Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case 6 weeks revised review

First thing I noticed when un-boxing it was the nasty smell of the rubber,which eventually goes away after few days.

the installation is easily done with 1.5mm Allen key,which is a smart design,unlike those cases that just slip on,they are pointless as they would fall off on impact, but the Powerful case can many hits.

I have crashed hard on a asphalt bike path I lost control as my joints slipped twisting my bars to the left I landed sideways on my shoulder and my thigh resulting in damage of my shorts, a hole and a damaged zipper, but the case protected the phone.

The top cover is plastic.

I noticed the case has been bent from the middle Allen screws,This might be from the crash, as it was a hard crash.

The case is thick and the camera lens is less exposed due to it being raised, so you won’t scratch the lens glass if you lay the phone on a dirt table or a uneven surface like a asphalt.
Love Mei decided to go for a door for the 3.5 port, but a rubber cover for the USB-C port.

Screen protector:

I tried to scratch the Screen protector with a Allen key, but it did not scratch.

The protective screen cover is very weak, it does not withstand the abuse I but it trough when mountain biking.

The screen protector can’t handle any flex, so having it in your pocket will destroy the screen protector, the shorts will move your muscles will move, the phone well move, so it will be destroyed fast.

I don’t know what actually damaged the screen protector, But it’s most likely me just riding with the phone in the pocket in my Poc shorts,Which I am pretty sure is the reason.

But the bike path crash I had did not result in any visible damage on the screen protector, but it might have damaged it any way, later I went for some long mountain bike rides, one time the zipper failed, so it was sliding down, which might have damaged the screen protector, or it might have been that I hit my thigh on the Timber bell or the dropper post remote, or maybe it was the flex in the protective case at some point on the ride, I don’t really know.

Video below shows how easy I could take apart the shattered protector.

Love Mei claim the glass is toughened, I have no clue what that means, in my opinion the glass is very weak, it cant withstand too many impacts,but you can of course replace it with something else. if you take a close look you can see the pattern in the layer of the screen protector. The screen protector does not effect the touch sensitivity, so it works well.
The USB C cover shows signs of wear, the rubber is stretched & is tearing apart,This was a bad decision.

In the video below you can see how where I put my phone while riding:

In my hands:

The phone is bit to big with this case, but much better than the tiny Cat S50, way too small, but something with similar case and just little bit smaller, would be perfect.

at the first times I tried using the shutter button I had difficulties with getting it to work, but it was probably just a small alignment issue when I put it together, after few more tries it worked flawlessly.

The case has rubber almost all the way around the sides & the back/rear side of the phone, but they don’t eliminate slipping, they definitely reduce it but , it still will slip, but the raised edges of the case make holding the phone more secure, the edges stops it from slipping.

when taking pictures or filming for example I can securely hold my phone with my trigger finger on the shutter speed, and the thumb in the upper corner, and my left thumb in the other lower corner, or my whole left thumb  up to the right corner which gives good and stable grip.

The rubber buttons work flawlessly and feel great, but as it’s weak rubber it will eventually wear out,I have used it for few month, without any major signs of wear, but I can see the buttons are rounded off a little bit.

I have been using the case in rain and humid weather and I have not had any issues with water coming inside.

The paint job on the plastic front frame scratches off easily, just by taking the case in and out of the pocket, it scratches off with hitting the zipper.

The rubber on the backside is meant as a heatsink.

Verdict: Ok case, with awful Screen protector

If you get this Case get a better screen protector.

So far this is one of the best case I have found, but the screen protector is horrible.

Product page:

LONG TERM REVIEW: Catepillar/CAT S50(CAT-CS50-SSET-E01) smart phone- not as good phone you might think it is

If you already got this phone and can’t buy a new one but stil lwant to use the camera on it GET A CAMERA APP FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY
Read more about that on the bottom of the article.
the reasons i got this phone is that i need one fast and it need to be robust because i do mountain biking and it need to waterproof, my Nokia phone had many bugs in OS, so i got the cat s50, but i knew the camera was not so good,so not much research has been done.



  • better sound quality than a cheap old school phone,
  • wet-finger tracking wet works pretty well



  • gets h quite hot when using sportify for mroe thna 30 minutes, or takign pictures a lot.
  • I have to charge the phone very often, I have to charge it 2 up to 4 times in a day if I take alto of pictures.
  • the monitor/screen does not get bright enough on max brightness, for a sunny day, it’s impossible to see anything unless you cover it with something, so shooting trails in sunny days is tricky, I just have to guess what I am shooting, and shoot many picture.
  • Very flexy design. It looks like its made out of metal but it’s not its plastic.
  • Power on button is constantly getting stuck, the frame is made of flexy plastic.
  • The flimsiest Micro USB port I have ever seen, if you touch your phone or small vibration i n the desk when connected it will disconnect and connect, because of the movement.
  • there is no camera app installed, besides Google camera app which is not good at all, lacks all controls,like manual ISO and flash settings and focus settings,
  • Body/chassis: flex and play in the phone chassis the fake aluminium plastic sides ,and you have to get tiny allen keys to fix the the huge play that will be appear when the screws loosen,, if you are strong enough you could probably bend the phone.
  • there is flex in the chassis, which results in the On/OFF button getting stuck.
  • I have dropped the phone few times,and the left upper side-wall is looser/got play.
  • I dropped my phone accidentally one time and the on/off button got dislocated and did slide to the side, but i managed to push it back in place.
  • sim card and SD card cover can very easily open when the cover kits something and it his right where the fingernail gap is.
  • the phone did not come with pre-installed screen protection sticker, the sticker  on the screen had writing and-and sticker on it so you could not use the screen, so I put the protector sticker that came with it but as you probably already know h they can be a hell to put on
  • front camera/selfie camera is useless
  • the black backplate do not give you extra grip as they say
  • useless for video recording in the woods & pictures
  • unless at night-time very much blur and noise in the dark shots, and sunshine is and for a photo shoot too, it will make light and reflective objects white.

video example 1:

video example 2:




This is how bad the picture can look like if i use blitz,and its dark,and I wear blue shorts,there is no blue spot on this bike frame, and as you can see green becomes lime color. this is one of the reasons you should not use the default Google camera app.

Norwegian winter time evening test:





Extreme light test: here is a test i did by taking  some shots at a  Gemini Xera light with max light mode on

To take a decent shot with this phone you need to have a pretty even environment, not like in the woods with dark and very bright sun at the same time, the camera just cant handle it.

camera lens sticks out i should be protected more

Examples of decent shots: as long as you select the best ISO and Exposure settings, you can get ok pictures





video example

here is a frame from a video i just cropped it.

The left is original and right is edited in DxO Optics Pro 8 just to show about how it actually looks like in real life that the s50 phone camera struggles with, as you can see the video quality is very bad, and every thing is blurred.editing helps a lot,but cant fix the blurriness of the shots or videos.







with the app called Open camera with the flashlight mode on , frame by frame while moving the camera/phone: this is a ok frame but 15 frames later you can see that its’s very blurred







side walk evening test autumn (with way too high iso)IMG_20151102_170854.jpg

its possible to take pictures without noise like this but, you need a camera app with manual ISO.

manual control of all settings will improve the pictures a lot.

ISO Examples of the S50 with Open Camera app:

iso2786( max iso shown in  open camera on my phone is 1600 )






this phone is more durable than cheap phones and more robust than some older expensive phones, but i am disappointed with the phone,if you have this phone you have to download a camera app, to sue the full capabilities of this camera I recommend Open camera(its open course and of course its free) the open camera app will let you use Burst mode, witch is taking multiple shots after each other.


Get Team BBQ Focal (Beta) here or

Focal is the fastest app I have tried, the picture is taken instantly.

get the Open camera app here ( if you need geotagging, but don’t need exposure circle)



or try some other apps, i have not tried all of them.

Free camera apps:



This phone has too many flaws,so i cant recommend this phone.