Rock n Roll Gold Dry chain lube short review

I will run out of lube soon so I am posting this review.

Frame tyre rub_3608

The lube is thin, and drips like water, so it’s thinner than Muc Off dry lube, but I guess muc off might last longer, or it might not, but I can’t know for sure without further tests, but they performed quite similar, but Rock N roll keeps chain quite cleaner.

But as this is a dry lube I don’t reccomend using it for wetter days, maybe some minor watter spillage, but any more than that it will probably wash off very fast as with wet Extreme.

So I guess it’s a OK lube for dry atleast for up to 4h hrides, but I haven’t tested this lube to the extremes, but so far it seems like if you ride for ca 4 h you need to lube it, for the next ride.

The chain was quite clean

Rock n Roll Gold lube_5868
Rock n Roll Gold lube_5872
Rock n Roll Gold lube_5860

I don’t know why but trailforks did not record the ride, probably lost signal, so I had to start it about half way trough,

Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor Pump long-term review

The pump has worked great, no issues with leaking for a while.

The pumps has long enough hose to pump the tyres even when the bike is in the repair stand, as long as you have the valve at the bottom.

the pump is long enough to not bee too awkward to use for me, I am 181cm. But I prefer even longer pump, and wider handle.


It was higher, and has wider handle than the Beto pump I used in the past, also bigger Pressure gauge.


But I will have to get something made of strong metal parts, with metal connectors, it has to be as tall or taller, with a long hose, but I might need a compressor.


  • The seal lasted a for several years, I bought the pump in 2014 or 2015 I think. But it defenitly did wear, but the wear made it less brutal to put the head on & off the valve.
  • Spares are available, like spare hose.


  • There is some play between the air chamber & the plastic base
  • The plastic base is is not covered so it can get messy, if you have spilled sealant or use it outdoors or just have a dirty floor.
  • The handle is also easy to get dirt and is tricky to clean.
  • Threaded plastic connector on the hose and on the body, eventually the hose will shoot off, also it would be easy to over tighten, but as it’s plastic with bad tolerances I can just pull the hose of and pop it on. awful, the threads has probably worn due to long term use, but I could also spin it endlessly, horrible, I also noticed the new hose could be popped in and out easier, it popped off the first time I tried it.
  • When the seals were new they were so tight it was hard brutal, painful to put it on or off.
  • The Guage cover sits very loosely. It is rateling.
  • I bought a replacement hose cus the hose I had got clogged up with sealant, but the new hose had plastic connectors too but even worse tolerances, it was very easy to spin it endlessly, or pop it on and off, when using the pump this meant the hose blew off. So I had to go back to the way too short Biketec /Beto pump.