Start making durable headsets : headphoens,headsets-my opinion,suggestions (updated 11.05.2016)

you might call it long but i post this anyway(ignore typos  and if i repeat my self i will improve it when i can if needed)

PLEASE  make ALUMINIUM  headphones,headsets

some people say don’t buy gaming-headset they suck,some say buy high end headphones instead but the truth is that most of them suck too, durability wise they do, sound wise they don’t. Beyerdynamic DT or Beyerdynamic T  series is a good example, the black plastic part breaks.

for me its unacceptable that headsets are so weak.
i do not abuse my headsets, i am careful like most of us are but they should make headsets so strong you could trow them  or drop them on the floor without breaking in half,not that i would do that intentionally.
some high end headsets are more durable than cheap gamin headsets and get much better sound and are much more comfortable but,they got few breakpoints like aerodynamic( metal parts but plastic parts that will break 100% sure, but they sell spare parts that is silly just make it with aluminium.
i am no genius and i don’t have a engineering degree, but i know that most of the headsets/phones are poorly made. you can see pictures of broken headsets even expensive high end headsets.

i will not pay for expensive headsets,that have faults in the contruction.
most headsets do these days.
gaming headsets are the worst, cheaply made and overpriced,usually uncomfortable and fall easily off your head,or are have too much pressure on your head so it hurts.
one of the most know gaming gear brand is Logitech they make headsets with just plastic (excluding speakers and cable  and cessions of course)
like most brands, they are know brands,and some people buy new headsets every year,
if you buy a headset for 100 us dollars every year that is mutch cash straigh to the toilet.
brands make more cash this way, but some people buy new headsets from other rbands btu that jsut silly they will break too.
you could send them in for under warranty but is who wants to do that every single year,soem do that, i don’t want to do that.
that’s just silly.
headsets should be durable and last a life time.

a good headset should have:

no silly tuned speakers for explosions,no extra strange bass,
we want to hear it as its really sounding.many headset do that but not all.
Good microphone so you can record your self and hear its your voice and not sound like someone else. like on my cyborg headset.
can hear me clearly but cant hear its me.
detachable microphone
detachable cable
volume control mute button on the ear cups
big and soft cushion on ear cup.
comfortable head band,no thing rubber that meals because of your sweat from hot summer days.
headband must be made of aluminium, or it will break
no thin pleather(synthetic leather) that falls apart and make a mess in your ears and the floor.
don’t make cheap plastic parts and cell spare parts just make them with aluminium so they wont crack and fall apart
real leather ear cession and fabric cession.

precise volume control
no unnecessary blinking lights or things like that

big ear cups to fit all ear sizes
some examples of broken headsets:

my own headsets:
koss porta headsets worst headset i ever had but the first headset,
then i got creative HS-950 gaming headset total garbage too,
i then purchased a freq 7 headset from Madcatz, the headband broke in several pleases the rubber ripped apart, this is very common with gaming headsets.

Reviews of headsets I got: Here is a picture of my Logitech G430 headset,as you can it is garbage. I almost cut my hand,luckily it was just a small red dot.26069727180_d81d836c2c_b

You can get spare parts for the Beyerdynamic headset,but this is still silly, the part should be mate of metal, if they absolutely want the headset to have this look, same goes for the small part that holds the swingarm to the ear-cup.

Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro