Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium- Long term review

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

A long time after September 8, 2017 when I posted my 6 months review after using first case I bought I have updated it the review.

First thing I noticed when un-boxing it was the nasty smell of the rubber, which eventually goes away after few days.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

the installation is easily done with 1.5mm Allen key,which is a smart design,unlike those cases that just slip on,they are pointless as they would fall off on impact, but the Powerful case can many hits.

I have crashed hard on a asphalt bike path I lost control as my joints slipped twisting my bars to the left I landed sideways on my shoulder and my thigh resulting in damage of my shorts, a hole and a damaged zipper, but the case protected the phone.

I noticed the case has been bent from the middle Allen screws, This might be from the crash, as it was a hard crash.

The case is thick and the camera lens is less exposed due to it being raised, so you won’t scratch the lens glass if you lay the phone on a dirt table or a uneven surface like a asphalt.

Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070326084
Shattered screen protector Love Mei POWERFULcase Sony XZ premium
Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070307275

Love Mei decided to go for a door for the 3.5 port, but a rubber cover for the USB-C port, it seems like a good choice, but the red door has some play.

Screen protector:

I tried to scratch the Screen protector with a Allen key, but it did not scratch.

The protective screen cover is very weak, it does not withstand the abuse I but it trough when mountain biking.

The screen protector can’t handle any flex, so having it in your pocket will destroy the screen protector, the shorts will move your muscles will move, the phone well move, so it will be destroyed fast.

I don’t know what actually damaged the screen protector, But it’s most likely me just riding with the phone in the pocket in my Poc shorts,Which I am pretty sure is the reason.

But the bike path crash I had did not result in any visible damage on the screen protector, but it might have damaged it any way, later I went for some long mountain bike rides, one time the zipper failed, so it was sliding down, which might have damaged the screen protector, or it might have been that I hit my thigh on the Timber bell or the dropper post remote, or maybe it was the flex in the protective case at some point on the ride, I don’t really know.

Video below shows how easy I could take apart the shattered protector.

Love Mei claim the glass is toughened, I have no clue what that means, in my opinion the glass is very weak, it cant withstand too many impacts,but you can of course replace it with something else. if you take a close look you can see the pattern in the layer of the screen protector. The screen protector does not effect the touch sensitivity.

Shattered screen protector Love Mei POWERFULcase Sony XZ premium
Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070326084

After the failure I bought Panzer Glass screen protector.

Panzer Glass

here are some photos of the new screen protector after I cracked the Panzer glass screen protector after long term use.


it was far stronger, than the original screen protector Love Mei had glued to the case.

Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Panzer Glass
Love MeiPOWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_070232418

The USB C cover shows signs of wear, its rubber so eventually it will wear, I don’t think there is anything wrong with using rubber.

But they offer replacement part

In the video below you can see how where I put my phone while riding:

In my hands:

The phone is bit to big with this case, but much better than the tiny Cat S50, way too small, but something with similar case and just little bit smaller, would be perfect.

at the first times I tried using the shutter button I had difficulties with getting it to work, but it was probably just a small alignment issue when I put it together, after few more tries it worked flawlessly.

The case has rubber almost all the way around the sides & the back/rear side of the phone, but they don’t eliminate slipping, they definitely reduce it but , it still will slip, but the raised edges of the case make holding the phone more secure, the edges stops it from slipping.

when taking pictures or filming for example I can securely hold my phone with my trigger finger on the shutter speed, and the thumb in the upper corner, and my left thumb in the other lower corner, or my whole left thumb  up to the right corner which gives good and stable grip.

The rubber buttons work flawlessly and feel great, but as it’s weak rubber it will eventually wear out,I have used it for few month, without any major signs of wear, but I can see the buttons are rounded off a little bit.

I have been using the case in rain and humid weather and I have not had any issues with water coming inside.

scratched Love Mei POWERFUL case Sony XZ premium_20170902_065208571

The paint job on the plastic front frame scratches off easily, just by taking the case in and out of the pocket, it scratches off with hitting the zipper.

here you can see the second case that is also is scratched up:

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

The rubber on the backside is meant as a heatsink.

I bought a spare case, in case I manage to destroy one, I did not, but I lost the rubber cover on it, so I took one from the first case I got, which I bent slightly, but I managed to bend it back some, but not perfect, but it eventually got a tear in the rubber where it is clamped.

Both sides of the frame are made of alloy.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

Also one the rubber plug on the red 3.5 plug cover fell off, I wore it out so it got too loose I guess.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case
Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

it is not waterproof, at least not without the original screen protector, so water might get in. this was result of careful cleaning, no water directly to power input, but I got some water on it and wiped it clean, so in rough rain it will get water inside there too.

Love Mei POWERFUL Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case

Verdict: robust, with awful Screen protector

This case is about what I actually thought of would be, alloy frames bolted to each other, I reduce to use those thin & fragile cases where camera is still not protected enough, but this is not a problem with this case.

If you get this Case get a better screen protector.

So far this is one of the best case I have found, but the screen protector is horrible.

The case works well for me, size is good, I could do with a smaller size, just a little bit smaller could work for me, but not any bigger, I think this might be the sweet spot.

The phone is heavier now, but the protection is worth it.

Product page:

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A & Bracket SH 6000/90 holder review

The reason I went for this lock, is the 100Db alarm, even tough a folding lock has a flaw has flaws that make it possible to defeat, if you have the right tool for the job, like rivet splitter, or huge bolt cutters, but it’s most likely that a thief won’t have it. but if you leave bike inside a store, with camera, and people around, the the thief must be really stupid to try to steal the bike.

The alarm means the thieve can’t move the bike, it will result in the alarm beeping, and the thieve does more fiddling it will go on full blast, just a slight movement it will go off. so trying to defeat it even with the right tools will make a big racket.

My Large Nicolai Geometron G1

For locking the front wheel to the frame, the lock is too short, and even rear wheel frame to a shop entry roof support beam, but frame to rear wheel it works well, and if there is a light pole it might work if you park it well, and pole is not too thick, so if it’s thin light poles it will work, and but front is too not gonna work on my Nicolai Geometron G1 size Large with 61 deg head angle, the front wheel is too far away from the frame.

Nicolai/Geometron G1 at Guderudgata, Askim

But if there is a bike rack like this one, you can easily lock the bike to it.

but for bike with steep head angle it will work.

Rebar & G1

Insert and remove key properly & keep it lubed:

When inserting key make sure you move it in all the way and make sure to not rotate the key when taking it out, it will result in misalignment thus key won’t go in properly, so you will have to align it then insert key all the way in, so to spare your self from doing that, insert key in all the way, and when taking it out make sure to just pull it out carefully.

To make sure the key went in smoothly and did not freeze cus of water in keyhole, it came dry.

A closer look at the lock:

Plastic cover:

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A - Not A Microphone.
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
The lock in Evoc Neo 16 L backpack

The mount:

The lock comes with this holder.

A bad thing about mounting a bike lock on the bike is that it will be covered in mud, dirt, leafs, grass or what ever else that can get on it.

Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished


  • My testing shown that hard impacts to the bash guard results in the middle links of the lock popping out. So I can’t approve this solution for #mtb might work for light xc with impacts, but not #enduromtb the holder would also move side to side, leaving black rubber residue on the frame. Using only the strap provided did not work so well, but adding zipties helped to stabilise it but did not stop it rotating so from now on the lock will stay in the backpack. That was the plan anyway, I just wanted to test this holder but having a lock mounted to the bike will result in a dirty lock, as with everything else mounted to the bike won’t attach things to my bike, it makes no sense to me. I probably rode harder than this was tested, hit bash guide at rock fountain in city centre, I jumped over a stream, but I don’t think that was the problem, but I think the problem is hit the bash guard over and over, eventually the links popped out, seems like the impact made it pop out.

after just few days of testing I took the mount off, there was a lot of rubber residue on the frame where it was mounted.

Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Testing of Abus Holder-SH-6000-BORDO Finished
Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A

Product page:

here are some videos from other creators/testers:

No point in me repeating all of this, so watch other reviews.

Assos Chamois Creme Long-Term review

I have used this cream for several years.

It does what it says on the box, but for really long rides, put on a thick layer of it, as much as you can get on the pad, for example a 4 hour ride. cus you can use it up. I have tested this, so I know, just thin layer won’t cut it even with 2-3 H ride( depending how much I sit of course), you will literally get butt hurt, but if I go more than 4 H my butt will hurt just from sitting, even with comfy well fitting saddle, eventually my butt will hurt, but then I hurt everywhere, and it’s different type of pain, then my legs are getting weaker, my upper body too if I do a lot of tech, climbing. this cream won’t stop that. It does what it promises and nothing more.

The cooling effect is true, but it only lasts few minutes.

I always ride with Chamois Boxer short, and with Chamois cream, if I don’t my butt will hurt if I do it for too long.

I prefer to cover the pad with it instead of only butt or both, seems like a easier solution that don’t make a mess.

And of course I use a fresh short for each ride.

But Assos offer product that repairs the skin after friction, it’s called Assos Skin Repair Ge, but I haven’t’ tried this.

But if you already are sore then Zink ointment will work great, for cracking skin at the fingers it’s a must. that’s a issue I get in the winter. you might find others that say so too, it works & is easy to get at a pharmacy.

Quick review of Park Tool Nitrile Mechanic Gloves

This review represents the gloves as they were in 2017,2018,2019

I’ve also used theese gloves for winter riding, as wateerproofing, like so:

Waterproof glove hack_0796


more durable that gloves for example the Jordan gloves.

Most gloves did not tear all of the jobs I did with them.


  • Some boxes had some gloves that had gloves that failed when put on, or and had wrinkles, bumps, or other flaws. I have’t taken pictures of it, but it just happened few times with few boxes.
  • some gloves had different shade of blue, some packs varied in shade.
  • They have a significantly higher price than the department store options, but I would have to try others to know how they compare to those. but the price is not wallet friendly.

Product page:

Long Term review: Park Tool TL-6.2 Steel Core Tyre Levers

After snapping several cheap plastic tyre levers and wanting to try more levers, I tried these, but I did not like them.

Here is Park tool’s video:

These worked for a while, but then I wanted to put them trough hell, which which resulted in failure.


  • Works for getting of tyres from a stubborn tyre & rim combo.
  • has a hole to hang it.


  • Scratches the rim
  • The plastic is quite stiff, and will eventually crack.

Park tool TL-6.2 tyre lever_3115

Park tool TL-6.2 tyre lever_3119

  • After some use I managed to snap both levers, if you are putting them trough hell, they will fail, if you don’t get enough slack in the tyre, and try to do a work out instead of proper tyre install they will fail, I did not care if they failed at the point off testing them, as I did not like how they performed, so I tortured them intentionally, and I managed to make both fail.
  • the plastic wears quite fast.
  • No secure way to hold it,They slip out of your hands easily.
  • No spoke hooks.

Flickr Album:


I can’t recommend it. So far Crank Brothers Speedier Tyre Lever is my favorite for pressing tyre bead into the rim channel when installing Cush Core, combined with tyre levers with hooks to make it easier, to opening up the bead to fill sealant, or tyre removal in general. But for gently tyre installs or removal they work, but then you don’t need tyre levers anyway.

Product Page:

2015 Evoc Freeride Enduro Team 16L backpack ca 3,5 years review

04.10.2019 I revised the review, improved some things.

Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration backpack & 2014 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon

The straps are fatiguing shoulder & neck area with heavier loads, But as long as don’t stuff the backpack full with heavy stuff, it’s fine.

Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration backpack & 2014 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon


  • Durable
  • The pack got a lot of room for everything you really need for a ride plus more, if you want to use it for grocery shopping you can, I can fit 2 cola bottles or 2 1,5 milk cartons,3 1 L cartons
  • upper pocket got 2 Compartments with an elastic band which is perfect for a wallet and a helmet light battery charger, I sue one for Gemini Xera light battery charger and the other one for my wallet. And it’s perfect a smartphone & Go Pro mounts, small chargers.
Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration Pack
  • the top pocket got keyholder
  • soft material inside the pocket so you don’t scratch your camera lens smartphone, I can fit a Sony experia XZ Premium smartphone in the pocket but any bigger phone won’t fit, but I prefer to have it in  short pocket instead.
The Velcro transparent pocket is nice for storing food that was in a plastic bag you have opened, for example, trail mix.
in the top pockets, I got Lezyne SV10 multi-tool, 2 Co2 cartridges, Dynaplug, the big mesh pocket can fit 2 29er tubes.  the narrower higher pocket fits a shock pump & tyre pump. in the outer pokets, I got Shopping bags & a lock.
in the big mesh pocket, I keep cables, tyre lever.

back protector comes at 145 grams with feels like nothing

side pockets with elastic band, which is great if you forgot to fill up the Hydrapak and just wants to buy a bottle of juice or soda or to keep shopping bags i

Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration Pack Side pocket is perfect for gloves

no matter how aggressive riding I did, jumping, riding in stairs, the zippers staid in place

Side waist pocket, which is perfect for rubber gloves or a small snack

Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration Pack-Park Tool gloves inside side pocket
Snapped zipper slider, but this is not a surprise, zippers eventually fail, So it’s great that Evoc decided on dual zippers.

March 2018

the plastic zipper extension failed.

The Velcro got work out, it was not gripping.

The belt keeps the backpack from bouncing. The Velcro got worn out worn after about 2 years of use, so it did not stay in place by itself, but with buckle strap, it stays in place still after 3 years. But if you need new Velcro straps you can buy new and sew them on, so that’s not really an issue. The buckle & the other plastic parts still work great.

Worn out Velcro Evoc FR enduro 16L_1116

27 march 2018 it snapped, which is not surprising at all. But not too bad.

Snapped zipper grip Evoc FR Enduro _1138

eventually the other snapped few months later.

I fixed it with a zip ties.

DIY zipper hack_20181121_095957Edit

It has a strap for mounting rear light.


The helmet holder is also nice for securing toilet paper or anything similar when you are grocery shopping.


March 21, 2019

the zipper failed during a ride.

I stopped to take take my phone out, and it failed, good I did that, cus it might have fallen out out if I did not, I knew it showed signs of wear, but it failed eventually not a surprise, the zipper is sliding on the stitching until destruction.

Zipper Failure on Evoc FR Enduro 16L

It was time for a new backpack.

2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
Some wear at the bottom of the pack.
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
The tool pockets have damage after 3,5 years of use.
# B106 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
Hose holder 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L

The buckles and straps were still in great condition.

Hose holder 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L

This hook is permanently secured and secures the drinking hose.

2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
This is where the back protector plate is secured.
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
As wide it would open.
Discoloration 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
Discoloration 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
Discoloration, I did not manage to get all of it off.
Discoloration 2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L Fabric wear
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L


  • the logos will start to peel off after one season of use.
  • The zipper gets cough on this spot so I had to use my fingers to move this bump out of the way.
2015 EVOC FR Enduro 16L


  • if you use the helmet holder for an xc or trail helmet, make sure you get the front down and all the way in otherwise it will be too loose
  • you have to have the zippers on the side or it will take in water because of the gap in the 2 step zipper
  • to get most comfortable fit, loosen all straps, let the back pack sag down, until it bottom outs, it will bottom out somewhere with the stomach belt under the navel, then tighten the bottom straps where you feel right, and then the chest strap, it’s not perfect comfort at all times, but it will result in the most comfortable fit possible with this back pack.



Brake caliper alignment during ride

After 3 years it it shows signs of wear.

And I bought a Neo 16 L backpack.

Flickr Album:

100% RaceCraft Plus Goggles Mid-Term review

I guess I can call it a mid term review, I haven’t worn them out yet, I am probably about half way trough the life cycle of these goggles.

So how do they compare to the previous version with no plus in the name? What has changed?

The short answer is, the plus refers to the shaped lens & the added layer of foam, the lens is stronger, and is stiff, much easier to install and remove, but the con is it takes up more room in the backpack, unless you lay it on the top, you have to be careful where you have it, for me it’s not really an issue.

I don’t know how strong these lenses are, I discovered Leatt has lenses that are bullet proof, but I don’t know if these are.

But I don’t know if they changed the formula for this plastic, it’s exactly the same, but the shape, and properties, like the flex, stiffness seems to be the same so is the comfort.

The durability seems to be the same.

I found the Stock lens to be weird, natural colour. They had a blue tint. So I bought new lenses.

here it is, much natural color.

2016 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon & 100% Goggle

I also think the goggles look great with both colours of goggles.

100% RaceCraft Plus_2473
100% RaceCraft Plus__2471
100% RaceCraft Plus_3597

This is the lenses I had from the previous goggles, but I ordered clear Plus lenses.

100% RaceCracft Plus goggle _2019
Exposure Lights Diablo Mk10

Wear & tear 25 May 2019:

100% Race Craft Plus goggle
100% Race Craft Plus goggle
100% Race Craft Plus goggle
100% Race Craft Plus goggle
100% Race Craft Plus goggle

Five Ten Freerider high Long-term review Revised with videos

24 april 2019 I updated,revised the review & on 21.05.2019 I added videos comparing the shoes right out of the box to used shoes.

I have updated the review with pictures and video showing the wear and how fast they wore, and compared the worn and new shoes.

These shoes are clearly summer shoes, the shoes have venting holes on the top in the front & on the sides, which work great, I can feel the wind blowing through.

The outer sole is the same as on the ESP version, with the same trusted S1 rubber.

The Freerider is a quite breathable & lightweight shoe, they are higher over the ankle than the EPS version.
from the left: Impact high, Freerider, Freerider EPS
Freerider EPS & Freerider

They have differences but they have the same fit.

Five Ten Impact High Vs Five Ten freerider high_0086

The Impact has much higher mid sole.

from the left: Impact high, Freerider, Freerider EPS

Five Ten freerider high_0053
Five Ten freerider high_0042

Feel & comfort.

Five Ten Freerider Noir_5110

But the Freerider ESP is comfortable when running, the sole bends as much as running shoes upwards, I think the Freerider shoe is a well thought out shoe.

I can feel the surface I walk on & the pedals, without any discomfort, which gives me a good feel of what the bike is doing & this is a good thing for walking up things if you can’t ride over/on.

in the video below you can see how these shoes are when walking.

Five Ten freerider high_0091

August 2018 the shoes were worn out.

When these shoes wore out, I got new shoes of the same model.

Here you can see the new and worn out sole compared to the new sole.

Used Vs new Five Ten Freerider_0046
Used Vs new Five Ten Freerider_0041
Used Vs new Five Ten Freerider_0028

A Closer look at the wear at the ball of the foot:

Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear sole damage_4030
Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear sole damage_4033
Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear sole damage_4020crop
Used Vs new Five Ten Freerider_0049
Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear Rear damage_4006

Because my feet misalign, I pop them back in place using the pedal this is causing wear on the rear of the shoes. I might need to get ankle supports to keep my feet more stable.

Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear_4017edit
Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear_4036

The wear here is probably due to friction between the tongue & the sides of the shoe, and the the wear on the sides is probably a combo of the pads and the tongue.

Five Ten Freerider High Noir August 2018 wear_4039

New shoe on the left and worn shoe on the right

Used Vs new Five Ten Freerider_0033

You can look at the video below and see the wear it had.


  • The laces don’t wear out after months of use they are like new, unlike the 2015 Impact shoes.
  • Very easy to tie and untie, when tying the laces, i bend my legs down and tie the shoe, with few millimetre of room between the laces and the tongue, which gives perfect tightness,without Hurting , and when doing it this way I know it’s going to be right, if I do it this way, I can tuck the laces on to the side.
  • the shoelaces don’t untie if you tighten them properly.
  • Easy to take off, the tongue won’t restricts you from taking the shoes on and off fast.
  • The Tongue stays in place.
  • good fit, enough room for big toes.

Freerider ESP review


Recommended, but could be improved, like the durability of the sole, and spare soles would be nice, if you could glue new sole, and make the shoe stiff enough and in right shape again, but I am not sure how good it would be with just getting new rubber on.

But there are more options on the market now, which I haven’t tried yet. for example Unpararell & Ride Consepts but at the time Five Ten Freerider were the only choice for me, and still is Because I needed high top riding shoe, because I wanted to protect the rear of my foot ankles from pedal strikes and scraping my feet on things.

Other reviews:,60/Five-Ten/Freerider-High,18618#product-reviews/3545/expand

revised Short term review: Park Tool OM-1 Bench top Overhaul Mat


Originally posted 15 may 2017, but updated with pictures and improved text.



  • The knobs in the mat will keep small parts from rolling off.
  • It sticks to my painted kitchen table/dinner table well.


  • Reacts to direct sunlight / heat it bends upwards
PArktool workbench mat_20190112_133235edit

Keep it away from sunlight!!!, the mat bent upwards, and made it almost useless, to fix this you have to put your heaviest tools on it and let it lay in the sunlight for a long time.
For some reason, there was red discolouration in the white park tool logo.

I noticed something similar on my 100% Race Craft goggles,the same red color on my on the top on the 100% logo, as I have a the helmet is white there and has no red in it there should not be any color transfer, I don’t know why this happen.


I have not tried other mats, but So far I like this one, But keep it away from the direct sunlight.;product=47986;menu=1000,185,191;mid=0;pgc=0;page=27

Cane Creek Crank Preloader – Review

I have used it since summer 2018.

There is a huge difference is how smooth the Cane Creek collar spins vs the original preload collar from Race Face, making it easy to adjust the preload. the original Race Face collar with a tiny weak wood screw. But the Collar from Cane Creek was a big improvement, to the Robust Race Face Cranks, they served me well and took some abuse, but the collar and screw always annoyed me. So far I haven’t found anything negative about it.

Cane Creek Preload Collar on Race Face ccrank_5506
Cane Creek Preload Collar on Race Face ccrank_5506
Crish King - Race Face Turbine- Cane Creek Preload Collar_2857
Chris King Threadfit30_4511
Chris King Thread fit 30_20180927_113708

Cane Creek Preload collar on Race Face Atlast crank_5499
Cane Creek Preload collar on Race Face Atlast crank_5497

The Titanium bolt bolt has also stayed secure for months, but I had to adjust the preload, it doesn’t loosen up fast like on the original Race Face preload collar, it can stay secure for months, so it’s more secure than the original preload collar.

The bolt has no signs of wear in months of use, which was not the case for the wood screw on original preload collar, which rounded off after fast.

The gold thread ring is not used for Race Face cranks, but for Sram cranks.

Cane Creek Preload collar on Race Face Atlast crank_5503
Crank arm_20180927_110352

Flickr Photo Album:

Product Page:

I got mine from

Hope Tech 36.4 mm Bolt seat post clamp – long-term review

Hope Tech 36.4 mm Bolt Seat post clamp

Hope Tech 36.4 mm Bolt Seat post clamp
Hope Tech 36.4 mm Bolt Seat post clamp

The non drive side/ left side has an egg shaped threaded piece which the bolt threads into, this eliminates the possibility of ruining the clamp, via the bolt, as this part could be replaced, but I haven’t seen it sold desperately.

Hope Tech 36.4 mm Bolt Seat post clamp

I bought these in august 2017, and used them since to now, 2019.


  • The bolt has worn significantly, quite fast. I have two of these so I had to switch I did not want to round the bolt off, and end up with loose seat post.
Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp
Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp
Wear on bolt for Hope Tech seat post clamp
Seat post clamp bolt wear_20181129_090959Edit
  • the hex key does does not fit as tight as I wish it did, I have tried Park Tool Hex keys and Teng Tools bits which are even more precise than Park Tools Hex (Bondhus) keys. I noticed it was not good tolerances between the tool first when it the first use, with a park tool multi tool (Bondhus). I don’t know who makes the bolts.
  • Bolt can loosen up fast in big temp changes. Even with Loctite 243 the bolt has loosened up every time I took the bike out from the room temperature indoors to cold winter outside, few minutes and it was loose, so if you plan to ride with extreme temperature changes and ride hard it will eventually come loose and seat post will spin, this is also be common issue with seat rail clamps on many dropper post, or seat posts. Of course how fast it will depend on material combo and load, vibrations it gets, also had issue with loose bolts on Shimano brake levers clamps, and race face stems, but for secure stem Renthal Apex is has worked well for me, but for seat post clamps I don’t know which are the best, this was my first aftermarket seat post clamp.
i have Hope _1581

I haven’t had any other issues with the clamp, the bolt turns smoothly


  • the bolt turns smoothly
  • it fits precisely on the seat tube.
  • Lovely Laser etching
  • even surfaces, well made, no sharp edges, but it has a tiny texture to it, which also can bee seen, which some might like, you can clearly see it’s CNC machined.

Product Page:

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Most interesting frames for me 2018/2019

I have looked at most bikes on the market, here is the list of the most interesting bikes to me for 2018.


My requirements for new bike:

  • I measured my setup and what would be setup I want, here are the results.

On my current set up, I would have to have increased reach, bars to be between be higher, so it would be 30mm to 40 mm rise, wheel base is too short, steering is not stable enough.

I think something close to 490 500mm, or something close to it.

I measured my current bike to get an idea of desired reach: Example 430 reach minus 50mm stem, plus 20 mm difference if I would run shorter 30mm stem plus =desired reach at ca 490,so little bit less or more might work like 500mm, I can play with the spacers and rise,stem length a little bit.

30mm is of course rounded off as the stem would be 33mm.

  • also Longer wheelbase
  • more stable steering
  • better tyre clearance
  • stiff enough frame, for me to not bend rear dérailleurs, or wear out chains after 80km, or anything crazy fast like that.
  • Dual shear linkages, or a system that eliminates the need for them, if single shear it has to have the stop for bearing on the correct side, to avoid bearings slipping out.
  • good cable routing, it has to be easy to install and remove the cables & wires.
  • Proper solution for headset & bottom bracket, for reliability.
  • the frame has to have a protective layer like paint, powder coating, Anodizing, I will ride in the winter, so I need it to be well protected against salt, which will corrode alloy.

Nicolai G15
Picture from

The cable routing is easy to work with.

threaded Bottom bracket, so I can use trusty bottom brackets, like Chris King Threadfit 30, don’t have to compromise on axle weight,or bearing strength or size.

also their tailor made option is nice, so they can make you a frame that will fit you.

I have also seen the manufacturing process, which I approve of.

I like the sealed pivots & angular contact bearings, to me it seems like good ideas.

and for winter riding, extra sealing is nice, to increase service intervals.




Guerrilla Gravity The Smash
Beautiful blue color, nice livery.

In size large it has 490 mm reach.

Pole Evo Link 140 – The folding trail bike

The v1.3 has color change, and improvements, but hte reviews below review the older versions.

The Loam Ranger has a nice video about his bike:

Some reviews:

Transition Sentinel

In size large it has 475mm reach, which could fit me with long enough stem. the wheelbase is also longer than on my bike, mine got 1143mm but the Sentinel has

1247. so It will climb better and be more stable.

it has 43cm chain stays which are shorter than my current bike, 2014 Fuel ex 29, which has 45cm.

but it would be nice to have longer chain stays, for even more stability.

I like that the linkages are double shear, no misaligning bearings, or other issues.

but the routing is not optimal, but better than on my bike.

Maximum 34T chainring, that means I cant fit my 34T OVal as it is the size of 36T, so I would have to go for Ethirteen cassette with the 9T cog, to get closer top end to what I got.

some reviews:

Transition Smuggler

MDE damper 29

The large comes at 460mm reach for size large, XL at 485 So I would go for the XL I think I would go for the 485 out of these two sizes.

Where do the Shock pumps that come with most bicycle suspension come from?

This is what I know So far.

All of the pumps I have seen from suspension brands are just are branded of two brands: &[]=15 There different variations, different handles, different heads, colors, finishes, & they get customized to fit the brands. but there are differences, some can take more pressure than others.
Picture from DVO site:




Pumps each by Brands/Manufacture’s pumps next to each other

The Pump on hte left is a Giyo GS-02 rebranded for Marzocchi & on the right has no branding but comes with Trek Bikes & it’s a Beto SP-002AGN


pump to the right is made by BETO  and is rebranded for: Marzocchi,Monitou,Spin Doctor, pump is a
fox use the same body but with round handle & Fox branding on inside the pressure meter
the pressure meter is also used by RavX and Syncros( now owned by Scott sports)
the screw-on valve tip is also used on Shockmate 2.0 Suspension Pump
with Marzocchi pump you loose less air(I mean fro mthe pump hose not the suspension of course) when unscrewing it from the suspension,and the air release button releases less air than the trek pump


Giyo makes pumps for Fox & Marzocchi, DVO,Rock Shox





2010 Trek 6300 Review

2010 Trek 6300 ewhiterootbeer.jpg

The Official photo from Trek, there are two major differences, the fork is 120mm,the dropouts have a hole, but my bike came with 10mm fork and no hole in the dropout.

I got this bike for my birthday August 2011 & I have used it ever since, but less over the past few years, due to getting the 2014 Fuel Ex 29er, I needed A full suspension bike due to my back issues, but it had its shortcomings, but I kept the 6300 in pretty good shape & slowly upgrading it, but I do not ride any difficult terrain with it.

The frame Is 18.5.


The Shimano SL-M590 shifters:

Shimano SL-M590_4686

The shifters have a light feel, you can only up shift once gear at the time, the indicators are pointless, for me or any rider, no matter if you are working on the bike or riding it, I never looked at them.

as all the shifters on the market over many decades none of them fit me well.

Shimano SL-M590:

2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- look down at front derailleur

Current Spec:


Trek 6300 at Rudsmosen_4885
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway
Trek 6300 at Rudsmosen_4873
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway

With the current spec, the bike can handle much more than I will ever put it trough, as I can’t ride hardtails trough rough terrain or do gnarly stuff, due to my back & neck.

Trek 6300_5666
Trek 6300_5660
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway
Map at Slitu_0317edit
at Slitu, Eidsberg, Indre Østfold, Norway
at Romsåsen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway

current weight of the bike is about 11.90 kg with current setup, as seen in the top pictures, So it’s pretty light.

I swapped over the cockpit form the Fuel ex, including brakes, the M6300 brakes have perfect shape for my fingers and are gentle on my finger, unlike TRP Spyke which fatigues my finger after hours of riding.

The Renthal Apex Stem is great, holds on to the bar securely for a long time, My Dream build will definitely have it.

The Hope Pro 4 Enduro 26er, wheels are lighter,stiffer,stronger, and have much better engagement, but not the best engagement n the market, but good enough to not feel awkward.

The only forks I could find that would fit this bike were 100mm Recon gold, it was a fast fix, but I am interesting in the MRP forks, a 120mm fork would improve the handling of this bike a lot, this bike can handle it, so far it’s the are some gripes with the current set up significant complaint, but a dropper post would also be nice.I run 90PSI in the fork, the fork has enough mid stroke support & enough bottom out support for me, but it has horrible tyre clearance, no mudguards will fit with 2.3 tyres, you will have to go down to 2.1.

2.3 tyre clearance 2010 Trek 6300_0250
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300-headset-Seatstays rear view
WIth Bontrager XR 1 Team Issue 2.2

The bike started out with horrible components, but over time I learned more & found more components, and the bike is reliable now.

2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- downtube Safetywarning & EN14766

I will keep the TRP Spyke as Spares In case the hydraulic Shimano brakes fail.

The main use of this bike the past years has been grocery shopping, and gentle rides.

Oval Chain ring from Absolute black, reduced knee pain, have smoother pedal stroke, I can last much longer without knee pain and fatigue.

I could get Knee pain & fatigue after just 1-2 hours, if I rode hard, but now I can last for several hours.

Cane Creek Preload Collar

The collar was a great upgrade, it stays in place, and spins easy so it’s easy to adjust the preload,The bolt stays in place, so it’s secure.

Chris King Thread Fit bb, runs smooth but it has drag, but I don’t mind it if it will last me a long time, which the reputation suggest.

E thirteen ISCG adapter, Absolute black Oval Chain ring,73mmbb.

The chain was rubbing in the lowest gears with the MRP chain guide installed, but installing the Absolute black chain guide which has adjustable guide was an improvement, but there was still rub.

the absolute black chainring is offset by 3mm, this is causing the to rub on the inner guide plate when in lower gears, but also causes the chain to catch the second smallest cog, and slap back down, if back-pedalling not that you would do that, but if there is enough chain slap the chain this could still happen when pedalling forward, which I noticed few times, The Box One rear dérailleur’s clutch spring was very firm in the start, but it wore out quite fast, it became lighter, the shifting became much easier on my thumb, but still too much for my finger in the long run, but the chain slap increased slightly, that’s probably why I noticed the noisy banging noise from the chain catching the second last cog.

Silky smooth Chris King Inset 1

Enough clearance for 2.3 tyres,but it would ben ice with more clearance, for studded 2.3 tyres, but 2.1 studded tyres will fit.

Skoglia traktorveien_1195
at Trippestadskogen, Askim , Indre Østfold, Norway
2010 Trek 6300 rear frame 0103
28.07.2017 2010 Trek 6300 Rootbeer White_0059

because the original fork was trouble, I bought this fork, the shop installed it, it was a easy fix,but it eventually developed play, probably needs new bushings, but I had to get a fast fix so I bought the Rock Shox Recon gold, which doesn’t have has as good clearance, the Corsa fork has good clearance for both mudguard & 2.3 tyre, which the Rock Shox fork does not have, I also swapped over bars so I ended up with no bars fro this bike I had to get new bar, only thing I found at the time was this Race Face Turbine bar, but later I swapped for 800mm bars from the Trek Ffuel ex I originally bought for, eventually I swapped over the whole cockpit including Renthal Apex stem. The Fuel Ex is going to a bike shop and Trek will look at it,But I plan on new bike build at some point, So I kept this bike going.

The Avid Juicy 3 brakes were ok for a while, but they eventually wore out after few years, the lever was slow to return, the return spring for the lever wore out, which is not surprising, quite normal for springs to wear out, but my local shop could not fix it, the I pressed the lever but the braking power was not there,  it was useless, Mabbe the calipers were leaking I don’t know it was years ago, but the master cylinder was well sealed, there were no failed threads or loose bolts, but the lever blade developed play.

So it was later replaced with Shimano M615, which had a better lever feel, but they also failed eventually, so I got M6000 under warranty.

hanger 297656_0102
hanger 297656_0158
hanger 297656_0141
hanger 297656_0150
hanger 297656_0096

After 7 years of use( 4 regular rest not as often)

I failed under truing with hanger tool, I only did it few times before, But the last time I noticed something that looked like a crack, and it felt too soft, But it eventually got bigger.

because the original fork was trouble, I bought this fork, the shop installed it, it was a easy fix,but it eventually developed play, probably needs new bushings, but I had to get a fast fix so I bought the Rock Shox Recon gold, which doesn’t have has as good clearance, the Corsa fork has good clearance for both mudguard & 2.3 tyre, which the Rock Shox fork does not have, I also swapped over bars so I ended up with no bars fro this bike I had to get new bar, onlky thign I foudn at the time was this Race Face Turbine bar, but later I swapped for 800mm bars from the Trek Ffuel ex I originally bought for, eventually I swapped over the whole cockpit including Renthal Apex stem. The Fuel Ex is going to a bike shop and Trek will look at it,But I plan on new bike build at some point, So I kept this bike going.


The rear end is very easy to throw around, due to the short chain stay and the bike is very easy to initiate/start a wheelie, but with 100mm fork the steering suffers.

the steep head angle & short wheelbase makes the bike harder to do precise riding like skinnies, but it makes the bike easier to initiate a do endo turn, spinning the bike around the fork.

if I let go of the handlebar and roll the bike turn in both directions, I struggle to steer it without holding the bars, it requires some practise to do so, but I can can ride horrible bikes with horrible characteristics and still do most of the things I do with a better bike, but of course I notices the shortcomings of them, including this bike, but a longer travel fork would improve the steering and make the bike more balanced by increasing the wheelbase.


  • Due to the stiffness of the frame the chain wear is good, the chain wears slowly, unlike with 2014 Trek Fuel EX 7 29, I am quite sure it’s due to the stiffer frame, less twisting and movement, also the hanger does not get bent as fast, it can go for a really long time, several months or maybe longer, I rarely hit RD hangers, so it stays true for a long time, but with the Fuel Ex it bent very often, but I sent it to a shop for trek to look at I hope they sort it out for me.
  • The frame is stiff enough for me, I am somewhere between 75 & 80g, I don’t have any issues with tyre rub or frame flex, but if you mess up or push really hard while pedalling in a brutal way it’s possible, but if you I don’t do that which I don’t do normally, but I did that just to test what happen, so I am quite satisfied with the performance of this frame.The frame has even flex on both sides,at least very similar.
  • The welds are also good.
  • Bontrager SSR, 31.6mm, 20mm offset, I had no issues with the seat post, but the adjust jaw result in less adjusts-ability of the angle.The logo wore out quite fast, and the black paint became discoloured.


  • very slack seat tube angle, which puts the saddle too far back, even if reversing the seat post, but for a kid or shorter adult it will work, but  not for 180cm person like me, if fork was bumped up to 120 it would be a quite nice handling bike.
  • The Bontrager Rangers wheels, had weak spoke nipples which rounded off when truing the wheels, and when hit by rocks & Shimano m475 hubs was horrible, it had awful engagement, a huge dead zone, which was very noticeable, the freehub lasted about 1 season in the beginning when I was younger, but now as I am a lot heavier they wobble and causes shifting issues due to wobble, and only 3 trips and the axle bent, this was the case on all the the hubs, not only this wheelset.
  • The Bontrager Ranger wheels were heavy, the main reason is the Shimano
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300-crank area-Shimano deore dron front derailleur -mega drive
  • The plastic on the front dérailleur was eventually hitting the frame, which caused paint damage
angle -36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeerwhite
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- look down at front derailleur
Clearance- 36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeerwhite
  • The triple chainring setup was problematic, no clainguide, and hte hcian dropped on the rougher stuff, like roots, or technical terrain, if you changed gears, a chain guide is a must, but I did not have that at hte time, so this caused chain drop damage on the paint near the bb.
11-36 10 speed x 36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white
  • Came with 100mm fork not with 120 as official picture shows.
  • The cockpit was not good enough, too long stem, too narrow bars, the original bars were Bontrager Lowriser 650mm 9deg bend 31.8mm dia 6061-T6 alum, I did not have any issues with them, they took some crashes, they did not bend.
my 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white handle bar front
2018 Upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 BB shell_0554

Flickr album:

Now as I am a adult, I need 800mm bars.

The original stem

  • Bontrager Race saddle was a good fit for me, but it failed fast,  screws flew off, and the plastic plate loosened, and the saddle was useless, I don’t remember exactly how fast that happen, some months or maybe a year I don’t remember, but quite fast.
  • Bontrager Jones XR tyres were fast rolling but they lacked grip for the type of riding I did.
  • The paint is quite fragile, the paint falling off the was fro ma crowing on gravel many years ago.
  • The only problems with the frame I had was when installing Chris King headset, the frame did not match Chris King’s precision, So I had to use a hammer to make it go in straight then use the bearing press, It sits flush now, but the head tube is not completely flush at the bottom towards the down tube, there is a small gap just there. The original Cane Creek headset was very easy to remove,it does not sit there as tight, the tolerances are different, with Chris King it’s tight, the Chris King headset was a great upgrade, it’s smooth and even turning all the way.

The original VP-A42E, 1-1/8″ semi-integratedheadset from Cane Creek, I can clearly see there is a gap & the bottom of the head tube is not 100% flush.

my upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white headtube

Original headset removed.

The head tube after removing the original headset.

The original worn out noisy uneven turning headset, new bearings did not help, it was time to for an upgrade, I could go on of a while but I rather have a reliable solution, So I went With Chris King.

Serial number do not remove- my upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white

Great free software – summer 2018

here is a lsit of free software I use:

This is kind of mountain bike related, if you make videos or shoot photos or stream you will find these software very useful.

I have used or tried the software in this list, I am quite fond of most f them.

Video editing :

Da Vinci Resolve

Editing made easy, easy learning curve, great package for sure.

It offers all the features most of use need to make edit videos for Youtube.

The paid version got more features, but So far I haven’t found the need for them.

but before editing make sure the camera settings are good:


Blender, has a steeper learning curve, can be tricker to learn, but it’s a powerful video editing, rendering, animation, game engine, modelling software.

Screen capture & streaming software:

OBS Studio – Open broadcasting software

Perfect software for recording what ever you want,

no matter if you want to record or stream, it got every thing you need, it’s the best broadcasting software so far, it beats most paid options.

It got everything you need, and has more features than some commercial software

Video player:

VLC media player

Video converting


it’s not perfect, you can’t use it to upscale video but otherwise it works great, but you can do that in DaVinci Resolve but I haven’t explored everything it has to offer yet.

Photo manipulation:

here is an example of what I could do using Rawtherapee & gimp, this picture is a combination, I used gimp to combine the pictures exported and edited in Rawtherapee.


A great alternative to Photoshop, you will be able to do most things.

I haven’t tested out every feature, yet, and haven’t done a lot of skin work for sim racing games in a while, but I did it in the past, but I had to install DDS plugin for that, I don’t know much aobut the latest changes, I haven’t had the time to research those. but I had some fun iwth Gimp over the years. here are the skins I made for sim racing games:

video below shows me recreating a livery design I did for VW Polo WRC for Assetto Corsa

Raw editing software:

RawTherapee is a great software for raw editing, even if you don’t have raw files, you can do some great improvements to the photos, that you would not be able to do in gimp.

Photos edited in Rawtherapee:

Image viewer:

A simple but effective software, it also comes with Thumbnail browser, which supports DDS files and other files most people don’t know.

Irfan view:


I have only played with it a short period, but I am sure many of you will get some use of this software.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A great alternative to Microsoft’s mail software, which I found to be horribly buggy, to the point of me abandoning it.

Music player:

For audiophiles, with support for lossless audio formats, so you can listen to music in great detail. no need to convert to mp3 files, but it supports m3 files too of course.

Chat software


It’s kind of like Skype, but not quite but with more features. it gained popularty quite fast, and is the main choice of gamers.

Revised Review: Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lube

I have tested the lube in very wet days in various times of the year I have also tested it in the winter in harsh conditions it performed quite well, so far this has the lube with highest consistency I have tried, so make sure you wipe off access because this lube creates ”spider webs”.

11 April 2018:


I put on the Extreme Wet lube in case it would be wet but became quite dry, But I did not change the lube, I continued using it, it was not dry, so I rode with it after the snow was almost gone, I rode long distance on paved bike path with sand on them, the lube attracted a lot of sand.

the drive train was very crunchy, due to sand and gravel sticking to the chain. I was riding many km’s on the pavement with sand on it from the winter.

It works great in harsh winter, I have ridden in -10 Celsius, but it for very dirty conditions.

The long tip makes it easy to lube the rear dérailleur.



Muc-Off Bio Wet Lube long-term review

I have used this lube for several years, with great success, here are my experiences with it.

The muddies & wettest ride of 2017:






After few days of riding in freeze-thaw cycle with some deep long rim and shoe deep puddles getting the drivetrain asked in water slush, Crashing in wet snow, I got the chain quite noisy, so this is far worse conditions for a longer time than the Rock n’ Roll Extreme lube.

So the conclusion is Muc-Off offers a better option, for a lower price.

April 26, 2018:

May 11, 2018:

some wet some dry, some muddy spots, this is the result:

from the city centre to Skansehytta from parking.

In hot summer days when the bike stands indoors overnight, the lube gets thicker/ the consistency changes, and the chain does not run as smoothly, and the drive train will be noisier and it will attract more dust, so you need to lube it after each ride or the the next day before the ride.


This lube suits most conditions, for wet summer days to muddy wet rain autumn days, to winter, riding in slush, -11c dry icy. but won’t keep the drive train completely clean, this lube performed ok for every thing I put it trough. will last logner than the dry lube.

There might be other lubes that perform as well or better, but so far Muc Off & Weldtite has my favorite lubes.