2015 Giro DND Medium- for people with big thumbs- Short-term late review

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I was supposed to post a review of these gloves but did not finish it at the time, but here it is.

I only used these gloves for riding a short period, they did not fit me, so I eventually got other gloves.

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I don’t know about durability as I did not use them enough.

But I started to use them again but in the winter because it’s too big for me, but with fleece gloves.

but even with fleece gloves in side I can still feel the stitching and the glove still feels too big, fingers are too long for me, the wrist are still too big.


  • Bad sizing, for most people, the wrist area is too big, and the thumb is too big, this might fit people with big thumbs and huge wrists, but it does not fit me, and smaller will be way too small, at least the Medium I tried in the shop I bought these from it was way too small, maybe it was small the guy gave me to try, or I might remember it wrong, I am not sure.
  • this happen after just few days of riding
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

quality of the stitching was not great, this is quite common issue, and can vary from glove to glove & brand.


  • decent material on the top.
  • nice sweat/nose wipe area
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

Revised Review: 2015 Poc Index DH Vpd 2.0

I have updated the review on Dec 16, 2015, I have improved the review.


  • very comfy
  • lightweight
  • they cost the same as the giro remedy X  gloves and are way better when it comes to comfort & Poc offers protection padding but Giro does not.


  • the impact protection is too thin, they won’t help on a proper impact, I tested it with hitting my hand harder and harder on a stem
  • The adjustment strap is twisting and keeps getting undone.

because these gloves were actually bit too big(size large) I changed to 2016 Resistance strong gloves(size medium),the palm on some of the gloves worn out, I think this is caused by the material used & the venting holes in them, so far the Index Dh has been holding up OK,but I guess over long period of time they will eventually wear too.


This is how the gloves look like inside out.

Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskpkGhn6

Winter use:

I have used the gloves my two pairs for the whole winter of 2017-2018 I managed to wear out the stitching in the long finger due to braking, but that is easy to fix.

I use these gloves in the winter, with fleece gloves and Nitrile gloves,  for colder days with -5c and below I use two pairs of fleece gloves, and nitrile gloves for waterproofing, which has worked great.

I recommend doing something similar.

I get good to feel a and control over the cockpit with this setup,  but with Ski gloves, I Lack control and feel.

because these gloves are one size to big, I had to get them sewn in where the gap with the elastic is, which results in no need for the Velcro strap. So the glove fits securely, and I can take it on and off easily.

this is the exact set up I use:


Park Tool Nitrile gloves Size L, I just stretch them out a little bit for better fit on top of the fleece gloves.



more durable palm than the Resistance Strong gloves due to no venting holes.

I am looking for maximum protection, for fingers & knuckles which this one does not do properly.

I will be looking at other gloves, like Mechanix for example, they got full finger protection.



long term review: Mavic Stratos gloves

if you are used to Shimano or Giro gloves, get a size smaller,atleast if you are in europe.

i got these in large but they are too big for me,hopefully i get these in medium.

this is a well made glove.

these gloves do not have padding,this might be a negative thing to you, but if you use ESI grips, or another silicone grip, you wont regret having this glove.

i use ESI Chunky green grips with these gloves its a good combo.

but on hard grips like those that came with all my trek bikes, it will be uncomfortable and you will get fatigue

afther a crash the stitching on the left thumb ripped, but nothing that you cant fix with soem sewing.


the price,but its was worth it for me i did not wear it out just in few weeks.

rubber on finger tips will eventually wear out,(the the glue will be worn out)


  • good feel, you feel every thing you touch the glove is not restricting your movement.
  • Breathable perfect for hot weather
  • easy to take & off
  • material used for the palm is strong, my experience wit hthis material is that it last a very long time.
  • come in 2 color choises
  • grips well i have tried them on Easton mtb grip,bontrager grips, and esi grips.
  • rubber on the finger tips for extra grip, they actually work, not like on Shimano gloves that make it slippery.
  • only wear is the rubber grips that are gloves on the finger tips.but just one of those loosened,
  • the materials used are strong,
  • will fit very thick hands

42,00 €*


bikeradar’s review:


TEST: Twentyfour Svalbard Hanske

mine hansker har grønn farge istedet for lime og har twentygfour logo på pekefnger, Bra

  • godt grep
  • bra passform,jeg brukte de mange ganger i regnvær og vind på sykkel.
  • ingen problem med bremsing,lett å bevege fingrene.
  • behagelige hansker
  • ingen plagsomem sømmer inni hansken
  • lange nok så du kan trtekke en jakke over de
  • lett å ta på og av

Ikke Bra

  • insiden av hanskene krøller seg,men det kan man fikse lett.
  • jeg syklet i forferdelig regnvær og hanskene ble helt gjennom våte,for å få hanskene vanntette må du bruke impregnering dette har jeg ikke prøvd ennå.
  • den ene flate strikken falt av
  • mine hansker hadde for lange tråder hengene fra sømmene


shimano EXPLORER LONG GLOVE- low quality gloves

Size: i purschased these in size Medium,they fit well,but shimano the Bontrager gloves i had were size large


Ather some weeks the gloves show signs of use on the material used on the grey/pink part of the fingers

ather few months with riding

very breathable

the finger tip stripes will fall off afther some weeks of riding,they are pointless they do nto provide extra grip

the finger tips got worn out on theindex fingers

if you crash and fall on the asphalt the the synthethic leather can ripp little bit,if its a big rash they will proobably be ruined, it depends how hard  you hit the ground.

the thumb part changed color from black to brown on my pair i use for riding.

in october they were totally worn out. stitches broke on the fingers.

the gloves could use soem more padding


i have 2 pairs of this glove. they don’t look that mutch used .

if you are a drifter they will be worn out as fast as on a mountainbike.


  •  comfortable
  • breathable


not durable

the shapes on the finers do nto give you extra grip

the touch fasteners straps wornout afther few months,

no tourch screen support on the finger tips


i can’t recomend these gloves 

shimano’s page for the gloves http://www.shimano-lifestylegear.com/gl/cw/products/accessory/005explorer_long_glove.php?pSccontentsPro

Review: Bontrager evoke 2015 mountainbike glove

i purschased these in size Large,they fit well,but shimano the shimano gloves i had were size Medium

i have used these gloves for mtb.

there is a womens version in light blue only difference is the color realy.

afther few days of riding:

natural and confortable fit.

inForm design reduses the  fatigue,but not as mutch as gloves with gel inserts but gel inserts have a big con they wear out fastcan feel the stiching but still confortable.

afhter few days the bontrager logos start to wear off.


  • Excellent brake lever feel
  • the bontrager logos on the fingers give you extra grip
  • Simple pull-on design makes it easy to take them on and off
  • very breathable in the heat
  • decent price


  • no touch screen support o nthe fingertips
  • afther few months the sides of the fingers ripped apart.
  • the gloves will rip apart easier because of no strong material on the fingertips

price  $34.99 Buy Now: Bontrager.com or Your Local Trek Dealer

only review of the glove i foudn was this one:http://www.feedthehabit.com/mountain-biking/bontrager-evoke-gloves/