Review: Adidas Pinner lime goggles W/ tear-offs




the lens protection system does not work as shown in this picture,you can see pro downhill riders using these goggles but never seen one with lens protection on.but sponsored riders got some spare goggles.


  • The version with dots stays in place good grip in the band,the triple striped grip less.
  • they are quite comfortable,the Nano-Foam is soft the plastic frame is flexing to fit the shape of your face.


  • the tear off system does not work I tuck the plastic sense protector inside the gap where the head band goes, and bend it do not get in the way.


  •  lens protector’s hole part rip easily, so I taped it instead of using it as intended.
  • Just after few weeks the show signs of wear. the Nano-Foam can easily tear apart, mine have issue with the section on my nose, and some on the sides the mesh loosened,but the foam fill wear off on every goggle on the market.
  •  IMG_20150730_18014427170110895_54861f96fc_b
  • no spare Nano-Foam mesh.
  • some of the clear coat on the inside of the plastic glass fell off. I noticed it after cleaning the goggles,after months of use it got worse.26563786804_26e7ccc8e5_b26895375560_c65a3c3bab_b
  •  it would be nice with a solution that makes it possible to change the mesh with easy thing like if you need to replace the foam you need to order from Amazon or some where else where they sell foam for goggles, but Adidas and sport stores do not sell replacement foam,that wear out, if it does not you are not using the goggles.
  • the elastic band stretched out on the triple stripe version, so I needed to tighten it more, on the tot version it did not.
  • The  triple striped grips crack.
  • in hot days the foam will get soaked of sweat and the sweat splashes on the inside of the lens,which result in the goggle stinking after just 1 or  2 days of use.
    almost one hour of riding and the goggle is soaked with sweat
    the anti-fog coating is pealing off, as you can see I easily scratched it off,
    the coating do no lunger work, the fog up but  i can’t wipe it off because it the damp is under the coating.
     i have 2 goggles so i used them both 1 season and 1 winter and until now this summer.
    You might not notice but there is fog inside in the middle section of the lens.

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The only Norwegian online store that sell lenses for pinner goggles:


Adidas Pinner Vs 100% Racecraft MX

the only foam replacement kit I found is this:


because of the lack of foam and venting which result in you getting soaked of sweat,and lack of durability and a lens that snaps out way too easily I can’t recommend this goggle.



Review Adidas ADIZERO TEMPO L short term

for me they are a perfect fit i use size small,

I have been using these for about a  half yea, i have not experienced any issues with these glasses.

I have even been wearing these under my Adidas Pinner goggles the very sunny and low sun light rides., it was still quite comfortable.



  • so comfortable i cant feel them.
  • the shape of the glasses fits my head well its tight into the forehead so flies and other insects and dirt don’t get in my eyes,but for mud protection when mountainbiking you will need goggles of course
  • TRi.FIT™, Quick-Release Hinge™
    The 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8º
  • Quick-Release Hinge™ : if you drop them they the hinges will fall off that way they will not break
  • if the fall on the ground the over-ear pieces can fall in to a crack you can’t get them out off.
  • the price

anmeldelse av C4 Sportsbrille

 Disse brillene er ser ut som Limar, F60 (bilde nedenfor) &Endura Mullet(som kom i 6 farger)

These glasses look Like Limar, F60 (Picture below) & Endura Mullet(which comes in 6 colors)



Limar F60


Endura Mullet(photochromic glass(blir mørkere når det blir lyser og omvendt)),0,231,225&fmt=jpg


men etui/futeral er ikke det samme,ikke innpakningen heller Jeg har brukt brillene i mer enn (husker ikek nøyaktig)2 år i varmt vær syklet i kalde og varme dager, ingen tind har knekt , det følger med et futeral med blrillepose, men det stemmer ikke,men den har 4 glass brilene sitter på min nase ok,men problemet at jeg får fluer somkrasjer i panna mi rett i ø formen på panna har jo mye å si ,de kan kansje for deg og ikke meg.


det som ikke er bra

  • ikke Photocromatisk linse på gsport sin side stod det at det er det. men lenger ned sto det at det følger med 4 glass.
  • Den svarte lakken flasser av


  •  gummi strømpa på brille armene faller av og limen smelter, gummien revner så brillene blir ekkle å ha på seg når dette skjer. jeg måtyte vaske vekk limen
  • 599,- prisen er for høy
  • bare et farge valg
  • bare en størrrelse

Den svarte lakken farler av, og smelte så man får svarte merker på huden. gummi strømpa på brille armene faller av limen smelter, det sklir av, gummien revener. så brillene blir ekle å ha på seg når dette skjer.

det som er bra

  • futteral/etui og brillepose
  • brille glassene er i en pose for å ungå riper.
    du får kjøpt disse brillene hos gsport, intersport eller på nett på Konklusjon jeg ambefaler ikke disse brillene noen vil vite mer om c4 komponenter

Konklusjon: ikke kjøp disse brillene

flickr bilde album:
Gresvig sport C4 brille/rebranded Limar F60