REVIEW: Rapid Racer Products Enduro Guard 200mm/large

it protects you and the fork from the most of the mud and dirt and stones, but if its very muddy and its splashing mud from every direction or other riders it does not help much with seal guard.32732697525_afef6fc554_o

but the seal guard I have used it almost 7 months, and its still going strong, evo but the guy in the store tried to mount one white guard on one of my other bikes and it snapped(according to him).

enduro guard large green mounted on a FOX Evo29” no matter the size of  of the travel i think you should get size large, more protection the better, unless its a small kids bike.



As you can see the seal guard don’t help much, the featured picture shows it even better, as the seal is covered with snow.

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Give light protection against mud or gravel in your face, but does not catch every thing in bad weather, my goggles will still get wet wit mud.

You will definitely need a bigger & longer fender/mud guard if you plan do do a mud bath.