Fox 180 Airline jersey XL Short review

FOX 180 AIR LINE white XL jersey

There are no itching labels or big uncomfortable stitching or bumps.

As The name suggest air flows trough it, the jersey is thin, has a lot of venting holes all over it, it creates air flow, I can feel the air flowing trough keeping me cooler, similar to opening two windows in your home.

So this is one of the thinner jerseys I use on the summer.

Here you see me wearing the jersey

2016 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon & 100% Goggle

Body armour fits well underneath, I wear Poc VPD 2.0 Dh pads

Poc Resistance Strong Fox 180 Air jersey_4352Edit

The jersey fits nicely, the sleeves are long enough, it’s a true to size fit.

Fox 180 Air jersey_4354Edit
FOX 180 AIR LINE white XL jersey
FOX 180 AIR LINE white XL jersey

I will update this review later, so far I don’t have more to mention.


review: Fox 180 MX jersey

Size comparison:

Mavic int L/EU, GER M

Alpinestars L


My size for this jersey is XL, L will be too short arms.


  • very cool jersey, it’s so cool I can almost not feel that I’m wearing it, So its cooler than the Mavic Crossmax jerseys I have.
  • Wearing protection is not an issue, because of the perfect fit.
  • True to size Fit
  • Perfect with elbow pads.
  • not too baggy
  • The collar is not too big, which I think Mavic Crossmax had.


  • None if you are careful, something can get hooked on it and pull the threads, but this is going to happen with all thin clothing.


Verdict: Recommended

It’s a jersey, so there is not much to say about