almost 5 years of use Review:2010 Rock Shox Tora SL


i have ridden thsi fork in the winter only in 2014 in about 5 to -2 degrees c

but 2015/2016 winter i ridden it alot in – 6 degrees celsius,but the coil became notisable stiffer at -6 degrees celsius

I had this fork on a 2010 trek 6300 disc, and thspring/coil was way too soft after i got over 70kg. so i upgraded to the 100mm coil  11.4015.437.090.

after the shop changed coil, the plastic preload adjustment screw failed,here you can see that the threads are stripped off.that resulted in 20mm loss of travel,and the coil scratching agist the crown.24449226812_fa531377fc_c

here you can see how i bodged it,with a gripend,but of course i no longer have prelaod adjsutment.


i had lubed the stanchions every week,cleaned the bike when it got some dirt on it.

This fork was not my biggest priority at the time, i got more bikes, so i got thsi fork on my trek 3900 witch is my spare and winter bike.

the 6300 disc got a 2011 Marzocchi Corsa SL RC

now know who import sram/rockshox to nroway so i can buy directly from them, but before I did not know and the bike shops could not get parts for forks.

I have jumped ridden technical downhill without any issues,but of course the preload adjustment broke and I lost travel.


  • much better that the Sr suntour forks at similar price.
  • seals last long time after 4 years it got few small cracks(withc isww prettyy good in my opinion, the seals on the 2011 sr suntour xcm fork worn out jsut in few weeks)
  • the pop lock remote works smoothly, and does not take up too much space.
  • can be upgraded to solo air. witch I want to do.
  • acceptable with.
  • don’t notice flex when braking, jumping 1 meter or doing stunts, riding down stairs or shredding the local trails.(when having the wheel between your legs and the fork in your hands you can of course notice flex)
  • travel can be increased up to 120 mm or decreased to 80mm


  • prelaod adjsutment screw is made out of palstic so it wears out too fast.
  • the Reboudt adjustment umbraco key will fall off when you ride. so you better set it up how you want it and take it off.
  • i got the blue coil installed, and i turned the rebound dampenign to max, but its still too fast.
  • Lack of proper adjustment, the fork has preload and rebound adjsutment,but the rebound adjustment range is too small.
  • the coil spring snapped
Broken Coil psring


decent body but bad internals,with low durability, so i can’t recommend this model.



Updated Review: 2015 Craft AB/active bike Rain M Pants

Update nr2 21.01.2016
today 18.01.2015 i ntoiced 2 big holes


  • If you are thin or bit chubby the pants will fit you well, unless you are very fat of course,the elastic makes this possible, nto too clsoe to the body so i can still wear shorts and have my phone in my poc shorts,and still be able to pull out the phone in and out. and to get it wet, because I don’t liek to have it in my jacket pocket.
  • Comfortable, i don’t notice wearing them when i ride
  • Enough room for for knee pads,shin pads, body armour.
  • Perfect fit,if you got big muscular upper body these will still fit,or if you got a thin not so muscular witch i got:-(
  • The pants do down past the ankles so i can wear them inside my Fiveten impact high shoes.
  • Quick release Velcro  hook and loop straps for the suspenders



  • They will eventually rip, if you get one hole its gonna be bigger and bigger.
  • stores that the tyres trows at you will make hoes in the pant
  • the pants will probably rip apart when you crash.after many riders in the winter and some in the fall rain, and some very bad rain in the fall,but no crashes the pants are holding up OK,but if you crash a lot these pants are not for your.
  • No strap to put the pants over the shoes.
  • there are few small holes in them already after fall/ autumn and  a lot of winter.23586310454_2e69399694_c23586305104_8b9d9b83c1_c
  • Sharp stones/gravel will make holes i the pant,or if you are kneeling you must be careful.24361379762_f34f118d8c_b



in my opinion these pants, are not good. the pants are way too weak.

the durability is not there for riders that crash alot, or roads with alot of gravel, like it will be here in the winter in norway, gravel and sand all over,so the pants will get hoels from sharp gravel.

the venting on hte pants is great for onyl light rain btu for stormly flooding screets or woods, then these pants are not for you.

2012 and/or 2013 MET Crossover long term review ( 3 helmets) awful

I strongly advise against buying this helmet.

having a safe helmet is important, this one is not that safe because the adjustment mechanism can fail anytime.

the way it is made it’s impossible for it to not fail.



the plates that are snapped together 8 pins, fails, the adjustment wheel pops out because of the screw holding it in place fails.



  • the adjustment strap is big,and poorly made feels and very flimsy
  • the cushion on side are poorly made and they are glued together and not stitched, so you will get glue on your head
  • sun guard is too short to be effective,
  • the price is high compared to some other much better and comfortable helmets.
  • the net on the front of the helmet does not stop flies or anything really,too big holes so pointless to have them
  • the red rear light is weak but that is to expected from a so small light with this kind of battery
  • the cost, you can get a much safer and better helmet for the same price or just little more.


  • good ventilation
  • red rear light
  • the helmet will fit big heads (my  size 51-60 cm)


I have been unlucky with my helmets from met 2 out of 3 of them were faulty

the first one was a red version, the rear of the helmet had cracked so much that it almost fell off I just ripped it off with my fingers, this was just few months a with riding I never dropped the helmet(of course some in the store could have abused it)

i could not see any serial number,i did not have the place to store the broken helmet so i thrown it away, I cant proof I did not actually break the helmet anyway,but I of course did not.

this did only happen with one of the helmets.

in my opinion every single helmet must be tested before its shipped out and.

i forgot to contact Met about this issue, but I did it now in 2016 bit late I know.

helmet nr.1

the part in the yellow above is showing the part that fell off,

in my opinion the helmet should not have so many sharp edges and strange forms,it will reduce the protection.

helmet nr.3 the screw holding the adjustment knob jumped out,  it did not happen with the helmet nr 2

and can feel uncomfortable on some heads,

note that this is in no way an attack against the MET helmet company,just facts,info and my opinions


Review: Topeak Mini Dual DXG Hand Pump


  • less resistance and faster pumping than cheap pumps.
  • pressure Gauge
  • can be mounted under a bottle cage
  • a good size for a mini pump,i ride with it on every ride.


  • more volume would be nice so pumping would go faster.
  • rubber seal wears fast(but I guess it will not wear out for years. unless you use it every single day
  • the locking lever snaps back in place, so keep your fingers away, or it can be painful.
  • because the rubber seal wears out so fast the pump slides up while you use it, so you have to take it off and on again.
  • the pressure Gage might be confusing for some.

  • because the rubber is soft it fast wearing a rubber, after about 10 times of use, I can see that very noticeable signs of wear on the rubber seal.
Topeak Mini Dual DXG - afther about 10 times or more of use
Topeak Mini Dual DXG
Topeak pump seal worn vs new _0229
Old seal used about 10 times vs new seal


I was not satisfied with this pump, but it was a lot better than the super cheap pumps that take endless time to get up to just 20 psi.

I recommend getting a pump with larger volume/larger air chamber, double the size would do I think.

I did not find replacement rubber seals anywhere in Norway, but this is not Topeak’s fault, Norwegian stores usually are like this, some sell stuff but replacement parts are difficult to get, But I eventually found spares on SJS Cyles:

So I can’t really recommend it.

Review:2015 Poc trail Vent shorts

I am happy with the protection products from POC.

I have not had a bad crash in these I can’t say what will happen exactly,but I assume they will do pretty well.

Attack position


  • side zip venting, it is perfect for me, I can use the shorts in the spring and autumn and some mild winter days.
  • I use size 32, but I use the waist adjustment, but if would get chubby they would still fit.
  • the adjustment straps are perfect,i do not have the need for a belt,this is perfect for me because I hate to use belts when cycling.
  • the right zip pocket  will fit a smart normal size smart phone, my cat s50 fits perfectly.
  • can use a belt,but i prefer to use the Velcro straps instead.
  • comfortable
  • zippers are smooth
  • good length,I ride the shorts in the fall/autumn,I wear the shin and knee pads, with keeps me warm but not too warm, but of course when its winter I wear my craft rain pants over the poc stuff.26905195400_2eaf2febc5_b
  • strong threads/stitching
  • excellent and smooth zippers,and the button make it simple and easy to takeo n and off.


  • The shorts should be longer.

  • the big Poc logo on the side might eventually fall off afther use and wash , as can  be seen here: i use 800rpm/ gentle wash, this is pretty common issue with printed logos, i got 2 pairs 1 in baron blue and oen in black ,this happend on the black shorts,but i have used&washed  the baron blue one more. i do not know why this happend so fast with htese shorts and did not happend on the blue shorts.ihave a adidas jacket, and this happend with it too,but this was with years of use,and now its crackign and falling off,so i was supriced so see it happenign to the poc short so fast.
  • IMG_20151229_014833.jpg
  • the fabric under the bottom show signs of wear, but nothing major it’s only on the inside,these 2 were the only signs of wear I have seen on the shorts so fat it only happen on the black short.when you wear it the bottom tilts to the left and is rubbing the fabric,so it wears.
  • get bit hot in above 25 degrees Celsius


If you can get Poc Resistance strong shorts instead get them.

The short is almost perfect, but need improvment on the button.

Review: POC Resistance Strong shorts