• Name: Johannes Nilsen
  • Birthday  August 1993
  • Hobbies: Mountain-biking, Sim Racing, car livery design, drawing, making skins for driving simulator games
  • Music genres: rock, hard rock, rock-blues, blues, metal, classical
  • this list is increasing of course:
  • I listen to: 

Eric Clapton BB KingJimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Richie Blackmore, Roy Buchanan, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Buddy Guy, Joe Banamasa

  • bands I listen to: MR.Big, Thin Lizzy, Cream, Deep Purple, BBM/Bruce, Baker & Moore

about my blog:

On my site you will find, in-depth reviews & other mountain bike related posts.

I Try my best to provide the community with detailed and in-depth reviews, with pictures and videos, to provide as a good review as possible, which is as easy to understand as possible.

If I buy a product and I think there is a need for a review I review it.

Many of the sites and reviewers have the products in a way too short period do really review it properly.

But my reviews will be long-term in-depth reviews. not try on 1 or 2 weeks and then you buy it and you get disappointed.

I am not a fanboy of any brand or product, all my reviews are true and will always stay this way, I will not hide any major flaws from products, and I will not say how amazing every single product review is, if it’s horrible I will write so.if I forget something I will add it later.






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