Long-term review: 2016 Alpinestars Racer Braap

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I got these jerseys in august 2016, and used them since then, now it’s Jan 2020 as I updated the review, along with my other jerseys, I switched type of jersey according to the weather, the Racer Braap jerseys I used when it was not very warm as in midsummer. I don’t have an exact number of which I have used each jersey.


I use size L for Alpine Stars jerseys, with Fox I use XL, Mavic Size L, Swix base layer I use Medium.

Some videos:

a bad video I was not able flip due to not using proper software:


  • No itching label at the neck or itching stitching.
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Good fit. No issues with the jersey arms sliding up.The jersey fits well over Poc elbow pads or probably any other protective padding.


  • after some months of use the the label on the inside started peeling. but the label does not matter.
Alpine starts Racer Braap jersey laber falling off.
Alpinestars Racer Braap - lapel fallen off
  • All of the jerseys eventually developed a tear at the upper chest lower throat area, in a upside down triangle, after few years of use, then eventually some the sleeve ends the stitching failed. but nothing that can’r easily be fixed with a sewing kit. All 4 jerseys developed a tear like this, but this one had a shorter tear, but just gentle movement using my hands I could make it grow, so with in a crash or a lot more use it would tear a lot more, so this has to be sewn. Repair instead of throw away clothes.
Alpinestars Racer Braap

So far my most durable jersey has been Mavic Crossmax but it has a itchy label so I only use it in when I use a base layer. I think this is due to the type of weave it has, much tighter, no exposed thin threads, like on the Racer Braap jersey.

Alpinestars Racer Braap
Here you can clearly see the weave, and the damage after long term use.
it has oval shaped diagonal holes/channels/pattern with exposed threads going trough them.


I can’t really recommend it due to bein too fragile, but the fit is great.

I can only recommend a jersey that won’t tear, and last many years, which this jersey does not. but of course you can keep using it and repair it, patch it up sew holes shut.

so if you don’t mind it’s not as durable as a jersey could be, and you want a jersey that had this amount of air flow through it, and not more or less, then you can go for it, but I would not recommend it.

Some More pictures:

Flickr Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskJJUpAb

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A & Bracket SH 6000/90 holder review

The reason I went for this lock, is the 100Db alarm, even tough a folding lock has a flaw has flaws that make it possible to defeat, if you have the right tool for the job, like rivet splitter, or huge bolt cutters, but it’s most likely that a thief won’t have it. but if you leave bike inside a store, with camera, and people around, the the thief must be really stupid to try to steal the bike.

The alarm means the thieve can’t move the bike, it will result in the alarm beeping, and the thieve does more fiddling it will go on full blast, just a slight movement it will go off. so trying to defeat it even with the right tools will make a big racket.

My Large Nicolai Geometron G1

For locking the front wheel to the frame, the lock is too short, and even rear wheel frame to a shop entry roof support beam, but frame to rear wheel it works well, and if there is a light pole it might work if you park it well, and pole is not too thick, so if it’s thin light poles it will work, and but front is too not gonna work on my Nicolai Geometron G1 size Large with 61 deg head angle, the front wheel is too far away from the frame.

Nicolai/Geometron G1 at Guderudgata, Askim

But if there is a bike rack like this one, you can easily lock the bike to it.

but for bike with steep head angle it will work.

Rebar & G1

Insert and remove key properly & keep it lubed:

When inserting key make sure you move it in all the way and make sure to not rotate the key when taking it out, it will result in misalignment thus key won’t go in properly, so you will have to align it then insert key all the way in, so to spare your self from doing that, insert key in all the way, and when taking it out make sure to just pull it out carefully.

To make sure the key went in smoothly and did not freeze cus of water in keyhole, it came dry.

A closer look at the lock:

Plastic cover:

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A - Not A Microphone.
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
The lock in Evoc Neo 16 L backpack

The mount:

The lock comes with this holder.


A bad thing about mounting a bike lock on the bike is that it will be covered in mud, dirt, leafs, grass or what ever else that can get on it.

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished


  • My testing shown that hard impacts to the bash guard results in the middle links of the lock popping out. So I can’t approve this solution for #mtb might work for light xc with impacts, but not #enduromtb the holder would also move side to side, leaving black rubber residue on the frame. Using only the strap provided did not work so well, but adding zipties helped to stabilise it but did not stop it rotating so from now on the lock will stay in the backpack. That was the plan anyway, I just wanted to test this holder but having a lock mounted to the bike will result in a dirty lock, as with everything else mounted to the bike won’t attach things to my bike, it makes no sense to me. I probably rode harder than this was tested, hit bash guide at rock fountain in city centre, I jumped over a stream, but I don’t think that was the problem, but I think the problem is hit the bash guard over and over, eventually the links popped out, seems like the impact made it pop out.

after just few days of testing I took the mount off, there was a lot of rubber residue on the frame where it was mounted.

Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A

Product page: https://www.abus.com/eng/Mobile-Security/Bike-Safety-and-Security/Locks/Folding-locks/BORDO-Alarm-6000A

here are some videos from other creators/testers:

No point in me repeating all of this, so watch other reviews.