(updated 2,5 months review)Tyre Review: Suomi Tyres WXC 300 2.2 29er 65 TPI

Time of use about 2,5 months

I have ridden the Suomi Tyres WXC 300 tyres for few weeks, you have to run higher pressures than summer tyres, I had to pump them up 10 psi more, I am about 75kg with all my gear on, and I usually I run 25 psi front 30 rear,but I had to run 40 rear 35 front with the Suomi Tyres WXC 300 tyres. at a lower pressure, it will squirm. If you run low pressures with Hakka tyres you will dent the rims, eventually, I haven’t Tried other winter tyres that Suomi yet.

I noticed the tyres don’t stink as the Suomi 294 extreme I got for my 26er.

First I tried adding just 5 psi but it did not help much, so I had to add 10psi.

With Maxxis High  Roller 2 2.30 I run 3 rear and 25 Front.

I lost 6 studs on the rear tyre, but I am sure I rode too hard in the break in period.

Rear Tyre shredded January 14th, 2017:

after jumping off concrete walls, riding up straits, I did not notice any significant wear, but I have not done it many times, but I did it at least 50 times, didlongBut it was not Until did long-distance mountain biking.with roots ice, rocky hills.

The tyre is quite soft, which I think Is the reason for the knobs shredding apart & losing studs, Specially when braking and cornering, or going over alto of obstacles.

I have ridden every single week, almost every day.

After riding on an icy, snow-covered dirt road, I noticed the rear slipping and the rear acting weird, almost like n untrue wheel, but it was the shredded side knobs that were the reason.but January the 14th I lot many studs, and the many of the side knobs were shredded.

I rode about 24km for 3 days in conditions like in the video with about the same terrain, after that The picture above says it all, I have ridden some different trails with that were not as rough, but I think the change in terrain might have something to do with the tyres shredding apart, a lot of roots a lot of more faster corners, resulting in shredded tyre.

Before all that I had been riding for almost every day, at least 1-3 hours(But lately I have been timing how long I ride.

But its was only the rear tyre that got shredded knobs, but the front still lost at least 10-20 studs, but the rear lost 20-40, and the rear end washed out too many times to continue riding like this. On frozen snow, I won’t slip, but on ice I will spin.33013994426_bc1e0bf6d4_o

You have to run high pressures to avoid hitting the rim, the compound is too weak.

THe Tpi is is higher than my summer tyre which is Maxxis high roller 2 60 Tpi, at 65 Tpi,.

I think the need for higher pressures might be caused by the low volume of the tyre.

But this footage is not from the day the rear tyres got shredded, but I think it was already in progress of being shredded.

a few days later I bought Suomi Gazza Extreme 294, the local shop had some in stock so I had to buy one, shame other shops did not have it in stock at the time I got WXC 300, but at least I can write this review and tell you about my experience.

The bike I was riding the tyres on.

Suomi Stud tool:




Get Suomi Tyres Gazza Extremes  294 instead, they are much more durable, they are stiffer and thicker.

Kan kjøpes her: https://bikeshop.no/sykkel/komponenter/dekk/dekk-pigg/suomi-tyres/suomi-tyres-wxc-300-piggdekk-2-pack-300-pigg-29-x-22-65-tpi-1000-gram-suomiwcx3002pack-p0000075504


Check out this look at the Suomi Tyres Gazza Extremes 294:



Must Watch MTB & Maintenance Channels on YouTube & websites & links- 25.06.2017

Bike Skills:

Global Mountain Bike Network
MBR magazine
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The Brighter Cyclist
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Flow Mountain Bike

Film guide:


User reviews:

Seth’s Bike Hacks


Global Mountain Bike Network
MBR magazine

Flow Mountain Bike
MBR magazine

All kinds of videos:


Jordan Byron

Biking With Bobo


Trail Bike Bebop

Outdoor Gold Productions


Hambini Performance Engineering https://www.youtube.com/user/nrgizerbunny

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The Singletrack Sampler

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Art’s Cyclery/VitalMTB How (Not) To Series

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Biking is awesome  (german)

Did I miss one? feel free to suggest more channels.

and of course you should follow all the bike and components channels

Technical stuff and list of standards, and differences between standards, and info about tools …….:


http://www.sheldonbrown.com Is you wonder about standards, or have seen something weird on an old bike you want to know about, or find the right tool for the job, or want to know more about bikes in general check this site out.

https://steveukmtb.wordpress.com/ Mountain Bike Maintenance

MTB channels by women:

MTB MOM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBHbO6YmhRFOYlk3tqAKsg/videos?ab_channel=MTBMOM

XC Sam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-l9QDvtnzT_ShoA8h_wsCA BABOB! Women’s MTB Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVvECXLtevnaOz_1JpeW7Q Miss Peaches https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-Rr1wertA6AWj_D0RZ13w it’s in german, but captions available. Velo Me / Jessica Strange https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBP0G-XqsLnuVyJ2Ievn1Yw/ Lady Shredder: https://www.youtube.com/user/ladymountainbiker1 this one I discovered today, Morgan Bishopp: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJtbry7eUgz3wprc34o6V2Q No Excuses: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq7lgN8IRA6l2UpcHKzgsOw Proriders: https://www.youtube.com/user/annekebeerten Gowaan Gals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCod8kphYkOteQBgmP1T5gMg

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Review Chick https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUx_BQoHcrXIaPR0o3MCn9g/videos

Whats wrong & right in the bike industry &Bike shop mistakes & bad experiences 12.01.2017

You should Always Check if everything is correct when getting the back from a shop, I never trusted the local shops.

Big mistakes The local bike shop did:

IT’s important that shops have the knowledge to service & repair the bikes properly.

  • wrong bolt length, way too short bolt, but I had bolted from Bontrager SSR Seatpost fro my trek fuel ex, that fit perfectly, So I just swapped them, they Did the same mistake on one more bike.

  • Wrong BB 68mm in 73mm bb shell & no Locktite on the threads so the BB came loose

The bottom bracket is VP Components 68mm and not 73 which is the correct width, silly bike mechanic’s mistake I had to correct later.
the chain line was ok, with the incorrect BB, quite but when torquing the crankarms to correct torque, they would be so far in that there was no movement.
after installing Shimano 73mm BB, the chain line was further outwards, but this is caused by the Spider on hte Avlio crank, it’s quite far out, which does not work well for single ring on unless I get spacers.

VP Components 68mm

  • Crushed headset bearings, which is probably bike shop’s fault.
  • leaning my bike against a empty carton box,& almost do a domino off all the bikes in the shop, But I grabbed the first falling bike & saved the day.

But when I lost the Linkage bolt on my fuel ex they got the part fast, and did the job fast.

but the problem is with local shops is that they only make money on repair, But I no longer go to a shop for any repairs.

  • I had to educate them on prices, googles for example, they did not know the price of the Adidas Pinner goggle, so they had to call a another store for price, but they looked at the wrong google.

What many local shops doo wrong:

  • no demo bikes to try before buying.
  • not stocking some of the most common parts to wear pout.
  • Giving good deals & Freewheel truing, and kind and telling the truth, but if the shop did this to more customer than me  No wonder the local bike shop went bankrupt, but they probably did not do that, because I was the only customer they remembered the name of.
  • lack of knowledge about both the old school, modern bikes, both road and mtb.
  • Lack of the tool, every shop MUST HAVE, I have seen this in Sport stores too.
  • not doing everything
  • Long wait time.
  • Too many bikes to repair, too few people to do the job.
  • Bikes not assembled correctly.
  • too many bikes too closely together, with horrible and unstable stands, so  there is a big chance of Domino effect.
  • lack of proper web presence
  • Not using torque wrench
  • I have heard a guy complaining about, one of the mechanics using 2 different kinds of grease,& making a mess.

Many bike shops & sport store chains will try to make money of your stupidity or lack of knowledge:

Marketing cheap awfull jink as dirt jump bikes should be forbidden, because they are safety hazards and can fail & lead to injury or death, some forks or components have stickers with warnings.

  • Market horrible & cheap bikes with sr suntour xcm /xct forks as dirt jumper bike that can take a beating,which G Sport (norwegian sports store chain) did with cheap diamant bikes, and some even are total junk, those bikes with 28mm stanchions on the fork and technology from the 70’s which they market as bikes for people who want to ride offroad, if you do they might kill you.
  • Many bike shops will not tell you the whole truth, because they want you to come back for more repairs,because you ridden with loose spokes, or too low pressure or what ever and tacoed the wheels, broken some parts, That has never happen to me, but I know that’s how it is.
  • Lack internet presence, for example website, face book or twitter.
  • if you are a beginner they want to sell a garbage bike to you,those so-called beginner or budget bikes, with sr Suntour forks, and outdated drivetrains,with way too many gears, bad ergonomics or shifters, horrible grips, tyres,saddle, QR release hub,for example Shimano m475 hubs,which got horrible seals.

the things that the local shop did right:

  • offering custom build bikes to your wish.

Some things that are wrong with the bike industry:

  • some brands do too little advertising & instructional videos, and product overviews, videos, so all the info you get is only on their site, which sometimes is not great.


some brands are not good at making a budget or mid-range bike:

making budget bikes with some high-end medium range, to some of the most low-end outdated parts mixed altogether all over the place.

my 2014 trek fuel ex 7 29er,triple rings, fox fork which is a not bad, but horrible flexible wheels that went out of true after few days, tyres that wore out after 4 weeks,cranks that failed,as soon as I put on new Turbine cinch cranks and new hope pro 4 enduro wheelset the bike became a whole new beast.

Too hard to get some components or some bike gear, & clothing:

for example Poc:

I had to buy some pair of gloves from fjellsport.no, some from sykkelkompoinenter.no some I had to buy chamois boxers from iterreng.no some from amazon.com some from fjellsport.no

the Poc stuff sell fast, and not many stores got it.

Norwegian Import tax making it more expensive to get every thing I need:

There are many things I have to order from outside Norway, which means I have to pay 25% import tax, which is a lot of money, for example Shimano parts are impossible to get without waiting for the shop to order it fro importer which gets it to Norway so the whole process will take few weeks.


Don’t let marketing fool you and steer you towards something you will regret.

Pointless selling points, which Trek, for example, is doing a lot.

Some brands are good at marketing stuff for people who does not know anything, and make it sound like its the best thing in the world, I only care about facts, and how it performs in real life. Trek is a perfect example of this.the trek 2014 fuel ex 7 29er was not as amazing as trek made it to be, wheels were junk, crank arms failed, tyres worn out in 4 weeks, too many gears for a trail bike….

but if rode well, good handling, great stable steering, great fit, but frame was too flexy for me with 75kg with all gear on.

But there are those that don’t even try to make a proper video, or convince you to buy it, which is partly a good thing, but if they don’t people won’t discover them as easily.

if you want to make a ad or introduction video give is the facts wee need and explain why this bike might be for us,so it can give us a ide if we want it or not, but reading customer reviews & demoing/trying the bike out is the best for the customers to get a good bike

This is why Demoing a bike is important, but at the time I needed a full suspension bike fast.


How to do it right:


Here’s a video explaining more about this,by PittsburghActive

the shop in the video is TRAILFLO bikes I, I think their business method is good, they let you go on rides with them, instead of paying for a demo bike,and they build the bike for you how you want it to, when you decided on the right bike, I think more shops should do this.

Treating us like idiots in ads, making a simple commuter bike sound like it’s an amazing piece of engineering with new technology when it’s actually basic technology that is decades old, and who cares about grips, we buy the grips we want anyway the same goes for saddles.

We Have to help them: us the customer should write reviews and share the flaws products, but they should also try to make better products and stop releasing flawed products, products that are clearly flawed.

Most of the mountain bike gloves don’t last long, but if you can sew you can, of course, fix them if you have materials & sewing kit.

Lack of full finger MTB gloves, so far there is no glove to my knowledge marketed as a Mtb glove with full finger impact protection, and palm protection, But if you look out side of the MTB market you will find brands like Mechanix, making gloves that hasve these features and are suited for mtb use.

for me Poc resistance strong gloves are the best glove branded as MTB glover, but the palm wear out too fast,So I contacted them about this, writing a review and not sharing won’t help them,So please if you like a product but its not perfect, contact who makes it and help them make it better.

Reviews. reviews that don’t help us:

If you write a review you have to have tested it properly for a long period, not just a few hours.

The good stuff:

the last 2 years I have seen a big increase in free mountain bike instructional/technique videos

I am self-taught and have mastered most skills, apart from the extreme dirt jump tricks, which I will never do, but some people don’t learn as fast by just trying it them selves, some people need guidance, and see how it should be done to do it.

a few years ago, there just a few videos and all the good stuff was paid only, more accessible videos will keep beginners riding better faster.

I have compiled a list of youtube channels to watch in this post: https://mtbboy1993.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/must-watch-mtb-maintenance-channels-on-youtube-marsh-2016-edition/

The increase in User reviews, demo of bikes on Youtube.

This video is an excellent example of an excellent bike review video.

but still not many doing this, I have not had the chance to try any demo bikes yet, but I tried my best to do a proper review of my bikes, which is more in depth than any other magazine has done(that  I know of)

for me, it was easiest to take pictures and some videos of my bike, and write when something needed to be written, and I continued this, and even though the review was not finished I posted it and updated it over and over again until it became a very in-depth review.

More of you should do the same, but with the top-notch bikes there is not much negative to say, but on the budget bikes, there is can be much wrong or it can be a good deal, so proper reviews are important, but I strongly recommend building a custom bike,its a lot cheaper.


Rear deraileurs:

no bearings, or bushings on most of them on the market.



Other things that are wrong:

here are some vids by Bikeradar:


Trek spec’ing their cheaper models with garbage wheels, spoke nipples that can’t take hits from stones, can’t take truing.
rear dérailleurs that can’t be fully dissembled and serviced- but new Box One RD looks promising.
many bikes are too flexible, some Trek( 2014-15 FUel EX for sure) & Merida
many bikes don’t have the right weld,construction, flex & stiffness ratio. I have seen a lot of failures while browsing the most of the bike  forums , instagram, facebook so much silly mistakes, it’s sad, so many rush jobs.
not engineering each frame size with correct strength, stiffness, flex ratios
absurdly bad tyre clearance
uneven stiffness
use of weak soft bolts
cable routing with extreme angles, causing rapid wire and housing wear.
lack of quality control and proper assembly of bicycles, sadly trek did this, they might have improved this, I don’t know.
But I saw a fuel ex with missing pivot washer, mine came with crazy over torqued bolt, maybe they used electric screwdriver/drill with wrong torque.








Review: 2015 AlpineStars Drop 2 Enduro jersey ( 2019 update, this review is in the process of being updated)


I use size L for Alpine Stars jerseys, with Fox I use XL, Mavic Size L, Swix base layer I use Medium


  • No itching labels or stitching
  • good fit works well with protectors underneath, the sleeves are long enough, good size of collar, the jersey stay in place how it should no sliding or twisting of the sleeves or any other part of the jersey
Alpinestars Drop 2 jersey wear_20181016_171050
  • the collar is not too open,so it works well , it keeps the buff in place,I wear a Swix  Race X base layer underneath & a buff/neck warmer(s), for those colder times where you don’t have to wear a jacket to stay warm, as the neck is one of the places I get cold fast, this is a big plus for me.
  • the pockets do not interfere with my Evoc backpack, the pockets are perfectly placed.
  • the pockets are so big you can have lunch or some energy bars in them, or 2 buffs or 2 sets of gloves.
  • easy to take things out or put in the pockets,because of the Velcro straps,which makes a secure pocket to keep stuff in,but I would not keep small or tiny stuff in it because they could come out, on rough rides, because the Velcro straps are only in the middle and not on the whole length.


  • Due to the way the jersey is woven, it’s more fragile than the Mavic CrossMax jersey, it has thinner thread and more exposed thread.

No pictures of this yet

  • the stitched part of the pocket rolls down on the Velcro strap some times, but this is not a big deal, there is more than enough Velcro to keep the pocket secure.


Not most durable option, fits great, I can’t really recommend it as it’s not perfect.

you can buy it here:


Ridestore got some good photos of Clothing, so check it out,(more in the link above)

Alpinestars Drop 2 Trøyer
Picture by Ridestore.com

review: Disney bicycle bell



  • louder than cheap bells standard bells that the bike shops put on.
  • works in the rain/when wet.
  • Secure metal dual screw mount.


  • the bell lever is flimsy and is plastic and will flex/twist.
  • takes up a bit of space, and the bell is low so if you have narrow bars and, suspension lever or dropper post levers installed, you will have to mount it further in.
  • needs to be mounted side next to the gear shifter, to get fast and easy reach without lifting your hand.


OK bell for an OK price, But I think thy need to improve the flimsy plastic lever.



2 Winters Review: 2015 Gemini Xera 950 lumens light

I rode with this light at max brightness a lot, and I think 2 hours on max is way too low for me, I have to charge it when I come back or have more batteries with me, If  I want to continue to ride in the dark, but I try to ride as much as I can when in daytime,when it’s bright,but this means riding from 09-16, if need to work on my bike or go to the store, or do other important tasks, I just have to ride in the dark, So a good light is important, so far this light is OK. I of course switch to the weakest mode, when I don’t have to have as bright light, but if you want to ride in complete darkness, for a long time this light is not for you.950 Lumens is quite OK, but I want something brighter with wider and longer reach, but I just bought whatIcould when I could as fast as I could, so the local sports store it was, I t was not cheap.

For me the weakest mode does not blind me, but when riding in the city,o r where cars drive, or near people, keep the light pointing slightly down,b ut, Even so, I have had complaints from people so far way I could not even see them, said the light was way too bright and they  were blinded, this was surprising, but some other people I don’t react to it and think it’s fine.

On Mavic Notch

2 Cell battery pack

4 Cell battery pack


Battery life:

after 2 season the battery died.


  • the light on the button changes colour from green to yellow to red, when the battery is low
  • can be used as a headlight
  • Secure rubber ring mounting, no issues with slipping.
  • can be mounted to most XC and road helmets
  • replacement glass provided.
  • Velcro straps work well.
  • comes in a nice box, to store the light in.
  • i had no issues with fogging glass the light not working in wet conditions, it worked well no matter the weather, I have been riding in -10 Celsius, or summer-Autumn rainy days, I had no issues what so ever.


  • short battery time on max brightness, with the stock 2 cell battery, I ordered 4 cell battery pack.
  • the provided strap is too long for many of mountainside top tube,s which makes the battery slide.
  • The cable plugs disconnects while riding in in green& blue trails, rock gardens will unplug it for sure, this happens no matter if i mount it to the top tube or on the stem spacers.
  • Gets as hot as a heating radiator, even when riding in below -10 Celsius, but new version , got a different cooling fin design, but I have never tried it out.
  • would be nice with a 3m adhesive mount or go pro adaptor for mounting to a full face helmet

MTBR’s review of the 2014 version: http://reviews.mtbr.com/review-gemini-lights-xera-950

norwegian review: http://www.tu.no/artikler/test-imponerende-multisportlykt/222979