Rock n Roll Gold Dry chain lube short review

I will run out of lube soon so I am posting this review.

Frame tyre rub_3608

The lube is thin, and drips like water, so it’s thinner than Muc Off dry lube, but I guess muc off might last longer, or it might not, but I can’t know for sure without further tests, but they performed quite similar, but Rock N roll keeps chain quite cleaner.

But as this is a dry lube I don’t reccomend using it for wetter days, maybe some minor watter spillage, but any more than that it will probably wash off very fast as with wet Extreme.

So I guess it’s a OK lube for dry atleast for up to 4h hrides, but I haven’t tested this lube to the extremes, but so far it seems like if you ride for ca 4 h you need to lube it, for the next ride.

The chain was quite clean

Rock n Roll Gold lube_5868
Rock n Roll Gold lube_5872
Rock n Roll Gold lube_5860

I don’t know why but trailforks did not record the ride, probably lost signal, so I had to start it about half way trough,

White Lightning Clean Ride – dry lube

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I ran out of this lube, so here is the review.

after riding few KMs on dry asphalt this is how the chain looks like.

It has similar performance to Muc Off Dry lube


on this ride I mostly rode on dirt,gravel paths and single track in forest at Rudsmosen, and some dry asphalt before & after,, only some short sections were muddy & wet in the forest. it was about 2,3H ride pluss some short rides after the main ride on asphalt.

the dirt lube can be seen. but the chain was quiet and well lubed for the whole ride and still was working well the next days.
the dirty wax based lube is on the jockey wheels with a lot of debris, dry grass & toilet paper or maybe some cotton, I don’t know for sure.
The cassette is pretty clean, only mud spray.

it stayed cleaner than Muc off wet lube,

I even rode it a short while in rain, it was only few minutes, but it did not effect it, so little bit of rain won’t do harm, but I would not take it out for heavy rain.

If you if you spill some it will leave a white coating, I forgot to wipe off the chainstay when it happen to me so I had while spots.

There is clearly a difference with this lube, it leaves a wax coating, and if you don’t wipe off access it will be visible, it might make a mess I don’t know, but I would wipe it off.

It might perform better than muc off dry lube or it might not, I haven’t tested on very long rides, but for four hour rides more or less this lube will do,which is what Muc Off Dry lube does.

Remember to shake the bottle well, as the cleaner and the lube will seperate.

March 25, 2019 I noticed few days later in the stand that there was a slight increase in noise after 4 h ride. Which was not surprising, but better performance would be welcome.

It did quite decent with some short periods of light rain, and hail trough april 2019.