2016 Fox 360 Cruz jersey review

The rear of the jersey has a mesh, so you back will be a lot cooler, I have noticed a difference, when riding with backpack, perfect jersey for hot summer days.

Jerseys like these are a lot cooler than not wearing any thing, because sweat goes in the fabric off your body, and tries up, and air cools you down.

the jersey don’t have any uncomfortable stitching or labels.

The jersey I got have blue & white color livery, so it’s quite visible.


The jersey has a perfect fit, and works well with body armour.

The jersey has a excellent fit, my Size Is XL, I use L for Alpinestars,L/G for Mavic

I definitely recommend these jerseys.

Shimano SLX M675 Shadow Plus – Used to the end – long term review

This rear derailleur has been on some long rides, and got some abuse.

Time used:

I have ridden this rear derailleur since 2015, some weeks in 2016 & the whole 2016/2017 winter plus one winter, and some weeks and days in the summer of 2017.

I ride a lot, I ride at least 5 days in a week, from 1 hour few hours, depending on how I ride up to 20 plus km, some times less, but my point is I ride a lot


I have mostly used this rear derailleur with 1x setup.

Some times I am unlucky and crash or mess up on a technical climb, and this is why the rear derailleur got some scratches, It had some scratches before the crash, for smaller impacts, but the last crash really shows damage, but it’s only cosmetic damage, so my conclusion is that this is a robust rear derailer able to take a lot of abuse, but the pins and swing arms are not replaceable, So when has play you have to get a new rear derailleur.

I crashed off a 1 m concrete wall, the cage was grinding against the wall, I had shifting issues, First I thought they might be the result of the crash, But later I found it not to be the case.

I  Did an inspection on the rear dérailleur,  I checked all the adjustment screws I took off the cage and did a service, the cage was bent, So I straightened it, but the shifting issues were still present. So I checked the, but then I checked for play, the rear dérailleur had huge play, so it was definitely the play. causing issues.

but I straightened it, but after few days of riding, I noticed shifting issues, So I checked the all the adjustment screws, but then I checked for play, the rear dérailleur had huge play, so it was definitely the play. causing issues.

after riding few weeks with, there was just too much play to do up-shifts, the play caused the Rd to hesitate on shifts.

The plastic cover took some abuse, but it held up well. This is the most abused rear derailleur so of mine so far.



Jockey wheels:

SLX M675 comes with bad jockey wheels, but you can upgrade to proper jockey wheels, the problem with the stock jockey wheels is that the that the jockey wheel and the metal ring grind against with other and cause damage to the jockey wheel which causes it to not spin smoothly.

Even upgrading to XT jockey wheels which work better, they are not that great, Hope has better spacers, they are Labyrinth style spacers

I recompared upgrading to Hope jockey wheels or similar, with proper bearings & proper cover.

Muc Off foam Fresh Review

It leaves your gear smelling fresh,If you apply a lot of of foam,but it won’t do a better job than hand soap.

Dish soap or hand soap can do better:

Does not work as well, as normal hand soap will.

Fast såpeBilderesultat for zalo

I used Lano hand soap to clean it,So far Lano soap & Zalo (Zalo is a quite common dish soap which a lot of people use to clean their bikes, not perfect for drivetrains,which Muc off degreasers do well and getting that brown color off you bike, which the last one Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner does a great job with.) has been very good at cleaning all kinds of things out of my hands,apart chain lubes and stuff like this, But for cleaning stuff soaked in sweat it works great.So I had to try it.

With these 2 soaps you can see the helmet the effect of the soap quite fast.


with these 2 soaps I managed to clean helmet inserts so there was no dirty water coming out when rising off, which Muc off fresh foam did not, when rising off, there were dirty water after many tries, even after applying the foam and let it soak in and and rub with a sponge, there were still very dirty water when rising off many times.

Most dish soap will do the job,But make sure you don’t use to soaps/cleaners on helmets that can damage the materials.

Muc off fresh foam can clean lenses filled with dirt, but not much else.

Getting the sweat soaked helmet inserts, or adjustment straps clean & completely without a  stink is impossible.

I even Tried to clean my Forest smelling Five ten Freerider shoes, which did not work, the shoes still smelled like forest, even after applying a lot of foam many times with aggressive cleaning with a rag.

Another bad thing about the foam is that it runs out way too fast, but with liquid soap or solid soap, last way longer.



I can’t recommend this cleaner,as it does a poor job on cleaning shoes, shoe soles,goggles,helmet inserts. I won’t buy it again.


Cleaning tips:

To clean properly clean items like these: shoes, shoe soles,goggles,helmet inserts.

I recommend cleaning them by hand with water and hand soap or dish soap

Using a Washing machine can damage goggle foam,plastic parts on the helmet inserts,as it is a way too brutal method.

The best method to clean shoes,helmet inserts, similar things, is to use water, hand soap or dishwashing soap, and a sponge.

soak the item in water, apply soap, get soap every where with a sponge, let the soap do its job few minutes,then use the sponge clean every thing and the last the is rising the item with water. if you use hard hand soap, you can rub it against the surface you want to clean.

Review: Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lube

Time tested:  1 winter & many summer days

TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant (75ml) thumbnail

Make sure you wipe off access because this lube creates ”spider webs”.


  • No matter if it was wet or dry it worked great.
  • works great in all conditions, I have ridden in -9 Degrees Celsius, the lube does not attract dirt, and if there will be dirt it wipes off easily.
  • The long tip makes it easy to lube the rear dérailleur.


So far none






Short term review: Park Tool OM-1 Bench top Overhaul Mat


  • The knobs in the mat will keep small parts from rolling off.
  • It sticks to my painted kitchen table/dinner table well.


  • Reacts to direct sunlight, it bends upwards

Keep it away from sunlight!!!, the mat bent upwards, and made it almost useless, to fix this you have to put your heaviest tools on it and let it lay in the sunlight for a long time.
For some reason, there was red discolouration in the white park tool logo.

I noticed something similar on my 100% Race Craft goggles,the same red color on my on the top on the 100% logo, as I have a the helmet is white there and has no red in it there should not be any color transfer, I don’t know why this happen.


I have not tried other mats, but So far I like this one, But keep it away from the direct sunlight.


few rides review: Rockshox OneLoc

So this remote is actually not something I would use.

but here is what I have to say about it:

So far I have only ridden 2 trips with this remote.

if the suspension is set up correctly, and the geometry on the bike is decent, I don’t need a lockout, with my back issues I ride with as soft suspension as possible without bottoming out.

The new design definitely is a lot better in terms of ergonomics, it’s much easier to sue, similar to a shifter, the levers pop back in place fast, påressing the levers are very easy.

Make sure the screw/bolt is torqued properly, use thread locker. if it’s not all the way in, the remote will lock the suspension on bumps.

As long as you keep the bolt tight there should not be any issues, I tried to jump, ride over rock gardens, it looks like it’s only a loose bolt that can cause problems.

The screw came with red thread locker, but it did not make it was just a tiny bit, Always apply thread locker, and let it cure overnight, to avoid issues like this.

It also came with little a bit of red grease might be Weldtite, I don’t know, but it had the same color.

As have many plastic parts, ITs not as durable as metal of course, but it’s unlikely that you hit the remote in a crash.


  • Hinged clamp, which I think is a must on any cockpit device.
  • easy ergonomic lever design almost like a shifter, very easy & comfortable to use.


  • you have to remove the Cover to change the wires, for me it’s not a problem, buts it’s not as user-friendly as it could be, but it works.
  • The Remote keeps the wire under tension for unlocked suspension, So if you damage the remote you got stiff / locked out suspension.
  • The small lever, is very easy to actuate, so accidental knee hits will lock the fork.
  • The plastic cover is flimsy and not durable, and it moves when the big lever comes back fast.
  • The cover failed after few rides, it might be caused by the big lever returning so fast, I had the bike leaning against a wall, the cover was not leaning against anything, I picked it up to ride, and I the cover fell off, I ma sure this was not caused by over-torquing  the screw, or a crash,because I haven’t done neither.
  • the lock gets actuated by vibration
  • the is no barrel adjusters.


Too flawed design with plastic cover, I can’t recommend this remote.

Demo of mountain bikes in Norway & demo days/Demo av terrengsykler 11.03.2017

So far this is what I found.


Offers Demo bikes from Santa Cruz & Ibis & Enve wheels

If you decide to buy the bike that you paid for the domo/rent of the bike will be reduced in the price when you buy it.

Star Motor




Santa Cruz (2017 demo bikes just in being built)

Star Motor sitt bilde.

http://spinn.no/SYKKEL/Demosykler (the demo bikes that are for sale) Norco

http://friksjon-sykkel.no/ Saracen,Genesis bikes

http://sykkelboden.no/ Trek,WTP bmx

http://www.jbssport.no/ Yt industries which are sold for 20% off later.

https://bull-ski-kajakk.no/ :Giant,Specialized,Bianchi

http://utflukt.terrengsykkel.no/ https://www.facebook.com/utflukt/

On utflukt you have to buy a festival pass. the brands vary from year to year,but canyon has been demoing there for few years.


Bike Parks:

Demo days In Trysil in June 2017

Trysil 22-25. Juni 2017

Program: https://utflukt.terrengsykkel.no/Praktisk-info/Program-Utflukt-2017


Check if a bike park got current models of bikes,but you are lucky if they do,and usually they have the cheapest models, and after few years they replace them with more current bikes.

Some biek parks got demo days:

Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/pg/kjerringaasendownhill


Kjerringåsen alpin senter had demo days in the past,and will probably have more.

Find places to ride in Norway/ finne steder å sykle i Norge

I think Norway is a beautiful place, at least in the summer.

Norway is a heaven for mountain bikers, but I noticed that many people don’t know it.

The best platform for trails is trailforks, but there are still a lot of trails and areas missing,because you can points of interest, picttures, videos, reports.




Many of the riding areas that are not on trail forks are on trailguide.no/












Review: POC Joint VPD 2.0 & POC Joint VPD 2.0 DH Elbow

I have used these pads for several months, and I think they are good.

The Joint VPD 2.0 elbow offers much more secure fit than POC Joint VPD Air Elbow, because of the dual strap system.

When taking the pads on, make sure you have them high enough up your arm, to provide as secure fit as possible, if not the pad might slide off when you crash backward, I use the top adjustment strap to the max.


  • Very easy to put on and off.
  • I rode down a fast down a hill, and my elbow joint slipped, causing me to hit my elbow in a tree fast, it did not hurt.
  • Comfortable, does not restrict movement.
  • Dual strap, which I think is absolutely necessary with this kind of pads.
  • Durable, strong materials used & well stitched, so taking them on and of won’t wear them out.
  • if you damage the stitching, you can just sew it together, proper materials used


  • even thou the padding has ventilation holes, the pads are hot and sweaty.


Priority on protection.

Even thou the pads are hot and sweaty the protection the provide is definitely worth it, absolutely recommended.


you can buy it here:




Kan kjøps I disse butikkene:


Whats wrong & right in the bike industry &Bike shop mistakes & bad experiences 12.01.2017

You should Always Check if everything is correct when getting the back from a shop, I never trusted the local shops.

Big mistakes The local bike shop did:

  • wrong bolt length, way too short bolt, but I had bolted from Bontrager SSR Seatpost fro my trek fuel ex, that fit perfectly, So I just swapped them, they Did the same mistake on one more bike.

  • Wrong BB 68mm in 73mm bb shell & no Locktite on the threads so the BB came loose
The bottom bracket is VP Components 68mm and not 73 which is the correct width, silly bike mechanic’s mistake I had to correct later.
the chain line was ok, with the incorrect BB, quite but when torquing the crankarms to correct torque, they would be so far in that there was no movement.
after installing Shimano 73mm BB, the chain line was further outwards, but this is caused by the Spider on hte Avlio crank, it’s quite far out, which does not work well for single ring on unless I get spacers.
VP Components 68mm
  • Crushed headset bearings, which is probably bike shop’s fault.
  • leaning my bike against a empty carton box,& almost do a domino off all the bikes in the shop, But I grabbed the first falling bike & saved the day.

But when I lost the Linkage bolt on my fuel ex they got the part fast, and did the job fast.

but the problem is with local shops is that they only make money on repair, But I no longer go to a shop for any repairs.

  • I had to educate them on prices, googles for example, they did not know the price of the Adidas Pinner goggle, so they had to call a other store for price, but they looked at the wrong goggle

What many local shop did wrong:

  • no demo bikes to try before buying.
  • not stocking some of the most common parts to wear pout.
  • Giving good deals & Free wheel truing, and kind and telling the truth, but if the shop did this to more customer than me  No wonder the local bike shop went bankrupt, but they probably did not do that, because I was the only customer they remembered the name of.
  • lack of knowledge about both the old school, modern bikes, both road and mtb.
  • Lack of the tool, every shop MUST HAVE, I have seen this in Sport stores too.
  • not doing every thing
  • Long wait time.
  • Too many bikes to repair, too few people to do the job.
  • Bikes not assembled correctly.
  • too many bikes too closely together, with horrible and unstable stands, so  there is a big chance of Domino effect.
  • lack of proper web presence
  • Not using torque wrench
  • I have heard a guy complaining about, one of the mechanics using 2 different kinds of grease,& making a mess.

Many bike shops will try to make money of your stupidity or lack of knowledge:

  • Market horrible & cheap bikes with sr suntour xcm /xct forks as dirt jumper bike that can take a beating,which G Sport (norwegian sports store chain) did with cheap diamant bikes, and some even are total junk, those bikes with 28mm stanchions on the fork and technology from the 70’s which they market as bikes for people who want to ride offroad, if you do they might kill you.
  • Many bike shops will not tell you the whole truth, because they want you to come back for more repairs,because you ridden with loose spokes, or too low pressure or what ever and tacoed the wheels, broken some parts, That has never happen to me, but I know that’s how it is.
  • Lack of website
  • if you are a beginner they want to sell a garbage bike to you,those so called beginner or budget bikes, with sr Suntour forks, and outdated drive trains,with way too many gears, bad ergonomics or shifters, horrible grips, tyres,saddle, QR release hub,for example Shimano m475 hubs,which got horrible seals.

the things that the local shop did right:

  • offering custom build bikes to your wish.

Some things that are wrong with the bike industry:

some brands do too little advertising & instructional videos, and product overviews, videos, so all the info you get is only on their site, which sometimes is not great.

But so far I like how Poc got all the info you need on their site, but I still think they should do videos, videos are an easy way to share stuff.

Talk bullshit

some brands are not good at making a budget or mid-range bike:

making budget bikes with some high-end medium range, to some of the most low-end outdated parts mixed altogether all over the place.

my 2014 trek fuel ex 7 29er,triple rings, fox fork which is a not bad, but horrible flexible wheels that went out of true after few days, tyres that wore out after 4 weeks,cranks that failed,as soon as I put on new Turbine cinch cranks and new hope pro 4 enduro wheelset the bike became a whole new beast.

Don’t let marketing fool you and steer you towards something you will regret.

Pointless selling points, which Trek, for example, is doing a lot.

Some brands are good at marketing stuff for people who does not know anything, and make it sound like its the best thing in the world, I only care about facts, and how it performs in real life. Trek is a perfect example of this.the trek 2014 fuel ex 7 29er was not as amazing as trek made it to be, wheels were junk, crank arms failed, tyres worn out in 4 weeks, too many gears for a trail bike….

but if rode well, good handling, great stable steering, great fit, but frame was too flexy for me with 75kg with all gear on.

But there are those that don’t even try to make a proper video, or convince you to buy it, which is partly a good thing, but if they don’t people won’t discover them as easily.

if you want to make a ad or introduction video give is the facts wee need and explain why this bike might be for us,so it can give us a ide if we want it or not, but reading customer reviews & demoing/trying the bike out is the best for the customers to get a good bike

This is why Demoing a bike is important, but at the time I needed a full suspension bike fast.

Here’s a video explaining more about this,by PittsburghActive

the shop in the video is TRAILFLO bikes I, I think their business method is good, they let you go on rides with them, instead of paying for a demo bike,and they build the bike for you how you want it to, when you decided on the right bike, I think more shops should do this.

Treating us like idiots in ads, making a simple commuter bike sound like it’s an amazing piece of engineering with new technology when it’s actually basic technology that is decades old, and who cares about grips, we buy the grips we want anyway the same goes for saddles.

We Have to help them: us the customer should write reviews and share the flaws products

Most of the mountain bike gloves don’t last long,but if you can sew you can of course fix them if you have materials & sewing kit.

for me Poc resistance strong gloves are the best glove so far, but the palm wear out too fast,So I contacted them about this, writing a review and not sharing won’t help them,So please if you like a product but its not perfect, contact who makes it and help them make it better.

Reviews. reviews that don’t help us:

If you write a review you have to have tested it properly for a long period, not just a few hours.

The good stuff:

the last 2 years I have seen a big increase in free mountain bike instructional/technique videos

I am self-taught and have mastered most skills, apart from the extreme dirt jump tricks, which I will never do, but some people don’t learn as fast by just trying it them selves, some people need guidance, and see how it should be done to do it.

a few years ago, there just a few videos and all the good stuff was paid only, more accessible videos will keep beginners riding better faster.

I have compiled a list of youtube channels to watch in this post: https://mtbboy1993.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/must-watch-mtb-maintenance-channels-on-youtube-marsh-2016-edition/

The increase in User reviews, demo of bikes on Youtube.

This video is an excellent example of an excellent bike review video.

but still not many doing this, I have not had the chance to try any demo bikes yet, but I tried my best to do a proper review of my bikes, which is more in depth than any other magazine has done(that  I know of)

for me, it was easiest to take pictures and some videos of my bike, and write when something needed to be written, and I continued this, and even though the review was not finished I posted it and updated it over and over again until it became a very in depth review.

More of you should do the same, but with the top notch bikes there is not much negative to say, but on the budget bikes, there is can be much wrong or it can be a good deal, so proper reviews are important, but I strongly recommend building a custom bike,its a lot cheaper.



Too hard to get some components or some bike gear, & clothing:

for example Poc:

I had to buy some pair of gloves from fjellsport.no, some from sykkelkompoinenter.no some I had to buy chamois boxers from iterreng.no some from amazon.com some from fjellsport.no

the poc stuff sell fast, and not many stores got it.

There are many thigns I have to order from outside Norway, for exmple shimano parts are impossible to get without waiting for the shop to order it fro mimporter which gets it to nroway so the whole process will take few weeks.

but I jsut order from bikecomponents.de or amazon.


review: Disney bicycle bell



  • louder than cheap bells standard bells that the bike shops put on.
  • works in the rain/when wet.
  • Secure metal dual screw mount.


  • the bell lever is flimsy and is plastic and will flex/twist.
  • takes up a bit of space, and the bell is low so if you have narrow bars and, suspension lever or dropper post levers installed, you will have to mount it further in.
  • needs to be mounted side next to the gear shifter, to get fast and easy reach without lifting your hand.


OK bell for an OK price, But I think thy need to improve the flimsy plastic lever.



Review: Hope Tech Enduro – Pro 4 29er conventional 32spoked


After 1 meter drop with too low tyre pressure: we all make mistakes

Good thing is that I learn from my mistakes and never do them again.

one of the rear wheels,got a small dent,I ridden with studded Suomi WXC 300 tyres,  30 psi was too low in turns because of squirming,but I later added 10 psi.

If can, of course, bend it back.

Winter riding:

AS the temperature decreases seals shrink, wheels go out of true faster, but this will happen on any wheel set.

So far I have been riding down to -11 Celsius.

I have been riding below freezing temperatures, few weeks, I noticed the sound coming from the rear hub was dampened, and sounded like there was water inside, because there was water inside, the plastic seal shrinks when its so cold, which allows water/melting show to come inside, which happen on a -6 Celsius ride.but if you it’s not possible to make a tighter fitting seal, so I recommend to put grease between the seal and the hub freehub body, which will give more protection after I have applied grease to the seal, I have not ad any more issues with water in the freehub.

I also put grease in the rim holes and on the spoke nipples, providesTo prevent corrosion.


  • 33providea true wheel for longer than 28 like Bontrager duster.
  • Hope made a noticeably stiffer wheelset than Bontrager duster 29er when going  fast in berms or landing jumps, or in general hard riding, it really makes a huge difference
  • High quality brass spoke nipples, accurate size,s o easy to work with, unlike the nipples on Bontrager Duster wheel set. There is no twisting or bending or crushing or cracking of the nipples when truing the wheel.
  • The hub is one of the best hubs on the market, it’s got idiot proof design, it’s very easy to take apart, I love the freehub system, there is no too required to take off the freehub.
  • 10 & 11 speed compatible, hope provides a spacer for 10 to 11 speed cassettes, and the freehub body is wider than a 10 speed freehub boy, so the cassette is further to the right/closer to the frame, which  result in a better chain line, for 11 speed,and no chain drop when backpedalling, unless you backpedal using your hands at unrealistic speed/rpm, I have been doing backward 180’s without any issues.
  • The wheels stayed true for a long time & no damage to the rim was done, after 3 weeks of hard trail riding, and some hard street riding, but after those 3 months it needed a quick retention, but it was a piece of cake.
  • the freehub is not too loud.
  • end caps for skewer or 12mm & 15mm axles
  • very easy to do maintenance/service no springs jumping out or tools needed(not counting the cassette tool)
  • Sealed cartridge bearings

I managed to get a small dent in 2 spoke nipples, but it did not effect the threads, might have been a big stone that hit them, the dent was only one one side so I could get the spoke tool on.

Cons: None


I Recommend this wheelset, if you want wheelset that works and is easy to work on, then this is a good choice.

I have put it trough harsh riding in all different weather and temperatures.

Good wheelset to a good price, good reliability.


Hope has also made a 35mm version  http://www.hopetech.com/product/hope-tech-35w-pro-4/ which I have not Tried.


Some pictures:

Enter a caption

Enter a caption

You can buy it here:


different hub sizes and colors:


Review: 26er Weinmann Zac 2000 36 spokes double wall rear wheel

22078437061_ffd550d39a_bI have been riding world cup level XC terrain to trail/enduro/downhill level terrain with this wheel, But have not done any crazy high jumps or crashed badly, abused the wheel.

But I would not big jumps or downhill rampage on this wheel.

the spoke tension has been regularly checked, and the wheel has been trued by the bike mechanic, punctured and lately by me.

I ran 40 psi in the rear tyres.

I punctured few times and hit edges of stair steps, but no harm was done.

I have used this wheel for few years, at least 3 years.

I have done alto of jumps ridden up stairs and puncturing and wheel was fine, and riding down stairs with loss of air, and eventually hitting the rear wheel to stair several stair steps, the wheel has not shown any signs of bends or flat spots.

Stays true for long time

I only broke one spoke, even when some of the spokes were bit too lose and after hard riding the wheel stayed true, it got trued, and of course I need to get the spokes tensioned, but I was just not checking the spoke tension how much I should have, but nowadays I do it regularly.

Shimano hub is easy to service

the spokes are pretty thick.

The hub is FH-M475 viam

which is not a great hub.

I have bent the axle on all of my  M475  hubs, which resulted in damaged cones, and sigly worn bearings, I don’t think I have ever ridden hard with too loose cones, but it noticed loose cones few times, but I checked for this often.

The dust seal/caps are horrible, a rubber seal is need, just a metal ring does not protect the bearings from hairs, dirt, water, and other things & the grease comes out which result in short maintenance intervals.

this dust cap lets dust in,
this is after one ride with fresh grease, riding in -2 Celsius in snowing weather. there must be a rubber dust cap if you have cone ba.ll bearing design, the dust cap on the M475 hubs will let dirt and hair and water and all other small stuff inside, so I have to take it apart a lot when I use it a lot. never take one the dust seal, If you have to don’t use a screwdriver to do so,it will damage it,I got a front wheel with similar seal it got lose, so if you a hub like this you have to check it a lot, and be sure every ting is right, and if you crash you should inspect it, the dust seals are fragile so if you get a stone or what ever hit the seal in a crash, check it!!!

worth riding   At least 5-7 days in a week, the free hub for me it got worn out after year season of use, it happen on several free hubs, on other wheels too.

wit this hub design, it’s important to check the bearings and cones,and do regular maintenance, if the bearings or the cones wear out, the wheel will have wobble and the cassette  & freehub will wear out faster.

the freehub got pretty low engagement,there is few degrees of pedalling movement until it engages,which is noticeable if you are a experienced rider.

At the time of writing this review I am using Hope Pro 4 hubs, on my fuel ex 7 29er, and I love’em. but there are more good options.


decent wheel for xc & trail riding, but the hubs have it’s flaws.

This wheel is noticeably heavier than the stock/original Bontrager Ranger rear wheel, the performance is definitely worth it.

36 spoke double wall 26er wheel is a very strong wheel.

but the hub

IF you want a wheel that you can swap between old school Vbrake bike and a disk brake bike, this rim is a good choice.

But as the hub is not user-friendly and not goo, I can’t recommend this as a package deal.


2015 Evoc Freeride Enduro Team 16L backpack

you have to have the zippers to the side or it will take in water because of the gap in the 2 step zipper

I can fit 2 cola bottles or 2 1,5 milk cartons,3 1 L cartons


    upper pocket got 2 Compartments with an elastic band which is perfect for a wallet and a helmet light battery charger, I sue one for Gemini Xera light battery charger and the other one for my wallet. And it’s

perfect a smartphone & Go Pro mounts, small chargers.


  • the top pocket got keyholder
  • soft material inside the pocket so you don’t scratch your camera lens smartphone.
  • The Velcro transparent pocket is nice for storing food that was in a plastic bag you have opened, for example trail mix.
  • back protector comes at 145 grams with feels like nothing.
  • side pockets with elastic band, which is great if you forgot to fill up the Hydrapak and just wants to buy a bottle with juice or soda or to keep shopping bags in.
  • Tool compartment 
  • no matter how aggressive riding I done, jumping, riding in stairs, the zippers staid in place.
  • Side waist pocket, which is perfect for rubber gloves or a small snack: 


  • the logos will start to peal off after one season of use.

just a tip: if you use the helmet holder for a xc or trail helmet, make sure you get the front down and all the way in other wise it will be too loose

Snapped zipper slider

how to make skins using gimp

this tuturial is not perfect.i will edit this and improve this,this tuturial is not 100%finished, but hope this helps you. anysuggestions or tips, please comment below.

this is a guide to make skins for rfactor 2

and other games( the naming of the dds files is nto the same in other games but the rest is  this tuturial you can use for other games, this should work in 2.8.6, i dont know about older versions.

older versions do not have exctract , only save as.

this tutorial shows you how to make skins with psd templates.

to be able to extract the skin to DDS (DirectDraw Surface), you must downlaod this

and unzip it.

you don’t need extra software to do this,

but when you download other things for rfactor 2 it could be in rar file or other files that windows explorer does not support,

so you can use 7zip. i used 7zip its free [url]http://www.7-zip.org/[/url]

Install DDS plugin:

To install, extract the file named dds.exe to your GIMP plugins directory.

This directory is usually located at:


download this:

[url]http://registry.gimp.org/node/70[/url] or here: [url]http://code.google.com/p/gimp-dds/[/url]

i olso recomend installing irfan view+ plugins it supports almost every image and video and audio format,dds too.

[url]http://www.irfanview.com/[/url] irfan view have a Thumbnail viewer: IrfanView Thumbnails ,so you can can browse images like in windwos explorer, but see thumnails of images files that windwos explorer does not support

I used gimp 2.8 in this tutorial.

Save as (shift+ctrl+S or file then save as )xcf(gimp file that can be edited saved as it is) i dot not use psd files in gimp becaocue i loose layers.

do this to be able to edit it later or make a similar skin.

ctrl+S save

the layer group called ”shadows-lines” : move every layer from that layer group and move it in hte same order it is in the layer group over the layergroup.

the layer group called : paint here

LAYER CALLED Arrière-plan copie 3. Is where you change the color.

add a new layer for the livery,

to do this , right click on one layer,

then click new layer.

add a new layer for every logo and

name them to make it organized.

if you have issues with the templlate and,  the layers,

jsut take them out fro mthe layergroup.

leke on the mr01 template.

Driver template and skin:

move every lay out of every layer group.

Left click on the eye on the side of the layer named : wireframe.

This makes the layer invisible.

When you merged all layers

this is the last part: Layer to image size

Let the layer be selected when you extract(shift+ctrl+E or file export to) the image as shown here : alt at the end (example):car_00alt.dds.

The layer must be selected as you see in the image .

Do NOT celect the alpha1 then the extracted dds will be grey and will not show your skin but a grey car with no or without logos .

channels: Leave the alpha1


when you extract to dds are compression to make the file size smaller:

use: BC3/dxt 5(for best skin quality)

(if you have too old dds plug in it might not work image could be ruined, i have tested v3.01 tested and works)

minimaps: generate minimaps

Open rfactor 2 and select the car you want to skin, click tuning, then you will see where the folder for the skins is located  click create dir.

save the skins in that folder.

make sure you have ALT in the name for the body skin at the end like this:


for windows skins its ALTWINDSHIELDIN and ALTWINDSHIELDOUT at the end:



the name chould not exceed 10 characters.

car window skins:YOU NEED PHOTOSHOP FOR WINDOWS,dds plug in is currently not supportign the correct compression format(DXT5         ARGB   8 bpp | interpolated alpha)

you can’t do windows in gimp, with the dds plugin with the relust you want witch is windows that look liek windwos.

i tried to use alpha exponent(DXT5) but it will not give the result you want,

currently the dds plug do not have DXT5         ARGB   8 bpp | interpolated alpha

so you wont get transparent windows but oyu wil lget white tinted windows instead.

for proper skins get photoschop.

how to make a alpha channel like the templates have:

flatten image

delete every thing on the channel named alpha1,

copy the flattened image to the channel named alpha1

paste it, go to layers agin and click on the pasted layer, right click on the layer and click Anchor layer.


how to make skins without templates:

run MAS2 its located in C:\Users\username\Documents\rFactor2\Support\Tools

click open

extract all files to a folder n

find the tga image that is grey,

open it in gimp,

add new layer,

start painting.

how to make the car glossy ,chrome,metallic,matte:

i dont know this so if you know how to it would be nice of you to share


how its done in photoshop:



to see changes you made click reload and the new skin wil laod up

mabye you find something interesting here:


share skins here:


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numbers for nas cars:


SPONSOR LOGO COLLECTION:https://mtbboy1993.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/sponsor-logonumberplatenumberspattern-pack/

Start making durable headsets : headphoens,headsets-my opinion,suggestions (updated 11.05.2016)

you might call it long but i post this anyway(ignore typos  and if i repeat my self i will improve it when i can if needed)

PLEASE  make ALUMINIUM  headphones,headsets

some people say don’t buy gaming-headset they suck,some say buy high end headphones instead but the truth is that most of them suck too, durability wise they do, sound wise they don’t. Beyerdynamic DT or Beyerdynamic T  series is a good example, the black plastic part breaks.

for me its unacceptable that headsets are so weak.
i do not abuse my headsets, i am careful like most of us are but they should make headsets so strong you could trow them  or drop them on the floor without breaking in half,not that i would do that intentionally.
some high end headsets are more durable than cheap gamin headsets and get much better sound and are much more comfortable but,they got few breakpoints like aerodynamic( metal parts but plastic parts that will break 100% sure, but they sell spare parts that is silly just make it with aluminium.
i am no genius and i don’t have a engineering degree, but i know that most of the headsets/phones are poorly made. you can see pictures of broken headsets even expensive high end headsets.

i will not pay for expensive headsets,that have faults in the contruction.
most headsets do these days.
gaming headsets are the worst, cheaply made and overpriced,usually uncomfortable and fall easily off your head,or are have too much pressure on your head so it hurts.
one of the most know gaming gear brand is Logitech they make headsets with just plastic (excluding speakers and cable  and cessions of course)
like most brands, they are know brands,and some people buy new headsets every year,
if you buy a headset for 100 us dollars every year that is mutch cash straigh to the toilet.
brands make more cash this way, but some people buy new headsets from other rbands btu that jsut silly they will break too.
you could send them in for under warranty but is who wants to do that every single year,soem do that, i don’t want to do that.
that’s just silly.
headsets should be durable and last a life time.

a good headset should have:

no silly tuned speakers for explosions,no extra strange bass,
we want to hear it as its really sounding.many headset do that but not all.
Good microphone so you can record your self and hear its your voice and not sound like someone else. like on my cyborg headset.
can hear me clearly but cant hear its me.
detachable microphone
detachable cable
volume control mute button on the ear cups
big and soft cushion on ear cup.
comfortable head band,no thing rubber that meals because of your sweat from hot summer days.
headband must be made of aluminium, or it will break
no thin pleather(synthetic leather) that falls apart and make a mess in your ears and the floor.
don’t make cheap plastic parts and cell spare parts just make them with aluminium so they wont crack and fall apart
real leather ear cession and fabric cession.

precise volume control
no unnecessary blinking lights or things like that

big ear cups to fit all ear sizes
some examples of broken headsets:

my own headsets:
koss porta headsets worst headset i ever had but the first headset,
then i got creative HS-950 gaming headset total garbage too,
i then purchased a freq 7 headset from Madcatz, the headband broke in several pleases the rubber ripped apart, this is very common with gaming headsets.

Reviews of headsets I got: Here is a picture of my Logitech G430 headset,as you can it is garbage. I almost cut my hand,luckily it was just a small red dot.26069727180_d81d836c2c_bhttps://mtbboy1993.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/logitech-g430-review/




You can get spare parts for the Beyerdynamic headset,but this is still silly, the part should be mate of metal, if they absolutely want the headset to have this look, same goes for the small part that holds the swingarm to the ear-cup.


Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro