin to spin slowly, but this happens over the course of many weeks, with higher volume tyres I could ride them for bit longer, but not with my current winter setup, it’s torture, so I had to swap to fresh grips every 4th week, which cost way too much. even though the too soft grip is not as noticeable with bigger tyre volume this is not acceptable for me.
  • birds can damage the grips like here, after riding with them more than a week after the bird attacking them there are holes so deep I can see the handlebar, so if you crash hard you will rip the grips part.
ESI Grips Extra Chunky Black- closeup
I don’t know what caused damage on this one, maybe some branches, they could definitely cause this.


I can’t recommend these grips due to the issue with the grips getting too soft fast, but so far it seems like I am the only one mentioning this, maybe I got a bad batches these years, if you have other experience with them why not comment below. if htey lasted longer this would be a cheap and great option I guess, but for me it did not work that great for long.

So when I saw RevGrips I bought them, and that’s what I have been using since, and probably will continue to do so.


The end caps are junk,  you can replace them with proper alloy end caps instead.

Putting them on & off:

The best way to install the grips is by using a compressor.

here are some great videos I found on YouTube:

I put the grip under running hot tap water to heat expand it or fill the sink up with hot tap water, but a using compressor instead is much easier.

What you should NOT do:

DON’T USE A SCREWDRIVER TO PUT THEM ON AND OFF!!! It will damage the grips on the inside and the grip can rip apart.

Don’t use hairspray, even if the bike mechanic tells you to, it might stink, and make the grip slipperier on the inside.  it’s dangerous stuff to breathe in.

Revised Review: 2016 POC Resistance Strong Gloves

Since I first wrote this review in 2016 I have improved this review, more & better pictures, improved text, and more details.


  •  no more twisted strap, like on 2015 Index DH glove
  • more air flow than the DH index glove provided by the holes in the palm
  • I stay cool even in 25 deg. Celsius
  • comfortable
  • true to size, I have 21cm knuckle size, and the medium fits me perfectly. I went from Index DH gloves in large which was a bit too bit too big, to this glove.
  • Durable ceramic-coated SuperFabric® with abrasion-resistant properties, this actually works.


  • the impact protection is silly thin, they won’t help on a proper impact, I tested it with hitting my hand harder and harder on a stem.
  • Because of the holes on the palm, the durability suffers when you get something (pedal pins for example) stuck in the holes you can tear the fabric, but this is also caused by the fabric’s weakness.but if you do it can easily be fixed if you got some sewing skills.
  • the triple dots on the fingers wear off fast because they are glued on.

Holes got bigger.
  • The Stitching failed on one pair, They were Only used one day, I put these on today and the stitching came loose.
    • the glue holding the Velcro to the rubber strap failed of some pairs of gloves, but you can easily fix this with a sewing kit. Sadly I got an inconsistent quality of the stitching on these gloves with the gloves I got.
    • after many months of use, the glove stretched and had to be sewn in the palm to fit me properly.
    • the picture below shows a new glove:

    Photo Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskCuD9Ar


    But if you want longer lasting palm to get the Index DH glove instead, but it will of course not be as cool as the Resistance glove, but the durability of the palm must be improved.

    I still use my Index DH gloves in size L, for colder days, I wear them over fleece gloves in size M, which works well.

    I will look into other gloves, like Mechanix for example, they got full finger padding and knuckle padding.

    Product page: http://www.pocsports.com/en/product/2556/resistance-strong-glove

    Kan kjøpes her/can be bought here:




    Slightly Revised Long term review: Straitline DeFacto pedals

    I have revised this one before 14 june, But I added some info about issues with the O-rings. I have also ordered Catalyst pedals, SO I will see how much difference they will make.

    Flickr album

    Straightline Components flickr group

    I was so impressed with grip of these pedals that I ordered more sets so now I got 4 in total.

    I run these with all pins, and the grip can’t even compare to normal cheap pedals they are on a whole new level, But They are not perfect, the short standard size platform is rideable but it’s too short for me.

    I have jumped and landed with the pedal on the end of a stair end and no damage not bend no play. but they are now on my fuel ex and the left crank arm failed and the left pedal fell off, the threads for the pin failed few days later, which is probably caused by loosened pin, and damage to threads was probably done wheel the pedal fell off,I have Used Loctite 243 all of my pedals,the thread locker on the pins are will no do the job properly, So you have to apply some more.



    No damage to the threads


    IMG_20150805_165802 IMG_20150805_174302 IMG_20150805_165323

    No I did not overtighten them, it as a bike mechanic in the store that switched the pedals from my trek 6300 to the fuel ex.good they had a spare crank.I have used the pedal with the xt crank arm I got and the pedal did not fall of, so I assume it was just a faulty crank arm that caused this.

    After about 2 season of use the metal rings and the locking clips will show sings of wear, I had to bend the clips with pliers to make them tight again, the O rings stretch after few months or weeks, causing the pedal to move from side to side and making knocking & creaking sounds.

    But straight line provides spare parts, which can be bought directly from their site, or from online shops.

    Winter Use:

    After riding few days in freezing conditions& rapid changing conditions, the service intervals changed to servicing them quite often.

    I had to use grease instead of lube, and apply so much grease it hindered water from coming on the inside, but the harsh conditions I rode in, still required the pedals to be serviced often. To Prevent Rust This is necessary, This is normal you will have to service any component more often in the winter.

    I  did go trough several bushings in a year,about 1- 2 depending on use , as In got got several bikes & ride a lot.


    • The platform is too short, for my 44 size feet, a longer platform would be nice. But riding with the five ten impact shoes definitely help.
    • The o-rings were problematic,f ew times as they stretched in a short time, and in hot weather the stretched O ring slid up from the spindle to the pedal wrench slots,after changing the shims, few times the o-rings start to wear. my experience was that I had to change them after few months or weeks,they cracked and stretched way too much way too fast, So if you got these pedals, toy need to stock these Orings.After having these issues I found on MTBR.com forum that others have the same issues. http://forums.mtbr.com/all-mountain/straitline-all-mountain-amp-pedals-727035.html


    • Very durable, can take some abuse.
    • excellent construction
    • excellent grip, the pins amount of pins & the sharp shape provide excellent grip, combined with Five Ten shoes it gives perfect grip.
    • easy to replace pins
    • easy to service, one of the easiest on the market right now
    • The pedal has plastic shim, which allows the pedal to stay in place in the same position when you remove your foot from the pedal.


    If it was not for the ”standard” size platform I could recommend these pedals,But for smaller feet these will do the job. but as I have big feet, these feel too short.

    IF you decide to get these, you will lave to get better O-rings

    DeFfacto are not the lightest pedals with good grip on the market, but if you want to save weight go for the Syntace nine nine titan instead, but the Straightline de facto are much cheaper, But in my opinion a longer platform medal would be better, I don’t care about some tiny weight gains.

    I have wanted a longer platform pedals for years, and I wanted to buy some buy never got around to do it, but I think my next pedals will be Pedal innovations catalyst,I think I will buy them to try them out for myself, The Straitline defacto and many other pedals are too short for me, but this does not stop me from using riding well, but I can definitely feel the disadvantages of the standard platform size.


    Kjøp Straightline komponenter i Norge/buying straightline components in Norway:


    eller: http://www.sykkelbutikken.no/komponenter/pedaler/mtb/straitline-defacto/




    Updated REVIEW: Rapid Racer Products Enduro Guard 200mm/large

    It protects you and the fork from the most of the mud and dirt and stones, but if its very muddy and its splashing mud from every direction or other riders it does not help much with seal guard.32732697525_afef6fc554_o

    but the seal guard I have used it almost 7 months, and its still going strong, evo but the guy in the store tried to mount one white guard on one of my other bikes and it snapped(according to him).

    enduro guard large green mounted on a FOX Evo29” no matter the size of  of the travel i think you should get size large, more protection the better, unless its a small kids bike.



    As you can see the seal guard don’t help much, the featured picture shows it even better, as the seal is covered with snow.

    After long ride, I discovered that it failed. I heard a lot of banging noises, when jumping or riding off a drop or hitting a root and now I know why.


    Official site: http://www.rapidracerproducts.com/EnduroGuard.htm


    Not Recommended, It failed after being used ca 1 year on my main bike,1 winter in 2016/2017, and few weeks on my spare bike, it’s not durable enough.

    Give light protection against mud or gravel in your face, but does not catch everything in bad weather, my goggles will still get wet, muddy

    You will definitely need a bigger & longer fender/mudguard if you plan do a mud bath.

    Short term Review: Shimano Deore XT M8000 with Race Face Narrow wide

    On 10speed Formula/Bontrager Freehub:

    If I use the 42T cog on the cassette the chain will fall off when back-pedalling, but when I shift up to 37T cog the chain stays in place no matter how hard I pack pedal.

    On Hope Pro 4 freehub:

    the Pro 4 free hub, is 11 speed compatible, which means it’s wider, and comes with a spacer,and with 11speed cassette, the  cassette is closer to the frame/more outwards to the right, which gives a better chain line, so the backpedalling issues is gone,Unless you backpedal at unrealistic speed,then it will fall off,but I have done 180 U turns in 1stgear(42T) and the chain never fell off.

    So if your rear hub is compatible with a wider freehub,you should get one.

    Huge noise reduction when riding:

    The first thing I noticed after I upgraded to 1×11 is that all the slapping ,banging and scraping noises are gone from my bike.25185797391_0cfdb76e37_o

    Enter a caption

    The narrow wide chain-ring will make more sound than the triple chain-ring,  but when ring in rough terrain or jumping, the noise is a lot less than a conventional triple ring set-up would make.

    With this set up i used uncut CN-HG701-11 chain.

    Shimano Deore XT M8000 I-Spec B shifter:


    There is big  difference in the force needed to press to press the small trigger(up shift),but I got used to it after days ,and it did not feel as hard to press, and I like the shifter feel,I get less accidental shifts this way.

    The change in gear is instant like promised.

    The possibility to shift by bending you finger and do a finger kick motion,which you can’t do with Sram shifters.

    (like this(https://youtu.be/7HvJma35fZA) to push the lever/trigger is gone, as the Shimano Deore 10 Spd had.But for me this is a acceptable compromise.

    But there will be no accidental shifts

    Down shifting:

    • smooth lever-action.
    • There is huge difference in the force required to push the triggers between SL-M610 &  M8000 , so if you plan to upgrade a kids bike you might want to let the kid try it out first,but for the youngest I recommend getting SL-M610 or something similar.
    • you can shift down 4 gears

    The I-Spec B shifter will have rotational play,because of the pin system, it’s not avoidable.

    The screw came with a lot of  Blue thread-locker,so needed to try few times until I finally got it tight without loose shifter.

    But the adjustment screws did not,so you have to buy thread locker for them, I used Loctite 243.

    The rear Derailleur:


    11-26T M8000 Cassette  & RD m8000 with original link & trek ABP hanger



    • A lot stiffer Clutch system, which is good.
    • Very smooth,fast shifting movement.
    • Esy to service, as long as you got magnetic bowl, and are careful with the round seal fo the spring assambly.


    Enter a caption



    Race Face Narrow wide:

    The chain will not fall off no matter how hard I ride, if it falls off you must be crashing really hard.

    There is some drag when pedalling but this is not noticeable when riding, the chain still wants to be on the ring for about a half of a second, but this is impossible to avoid with Narrow Wide.

    If you want video proof that narrow wide works watch this video by Seth’s Bike Hacks

    Me unboxing the 36T chainring

    Down 50 degrees stairs test:

    Steep stairs

    set up used in test: 2010 trek 6300 1 x10 36-11T cassette Shimano SLX Shadow Plus, with 36T Race Face Narrow Wide chain ring.The chain dropped when it was in 24 Tooth cog, but when I tried in 21 cog it stayed on. Even on stairs that were not that steep probably 40 degrees,the chain fell off.

    Pros of 1×11:

    • You get all the gears you need if you just select the right chairing for you.
    • a lot quieter drive train
    • dropping the chain is rare unless you ride in low gears down steep stairs.
    • No front chain rigns to deal with
    • easier to clean the drive train,less dirt & mud on the drive train
    • if you want to sue a chain guide, you can use a single ring chain guide which will be more secure,and look better
    • if you use a wide range cassette with a 9T cog you can get the a pretty high gear as you could with triple rings,but with 11-42 with 36T cassette I get a pretty good range,but once I get on the 1km flat straights I will run out of gears

    Cons of 1×11: There are no real cons riding 1×11 it will have faster wearing cassette and chain of course,but that’s not a reason to not upgrade. the 37 and 42 cogs are the fastest wearing cogs, because of the bigger chain angle.

    the cassette & chainring wore out at the end of the season like it did with 10×3, maybe few weeks sooner wear. I don’t have to shift as often and skip so many gear so often,so I get less side to side wear on the chain,by using 1×11,so the chain growth will be less.

    If i changed the chain,a lot earlier, the cassette and ring would have lasted longer,but I had no spare chains,but I have a stock of chains now.

    The Rear derailleur cage will have visible wear, with 1x  setup,because of the chain line the chain will hit the plates,but its not a big deal.


    I absolutely recommend Both the Xt m8000 drivetrain and the Race Face Narrow Wide single chaining.

    If you are not sure which gear ratio you need:http://gears.mtbcrosscountry.com/

    Flickr Album: Shimano DeoreXT M8000

    Flickr Album: Race Face

    2015 Mavic Crossmax Jersey long & short sleaves

    I have not crash tested it yet:-), but I assume its quite durable.

    the sizes are about 1 cm difference each way, so I can use International medium and International large.


    • very comfortable against your skin soft and stretches, much more comfortable than a normal cotton t shirt., quite smooth.
    • stretches so easy to take on & off elbow pads when wearing the jersey
    • will fit every type of body armor, I use POC VPD Air elbow pads
    • excellent fit
    • the collar could be a bit higher in the front.


    • the size label  in the rear/ neck is not comfortable against your skin
    • size label in the neck is uncomfortable
    • The yellow jersey attract bees


    Because I can use base layer and jersey but still feel cold in this area, use use a buff but I pull the jersey down fro the rear and on the sleeves so I get full coverage in the neck-chest area.

    as you can see there is no issue wearing the Poc VPD AIR elbow pads underneath.



    good fitting and comfy jersey,so I recommend it

    Review: Mucky Nutz BUTT FENDER mud guard/saddle mud guard-useless

    The Mucky Nutz is is more secure, or getting hit than Ass Savers large ,which will easily fall of when hit or or pulled,but the Mucky Nutz will not fall off unless extreme forces are applied.


    • Provides pretty good protection a gianst mud from the rear tyre.
    • when hit from above or under side it will stay in place.
    • it will stay in place without any issues when you ride.


    • does a very bad job at keeping you mud free, unless you only sit on the saddle. just look at this video:
    • its hanging down a bit.
    • when hit hard from the side it can snap out of place and fall off, if you crash or for example when you are getting on the bike by pulling your leg up, so be careful if you do it this way,this is not really a big issue.
    • can be bit tricky to take off,but that depends on the seat post design,i got the 2014 Bontrager seat post on my fuel ex 7.On the 2014
    • will not fit every saddle there is, the 2014 Bontrager Evoke 2  saddle the Fender will not stick up like this but will hand about 5 degrees down.
    • there will still be dirt coming from the rear tyre but if you got a backpack or jacket on it does not matter, i use a Evoc Fr Enduro Team and the bottom part of it get bit dirty, but for me that’s not a issue,the main reason for this fender is to protect your pants or shorts being muddy.




    I can’t recommend any saddle mounted fenders, its best to have a fender mounted on the seat stays, so it protects the pivots, and the dropper seat post.

    Review: 2015 Giro DND gloves

    the durability, and wear resistance of these gloves are much better than then Remedy X gloves,because there is no horrible hook & loop strap that wears out.

    I have used these gloves about the same time as the remedy x gloves but these gloves will last much longer.

    my knuckle size is 21cm,  and i used size large.

    Depending on your hand these might be a con or a pro: if you got abnormal big wrist bone and thick thumps these gloves are for you.

    • the thumb is bit too big for me
    • the wrist is too big for me.



    • elastic part on side wrist to help with fit.
    • durable
    • very breathable
    • sweat wipe material on the side of the thumbs


    • The seams inside,result in less comfort than Poc’s gloves,but nto so bad that I would not wear them.
    • no Velcro strap for the best fit
    • no touch screen support

    Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

    Review: BBB ULTRABASE DTL Road & MTB saddle

    the saddle is harder than the Bontrager race saddle on the 2010 trek 6300,saddles is a personal thing,not every one will find every saddle comfortable, this saddle was not the most comfortable one I had.



    • durability is acceptable, it did not wear out or bend og any screws that fell out, so this is good,i got few holes on the sides from few crashes.


    • becomes slippery after at  least 1 year of use
    • the black stripes that go on the sides ,top of the saddle wear out after much riding.
    • only 3 colour options
    • bit hard,not as flexy as I would like.


    Review: POC Joint VPD Air Elbow pads

    most of the elbow or knee pads I see on the market are not up to my standards,they are made as bad as the Bliss Arg knee and elbow pads.

    the pad is cut so it bends easier and is more comfortable, but when I crashed one time and the pads squeezed my skin so it was red few days,but that not really a big issue


    • easy and fast to take them on and off
    • the right materials used so they will be durable and wont wear out
    • very comfortable,not as hot as the bliss arg or similar pads.
    • they did not wear out just in weeks like the 2015 Bliss Arg.
    • light weight
    • not as bulky as bliss arg or 661 r similar designs,so you won’t look liek a robot wearing a jersey.
    • stay in place when you crash


    •  upper strap is needed in my opinion,it will hold the pads in place more securely.
    • only one strap,but this should not be a issue if you got the right size.But if you hit something backwards and it gets hooked on the upper side it can pull the pad off.

    POC: http://www.pocsports.com/en/15/wheels-body_armor

    Kan kjøpes her:




    my experience with these pads was so good that I now got Joint VPD 2.0 Shins & Joint VPD 2.0 DH Long Knee

    Read the review here: https://mtbboy1993.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/poc-vpd-2-0-dh-knee-pads-shin-pads-defenitly-one-of-the-best-protectors-out-there/


    Get the Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow or Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow or  instead,which I have done.

    shimano EXPLORER LONG GLOVE- low quality gloves

    Size: i purschased these in size Medium,they fit well,but shimano the Bontrager gloves i had were size large


    Ather some weeks the gloves show signs of use on the material used on the grey/pink part of the fingers

    ather few months with riding

    very breathable

    the finger tip stripes will fall off afther some weeks of riding,they are pointless they do nto provide extra grip

    the finger tips got worn out on theindex fingers

    if you crash and fall on the asphalt the the synthethic leather can ripp little bit,if its a big rash they will proobably be ruined, it depends how hard  you hit the ground.

    the thumb part changed color from black to brown on my pair i use for riding.

    in october they were totally worn out. stitches broke on the fingers.

    the gloves could use soem more padding


    i have 2 pairs of this glove. they don’t look that mutch used .

    if you are a drifter they will be worn out as fast as on a mountainbike.


    •  comfortable
    • breathable


    not durable

    the shapes on the finers do nto give you extra grip

    the touch fasteners straps wornout afther few months,

    no tourch screen support on the finger tips


    i can’t recomend these gloves 

    shimano’s page for the gloves http://www.shimano-lifestylegear.com/gl/cw/products/accessory/005explorer_long_glove.php?pSccontentsPro

    anmeldelse av C4 Sportsbrille

     Disse brillene er ser ut som Limar, F60 (bilde nedenfor) &Endura Mullet(som kom i 6 farger)

    These glasses look Like Limar, F60 (Picture below) & Endura Mullet(which comes in 6 colors)



    Limar F60


    Endura Mullet(photochromic glass(blir mørkere når det blir lyser og omvendt))



    men etui/futeral er ikke det samme,ikke innpakningen heller Jeg har brukt brillene i mer enn (husker ikek nøyaktig)2 år i varmt vær syklet i kalde og varme dager, ingen tind har knekt , det følger med et futeral med blrillepose, men det stemmer ikke,men den har 4 glass brilene sitter på min nase ok,men problemet at jeg får fluer somkrasjer i panna mi rett i øynene.men formen på panna har jo mye å si ,de kan kansje for deg og ikke meg.


    det som ikke er bra

    • ikke Photocromatisk linse på gsport sin side stod det at det er det. men lenger ned sto det at det følger med 4 glass.
    • Den svarte lakken flasser av


    •  gummi strømpa på brille armene faller av og limen smelter, gummien revner så brillene blir ekkle å ha på seg når dette skjer. jeg måtyte vaske vekk limen
    • 599,- prisen er for høy
    • bare et farge valg
    • bare en størrrelse

    Den svarte lakken farler av, og smelte så man får svarte merker på huden. gummi strømpa på brille armene faller av limen smelter, det sklir av, gummien revener. så brillene blir ekle å ha på seg når dette skjer.

    det som er bra

    • futteral/etui og brillepose
    • brille glassene er i en pose for å ungå riper.
      du får kjøpt disse brillene hos gsport, intersport eller på nett på

    https://www.gsport.no Konklusjon jeg ambefaler ikke disse brillene http://www.gsport.no/produkt/214315/c4-sportsbrille-re-2-7 noen vil vite mer om c4 komponenter http://www.terrengsykkel.no/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1126977&page=2

    Konklusjon: ikke kjøp disse brillene

    flickr bilde album:
    Gresvig sport C4 brille/rebranded Limar F60