2017 Five Ten Freerider EPS Updated Review 01.11.2017

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I have used these shoes for one winter and few wet summer & spring days.

The shoe is  flexible the right way(up) but not too flexible, but won’t bend down(very important if you ride hard & ride on  gnarly trails and jump, this result in a shoe that is very comfortable to walk in, the Impact  shoes much stiffer, but they are still quite comfortable to walk in, I even played soccer with them once, but definitely not ideal for that use, obvious reasons.

Feel & comfort.

But the Freerider ESP is comfortable when running, the sole bends as much as running shoes upwards, I think the Freerider shoe is a well thought out shoe.

I can feel the surface I walk on & the pedals, without any discomfort, which gives me a good feel of what the bike is doing & this is a good thing for walking up things you can’t ride over/on.

Winter use:

I have seen reviews of this shoe, saying that they will not be so warm on very cold days, but I assume they did not wear wool sock, Like I do, I have not had any issues with cold feet with these shoes. of course there is a limit to the isolation,I wear size 44, and there is room for 2 pairs of wool socks.

I have used the Freerider esp down to -11 Celsius, with 2 pairs wool socks, I stayed warm.

2017 Five ten freerider EPS _20170205_200655107


  • The laces don’t wear out after months of use they are like new, unlike the 2015 Impact shoes.
  • The long tongue that extends higher than the shoe itself.
  • Very easy to tie and untie, when tying the laces, i bend my legs down and tie the shoe, with few millimetre of room between the laces and the tongue, which gives perfect tightness,without Hurting , and when doing it this way I know it’s going to be right, if I do it this way, I can tuck the laces on to the side.
  • the shoelaces don’t untie if you tighten them properly.
  • Easy to take off, the tongue won’t restricts you from taking the shoes on and off fast.
  • The Tongue stays in place.
  • waterproof,  water won’t come in, unless it gets in the upper part of the shoe or your socks.
  • the tip of the shoe is stiff, I hit some hard surfaces, few times and I did not even feel it.
  • But there was no big wear or damage on the shoe, the outer sole failed before this would happen, but FiveTen offer replacement soles, on their site, but I have not seen it in any shop yet. http://www.fiveten.com/us/accessories?___SID=U


  • Water can come in where the fabric mesh is. friction damage caused by shoe touching the crank arm.
2017 Five ten freerider EPS side wear_20170205_193326182

maybe reinforcing the shoe lace holes for more durability, other than this I can’t think of anything else, Time will tell how long this will last. But so far I did not have any issues with the holes for the laces.

could be as high as the summer version with leather higher up on the ankles, to provide better protection.

Wear update July 2017:

After 1 winter plus some wet summer weeks the outer sole gave up.

There is a hole in the outer sole, but water did not come trough but this mgiht change,
The damage in this area already began in the winter but got bit worse, you will see the same type of wear in the the same place on the standard/summer version of the Freerider.

The inner sole was in pretty good condition, but the was a bit of wear in the big toe area, but once the soles wear out you can buy new ones.

autumn of 2017 I noticed some changes:

Five Ten claims the whole front of the shoe is Leather, but the brown stuff is clearly not leather, it’s  most likely latex cover, the inner layer looks to be leather though. the outer sole started to separate from the rest of the shoe, but the stitching stopped it from going any further. the tips of the shoes are stiffer for added protection.


Verdict: Recommended

The shoes will outlast the outer soles, so getting replacement soles might be a good idea.

The Freerider ESP is the most comfortable winter shoes I have ever used, I have used winter boots and winter shoes from several brands, none of them can compare to Five Ten.

If you replace the outer sole & repair the wear on the fabric, you should be able to use these shoes at least 1 more winter, But I think they will last even longer if not abused too much.

So far it’s the only proper winter cycling flat/platform shoe.

I think the Freerider shoe is a well thought out shoe.