All Mountain Style Frame & fork guards long term

I installed it first on one Fuel EX and then thee other where I could, and eventually got some more and replaced the Zefal guard with All mountain Style on that bike, but then after long term use I had to replace some of the guards.

At May 21, 2018, My elbows misaligned and I lost control for a second back twisted I had to bail, I hit my thigh, I got a burning sensation for few seconds, but I was ok I rode up to Skansehytta after that.
Protected _3722
Area of impact, barely scratched.
Hope Tech frotn hub_5662
I ran out of Zipties.

the guard is not really wide enough for Fox 36, it’s more suitable for 32mm forks.

Trek 6300 All Mountain Style Fork guard  - Marzocchi Corsa _2111
Mudhugger FR & Maxxis Shorty 2.30

with fox 36 I could place it in the mid side but then it would not cover the front enough, but would cover the mid side well, but back would be more exposed, so no matter how I place it it”s too exposed, I guess I could use two guards on each side.

2018 Upgraded Trek 6300 Hope_0735
Trek 6300 July 2018_2836
Wagon wheel_5642Edit
Trek 6300 at Rudsmosen_4885

All Mountain Style Upgraded Trek FuelEx _1564edit.JPG.out.pp3
All mountain Style trop tube_0250
All Mountain Style frame guard after being clamped in Park Tool repair stand few times_1577
All Mountain Style frame guard after being clamped in Park Tool repair stand few times
Chris King Threadfit 30 Rf Turbine oct 2017 Upgraded 2010 Trek 6300_0116
Trek 6300 All Mountain Style _2102


  • When installing make sure to avoid touching the adhesive side too much, it will cause the removal of adhesive.
  • the guard does not stay on properly after long term use, it might be the adhesive failing, you might get dirt getting under the protector at the edges, and the guard eventually needs to be replaced. which I had to do on the top tube and other spots.
2014 Trek fuel ex nr1 bottom Bracket Shell_3024Edit

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Review:Sigma BC 8.12 ATS & Sigma BC 5.12 cycling computer



  • easy to use one button design
  • its small but shows the most important things, if you only want simple computer this is nice
  • easy to see


  • Falls off too easily, if some branches hit it , it will fall off, this is caused by the turn in the mounting system.

It is not waterproof, The button is not sealed so water comes when you ride in rain or wash your bike.So I let the computer dry out in the window in hot summer, it took about 2 days, and it worked fine after this.I took off the plastic screen cover and reglued it with glue all around to make for a better seal against water.

  • a few days later the screen was dead, it slowly came back but was very faded.
  • spoke mounted magnet’s locking mechanism starts to get undone sometimes, maybe because of stones hitting it.
  • Flimsy button, it moves in all directions.
  • no USB port, must a Sigma Docking stationdc
  • the BC 5.12 computer uses wire, but the problem is the wire can break if you get ti stuck in some branches or something similar, so I go for the wireless, instead.


because it’s not waterproof and falls off too easily, I can’t recommend this product.

I will probably upgrade to a high-end cycling computer some day.