Lezyne Chain Drive chain breaker – Revised Review


  • spoke nipple tool
  • smooth action
  • comes with a spare pin.
  • good ergonomics fits nicely and securely in my hands.


  • Flawed handle design, the rubber ends pop off, you need them so the rod does not slide off, and be shoot off somewhere like out your window. to fix this, by replacing the the ends with Gorilla Tape or similar

Like so:

Lezyne chainbreaker Gorilla tape fix_20181213_112007Edit
Lezyne chainbreaker Gorilla tape fix_20181213_112028Edit
Lezyne chainbreaker Gorilla tape fix_20181213_112047edit
Lezyne chainbreaker Gorilla tape fix_20181213_112007Edit
Lezyne Chain Drive
Lezyne Chainbreaker_2448Edit
Lezyne Chainbreaker_2452Edit

Photo Album: https://flic.kr/p/25qyFHD

Product Page: http://www.lezyne.com/product-shptools-chaindrive.php

Originally posted 3 may 2018 but since then more pictures have been added.

Lezyne SV10 Multi Tool Long-term review

I had this multi-tool for several years.

A few years ago I managed to bend the Allen key, I don’t remember how, maybe I dropped it.
I actually had to bend it back as it was so bent it was not possible to tuck it in.I had to buy a multi-tool, and this was the easiest solution, but it does have all the tools I need, for example, the Allen key used for reach adjustment on Shimano brakes.

But the size makes this multi-tool fit into tight places well, for example adjusting pads on mechanical brakes. It served me well the few times I had to use it for my own bikes, but I also used it many times on other peoples bikes, So it got a lot of use combined, but I need more tools than this tool has.

I have dropped it many times on hard ground like rock surface and asphalt.


  • chain tool spins smoothly.
  • Robust and smooth, you can easily rotate the tools out, and they don’t wobble, htere is no play, if you notice play, the bolt just needs to be tightened.


  • not enough leverage for very tight bolts.
  • The stitching for on the sleeve wore out fast, so it was too slack, but that’s easy to fix.


SV 10:




48W × 63L × 20H (mm)

Hex 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Star Shaped T25, T30
Chain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)

Product page for all the SV tools: http://www.lezyne.com/product-mtools-svtools.php

Review: 2015 Topeak PerpStand Elite

I have used this repair stand for few months.


  • the stand I got Failed after few days of use,the clamping plates failed when I had the Trek Fuel ex 7 29er in it.and suddenly I hear a loud bang,but it was fixed with 2 washers on each plate.
  • The teeth on the and angle-adjustment wear out fast and there will be huge play, which makes the bike hang loose. it should be made of metal instead, or there should be a different solution for adjustment.
  • The plastic where the screws are got eaten up by the weight of the 13.6 KG bike.
  • the arm holding the bike is sagging so the bike will not be hanging 100% straight.
  • No replacement offered for Plastic inserts for the arm.The plastic inserts where the arm fro the adjustment slides in and out, wears out fast, so there will be huge amount of play, that causes huge amount of sag,(the bike hangs uneven. there is nothing wrong using plastic there but then spare parts are needed.

Enter a caption

  • huge amount of play, in the legs
  • when working on the bike you have to take the wheels of or the the weight of the bike might flip the stand.
  • the clamp failed after few times of use, I had my 13,6 kg bike clamped. and suddenly I hear a loud bang,one of the plastic plates on the clamp failed, so now its very flimsy and bike wont stay still.
  • there is  noticeable play I the whole stand
  • when you have The small-parts box is useless,if you hang the bike to by the seat post.
  • The plastic camping plates, will scratch the frame,so you need to have something over it.
  • Price
  • The clamp adjustment is bit time consuming




Too many construction flaws, high price tag.

I cant really recommend  it,the huge amount of play,which makes the bike hand weird, is a too big con, and no spare parts are offered, which is stupid.

but I recommend getting a high-quality,metal repair-stand, with weight plate.

but I need a bike-stand as fast as possible.





Short term review: Jagwire WST028 Pro Wire & Housing Cutter


  • The cutting is excellent, as good as its show in their video, no matter if it’s Shimano or Jagwire cable or wire.
  • The spring never falls out unless, you drop the tool.
  • integrated awl


  • If you like the cable to be short at the end, you can’t use the wire end cap criper,unless you want to take the wheel off if you do it on the Rear Derailleur.

To be able to use it,you got to have the cable really long , which is not nice to have

I recommend using Slip-joint pliers ,which i do.


I absolutely recommend this this tool because it’s 4 tools in one.

Official product video


Jagwire Pro Housing Cutter:





Rebranded Jagwire cutter with SRAM branding:00 7915 073 010 Sram  Sram Kabel Kutter Til Wire og strømper




biketec mini verktøy set anmeldelse- slarkete


jeg trengte verktøy til å ha med i sekekn når jeg syklet, men når jeg trengte å bruke det så ble jeg jammen skuffet. det er er verdig nedslitt fra fabrikken.ingen av umbrakonøklene passer til noen av umbrakoskruene på mine sykler, de er rettog slett for små.

positivt: ikke noe positivt å skrive

negativt: er som nedslitt verktøy, så du komemr til å slite ut skriene fordi de er altfor slå, jeg har kjøt Lezyne SV 10 verktøy og park tool AWS-10,AWS-9, og torxTWS-2 og de passer helt perfekt.



slark, umbrakoskruene som holder verkøye sammen løsner altfor ofte,