Review: 2015 Five Ten Impact High- October 2016 update

Corrected. 04.03.2017(typos & some )


The reasons I got these shoes:

the main reasons I got these shoes is the protection it gives for the ankle, and use them all year and I can wear them over my rain pants.

Five Ten is probably the most used and well known flat shoes on the market.

as far as I know there is no other MTB shoe that gives you ankle protection, these shoes do not have any protection padding, it’s just that these shoes go over the ankle and are thick so will give protection against smashing your feet against stuff.

Almost waterproof: The tongue is not waterproof unlike 2017 Freerider Esp

The only way to get wet in these shoes is if rains come through the shoe tongue or the top of the shoe-pants tucked into them. But if you don’t tighten the shoe laces properly you can get quite wet.

The venting holes don’t make any difference.

But I do not recommend standing too long in water where the tongue gets under, it will eventually soak up water&  when you bend the shoe water will come between the tongue.

five ten impact high- shoe sole flex


  • stiff sole but you are still able to walk in these shoes without any issues.
  • the stiffer sole makes my foot more stable and does not twist like with softer running shoes.
  • comfortable
  •  The leather on these shoes is durable.Even there are venting holes(that don’t really work).
  • the shoes will fit with high feet with fat toes.
  • Very durable outer sole After almost 6 months:26448255655_a0f22c77f6_b

    Wear 16 august 2016
  • Very sticky sounds like you have jam under your shoes, but of course, on very wet and slippery or slimy roots and such, it will not help with anything no matter how good rubber you got.
  • reflective logo
  • good side protection around the whole shoe, but on the top of the shoe you will not get the same protection but if it had that it would probably be uncomfortable.
  • will protect your rear part fo your feet against the pedal bite.


  • weight
  • Some design flaw which results in wear
  • I got water in the shoe o n a rainy day and soaked trails when the shoe whole was bent, even though the laces were tight.
  • The outside -side material/side venting wears down, stones, dirt, mud, collects there and the friction tears it apart.
    The friction from riding tears  apart the fabric on the sides of the shoe and the tongue
    Tongue wear 15 May 2016


Replacing laces is tricky if you use the original fabric loops, they are so tight and in such angle, it’s very tricky, that’s why I later just use the holes in the leather which is much easier to and will not wear the laces as fast.

  • waI had issues with the laces slip, they undo them self slowly, but after 15-10 minutes, but I later changed to some other shorter and grippy laces,b ut the new laces snapped too, which is caused by the fabric lace guides.
  • The tongue design result in the tongue sliding up to the side, the 2016 model has a standard tongue, where this is not an issue, but the tongue was still sliding up this way, this is a design flaw.
  • 23760740499_43cf388589_b
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mine came with sticky glue , this only issue I had with these shoes, not really a issue because this has no effect on anything there is no necessary to have glue there at all.i have not returned them because really need these shoes.

I switched to shorter laces with more grip:

After almost 2 years of use:

11 October I noticed a hole in the outer sole.
The new 2016 shoes had arrived, so I am using the new ones.

here are the measurements of my foot.

So these shoes are actually a bit too long for my feet, but the width is perfect in size 44, so that why I did not go lower.

the size is very similar to Adidas running shoe sizes, or identical

I have been using these shoes both in + and – degrees,  you will get bit sweaty and warm on hot days, But it’s worth the sacrifice for the protection and grip the shoe provides.

I have used the shoes in -6 degrees Celsius with wool socks, on a normal intensity ride, but for slow casual riding or commute you would need 2 socks.

Things to improve:

  • making the shoe lighter
  • Grippier laces
  • side shoe vent material should be replaced, with leather or something wight similar strength.


If you want an all year all round shoe, these are a good choice, but buy new shoelaces, and you have the best MTB flat shoe in my opinion.

If you ride in trainers/running shoes then you are missing out big, the amount of grip these shoes give is good.the have to lift you your feet to move it on the pedal, it sticks so well, but of course walking on ice or wet surface you lose grip.

February 2016 update: some wear on the top on the side of the shoe where the shoe tongue goes. the sole wear is minimal.

I have ordered the 2016 model, but need to return them because of faulty glueing, but I will review these shoes after I have used them a while.

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