Review: Crank Brothers Speedier Lever

 Time tested: 1.5 year

I have 2 of these.

The best method to take off the tyre with these Tyre levers:

Removing this way does not work:

Even when I lubed the tyre with soap, and used the put on part of the lever but it I still struggled with the Maxxis High Roller, This is unavoidable because of the tightness of the tyre.

So I did this instead:

When taking off my Maxxis High Roller 2 tyres off my Bontrager duster wheels, I used one lever with a spoke hook to hold the tyre in place, and taken the ”remove” part of the lever under the tyre bead and lifted it, step by step  did the same thing over and over to the tyre loosened, it worked quite well. But dragging/pushing/pulling the lever just does not work.


  • Easy to remove as long as you do it the right way, which is not how its shown in the press videos.
  • last longer than many cheap thin flexy alternatives, Weldtite for example.
  • the put on part works with light xc tyres, but not with sticky thicker tyres.
  • Because it’s plastic it does not scratch the rim.
  • the ”remove” part of the lever works great for installing, just keep the tube away from getting pinched.


  • no matter how I hold it the tip and the rest body flexes, I have been using if quite often maybe 20 or 30 times in 1,5 years.
  • I got 2 of these, one of them was bit tight to get on the rim but was ok after few times of use.-
  • I ended up using just the ”removes” instead of the ” install” part of the lever when I was finishing off putting the tyre on.  ( I used Maxxis High roller 2 tyres)
  • Does not fit average and big hands


Super easy the lady said, The method this woman use does not work with Maxxis High Roller 2 on Bontrager Duster wheels, one of the issues is that the tyres are so tight, unlike the bike magazine have shown in their video


One of the best plastic tyre levers,that is for sure.

Its the only tyre lever that I could take off  tight enduro/trail tyres with.

I have used Weldtite and Zefal lever before,the Zefal levers were way too thin and broke, Weldtite levers flex too much.

I but the perfect tyre lever must be made of alloy,with plastic tips to protect against scratching.will have to buy Metal levers next time,and have a handle that fits every hand, which Speedier Lever does not have.

A metal lever with replaceable plastic tips would be the best, in my opinion.

Product page:


Review:Weldtite Cycle oil

Time tested: few years


  • Works excellent for lubricating the chain.
  • Works great on the chain in dry conditions, and does not get the chain too dirty.
  • Cheap


  • It stinks, I don’t know what Weldtite have changed but it stinks more than before.
  • Too short tip on the bottle
  • A screw on cap would be better, to avoid spillage better.
  • The tip is bit short & thick so a bit tight when lubing rear dérailleurs.


recommended if you want a cheap lube that does the job and does not add extra issues, But if you are willing to ignore that the tip is a it short.