Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals Short term Review

Some more pictures added 2 May 2019

James Did a nice job explaining the benefits of the Catalyst pedal, instead of me explain it all the out the videos.

This is just a short-term review, so might update it later, if necessary.

The reasons I can’t ride with Clipless:

My feet misalign, and I have to get them back in place, so with flat pedals, this is easy to do.
my toes also get forced up which results in pain if I continue riding with it misaligned, so I have to put my other foot over it to get it back in.
a frame with a low standover height helps a lot with this too.

Initial use:

Some long time ago I found a review of the Catalyst Pedals on pinkbike, since then I wanted to buy them, but did not get around to doing it, But this year I did, actually wanted pedals with a long big platform like the Catalyst pedals for several years, but I could not find anything until I found that review on Pinkbike.

I felt at home straight away:

The first time I took my feet on the pedals I felt at home straight away, I did not even take them out for a ride yet, and I could feel the difference, but then I took them for a And they were what I expected, they gave me more control, I noticed my climbing was better, when doing manuals I was much more in control, No matter what I did on the bike It felt great, and more in control, I Rode up a wall in the city plaza and jumped off it, there was a definite difference when I landed, the drop off, my feet were much more stable, standard size pedals always it felt weird for me on landings, but with the Catalyst pedals, landing jumps and drop-offs hard feels a lot easier on my body.

Many benefits:

More precise pedal stroke, more stable climbing, I no longer spin the rear wheel while climbing Gravel roads while standing.

The pedals hold position when you spin the cranks with the foot off, which is great, but of course, at extreme speed, they will move slightly.

The bigger platform also makes it easier to place the feet on the pedal, in those situations when you can struggle to put your feet on the pedal properly.

These pedals have much less drag than the Straitline DeFacto pedals.

I installed the longer pins from the get-go, as I got issues with my joints, which mess up my riding from time to time, so the maximum of pins is the only choice for me.

Size comparison between Catalyst pedal and Straitline DeFacto pedal

After few weeks:

After weeks of use, I did not notice any creaking or noises from the pedals, unlike the Straitline pedals, which have issues with a O-ring, but the Catalyst pedals don’t have any flimsy O ring that could cause issues, instead, they use a bushing and bearings inside the pedal.

So far the cleanest & smoothest pedals I have used, which the Straitline Defacto struggled, they needed service more often and got dirtier, and washer got worn, the O ring stretched and disclosed, there are no so such issues with the catalyst pedals.

The black bushing has never dislocated.

The catalyst doesn’t attract as much dirt as the Straitline pedals, because they don’t as open design, with shims, and E pins.

The platform does not get as much dirt stuck in between the platform as the Straitline pedals do, but their pins will get dirt stuck in them.

Race Face Crank boot green_5042

Using the long pins everywhere is a must for the winter, the longer pins will give you grip when the pedals get covered in snow.

Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals

easy to service:

What you need:

  • 8mm Allen bit or key for the cover
  • 9mm socket for punching out bearings
  • 8mm socket for the nut, you might need a 8mm nuts to fit inside the socket so the nut does not travel into the socket
  • extension bar
  • ratchet
you need an 8mm socket, a 6mm Allen key or a bit.

Check out BikesAreFun video showing how to service it:

So there was no point in me doing a video on this.

Catalyst pedal spindle_0611
Catalyst pedal spindle_0604
Catalyst pedal spindle_0606
Catalyst pedal spindle_0609
scraped Pedaling Innovation Catalyst pedal

The same set of pedals on my new bike at February 27, 2020, the pedal looks like, this is the pair that was on my old bike and I used the most.
Still going strong, only the black ring is getting worn.
For some reason the left pedal has more polished look than the right.
For me this pin setup works great, no lack of grip for me.

Cons: No issues so far.

The pins are won’t be easy to remove when damaged, because of the female Hex design, the Straitline pins are easier to remove, but if you have can drill out the pins this won’t be an issue, not everyone has the tools for that job, I managed to smash some pins on my first rides.

Both sets I received came with missing long pins, also one pair had 1 more missing pin.


I absolutely recommend these to any rider, if you are using standard size pedals you are missing out, The catalyst pedals are the best pedals on the market In my opinion.

Flickr album:

Other reviews:

here is a unboxing video too:

As you can see the latest version has 8 more pins, 4 on each side.

Here are some interviews with James:

Slightly Revised Long term review: Straitline DeFacto pedals

I have revised this one before 14 june, But I added some info about issues with the O-rings. I have also ordered Catalyst pedals, SO I will see how much difference they will make.

Flickr album

Straightline Components flickr group

I was so impressed with grip of these pedals that I ordered more sets so now I got 4 in total.

I run these with all pins, and the grip can’t even compare to normal cheap pedals they are on a whole new level, But They are not perfect, the short standard size platform is rideable but it’s too short for me.

I have jumped and landed with the pedal on the end of a stair end and no damage not bend no play. but they are now on my fuel ex and the left crank arm failed and the left pedal fell off, the threads for the pin failed few days later, which is probably caused by loosened pin, and damage to threads was probably done wheel the pedal fell off,I have Used Loctite 243 all of my pedals,the thread locker on the pins are will no do the job properly, So you have to apply some more.



No damage to the threads


IMG_20150805_165802 IMG_20150805_174302 IMG_20150805_165323

No I did not overtighten them, it as a bike mechanic in the store that switched the pedals from my trek 6300 to the fuel ex.good they had a spare crank.I have used the pedal with the xt crank arm I got and the pedal did not fall of, so I assume it was just a faulty crank arm that caused this.

After about 2 season of use the metal rings and the locking clips will show sings of wear, I had to bend the clips with pliers to make them tight again, the O rings stretch after few months or weeks, causing the pedal to move from side to side and making knocking & creaking sounds.

But straight line provides spare parts, which can be bought directly from their site, or from online shops.

Winter Use:

After riding few days in freezing conditions& rapid changing conditions, the service intervals changed to servicing them quite often.

I had to use grease instead of lube, and apply so much grease it hindered water from coming on the inside, but the harsh conditions I rode in, still required the pedals to be serviced often. To Prevent Rust This is necessary, This is normal you will have to service any component more often in the winter.

I  did go trough several bushings in a year,about 1- 2 depending on use , as In got got several bikes & ride a lot.


  • The platform is too short, for my 44 size feet, a longer platform would be nice. But riding with the five ten impact shoes definitely help.
  • The o-rings were problematic,f ew times as they stretched in a short time, and in hot weather the stretched O ring slid up from the spindle to the pedal wrench slots,after changing the shims, few times the o-rings start to wear. my experience was that I had to change them after few months or weeks,they cracked and stretched way too much way too fast, So if you got these pedals, toy need to stock these Orings.After having these issues I found on forum that others have the same issues.


  • Very durable, can take some abuse.
  • excellent construction
  • excellent grip, the pins amount of pins & the sharp shape provide excellent grip, combined with Five Ten shoes it gives perfect grip.
  • easy to replace pins
  • easy to service, one of the easiest on the market right now
  • The pedal has plastic shim, which allows the pedal to stay in place in the same position when you remove your foot from the pedal.


If it was not for the ”standard” size platform I could recommend these pedals,But for smaller feet these will do the job. but as I have big feet, these feel too short.

IF you decide to get these, you will lave to get better O-rings

DeFfacto are not the lightest pedals with good grip on the market, but if you want to save weight go for the Syntace nine nine titan instead, but the Straightline de facto are much cheaper, But in my opinion a longer platform medal would be better, I don’t care about some tiny weight gains.

I have wanted a longer platform pedals for years, and I wanted to buy some buy never got around to do it, but I think my next pedals will be Pedal innovations catalyst,I think I will buy them to try them out for myself, The Straitline defacto and many other pedals are too short for me, but this does not stop me from using riding well, but I can definitely feel the disadvantages of the standard platform size.

Kjøp Straightline komponenter i Norge/buying straightline components in Norway:




Fanatec csr wheel, csr elite pedals, csr shifters: 1 year review

the table clamp:

the clamp is have a bad construction there are 2 pins on every clam there are 2 clamps the pins are not secured in any way so too much vibration and they can pushed out after you have used the wheel for a while.

but fanatec have a clubsport table clamp with angle adjustment. all current Fanatec wheels can be mounted to it, and its made of 100% metal.

but if you got a desk with a sharp edge otherwise the wheel will be too loose, but on a desk that have that like a office desk it will be stable, but it’s like that one every wheel. its nothing wrong with it, its impossible to make it worn with a table like that,

like this plate have a edge that fiuts the csr but not if it’s too round or have patterns on it.

something like this will do. the wheel should not move if you clamp it to a table liek the image under, youst look at yourube videos.

the shifter tube thing is flimsy this is not a good construction,, the wheel rim flex.

but the metal tubes make the clamp hold the wheel better.

the is play in the wheel, so i can press the wheel to one side and up,down to one side to the other and so on, it moves more and more,its makes more and more noise because the  plastic parts  are move  more and more. i have recently done some drifting in Assetto Corsa and the wheel was bending mutch, specially the top part. and the sides made clicking sounds.

the dpad is bad, it moves around much when the ffb kicks in.

or when you turn fast., because of that it gets pushed down so you can’t have anything mapped in the game on the dpad.

the t500rs wheel have one stronger motor

, that is stronger than the 3 on the fanatec csr,you can find more about that on the web.

and yes i got the alcentara falling off issue.i playederd Assetto Corsa and rFactor2, if you think about modding there is no point in doing that, better to get a t500rs and mod it.

fanatec have static pedals to mount on the clubsport base,you can maunt things to the wheel base  on the clubsport but not on t500rs or the csr wheel we cant do that.

i dont underestand why there is a limiter that limits the steering to 900 deg fanatec desided to have it 900 only, some street cars have more than 900 deg so it would be nice to have that.

like some lutuses. all of the cars listed here ahve over 900 deg of rotation:

Lotus Exige Scura 2009 ,Lotus Exige S Roadster2013…….

i think this was a mistake to do only 900 on the clubsport wheel, but all the other stuff on it is no mistake,

many people cant deside between t500rs and clubsport wheel.

N on the t500rs it has 1080 degrees, i want to simulate all the cars in the game as realistically as possible,

the msterials used for the clubsport wheel base are a good choise,

the quick reease is a good choise.  the ewheel it sel.

both wheels cost as mutch as a dishwasher.

i think selling t500rs with pedals only is a mistake,

the pedals should have a adapter or usb cable so it could be used seperatly,


  • cant adjust ffb in driver but you can onthe wheel it self,its not nice to play rfactor 2 but rfactor 2 have car specific ffb setting otion so possible to turn it up as all sim games have
  • bad d pad ver flimsy so activets the mapped function for the pad not nice when you race. so basicly usless
  • bad clamp
  •  no static pedals
  •  no ability to put real wheels on without extreme modding,
  • alcanatera falls off
  • matte coating falls off
  • one small fan for cooling the wheel base
  • the wheel rim flex


  • ergonomic wheel feels good
  • can hard mount the wheel

the CSR elite pedals

CSR Elite Pedals

Fanatec csr elite pedals, the are ok, i had no issues,if something gets loose jsut tighten the hex cap screws , but his is normal. Do you have ticky brake?, take it apart use bicycle lube, i used weldtite cycle oil, its cheap.

i saw a video where thomas from fanatec used motorex dry bicycle lube on the clubsport pedals.

the pedal-set will slide on a wooden or similar floor surface., so its best you have them taped to the floor, and have them touching the wall., or hard-mount it if you have a simracing cockpit.

worth the cash?:  fanatec clubsport pedals cost little bit but the clutch will me more realistic but not as realistic as you want, then you need to go for gigh-end pedals


  • can mount custom pedal plates
  • adjust pedal plate hight
  • load-cell for brake
  •  stuff that need to be made of metal is made of metal
  • can hard mount the pedals sett or take them off separately to mount on your rig


  • places where the dust is hiding, and without a vacumecleaner or som,e brushes its hard to clean, the dust is gonna get on the laodcell and in between the laodcell and the braking mechanism so i used a allen key to remove it when servicing the pedals.
  • there is play in the pedals
  • clutch is not realistic

Csr shifters : they are garbage

CSR Shifter Set US

can’t be used as stand alone, but you can probably mod them,i can’t.

if you have a motion simulator,the sequential shifter will shift,because of vibration., even if you dont use motion simulator it will happened, if you drift,the spring is too light.

a shifter should have mutch stiffer spring.

to use both sfhiters you need 2 controlelr mapping setups, and disconect oen shifter and conenct the other one thsi is not a big deal for me, but but the next csr wheelmust be improved, or maybe just discontinue the csr.

is it worth the cash?:  no!!!

Fanatec clubsport sq v1.0 shifter


Just few small cons that are not very important:

rubber grips wear out,glue on rubber grips is bad,i taken the rubber grips from the csr wheel and put it on the clamp,,it grips better and does nto slide off.

Fanatec logo wears off fast

inside fanatec clubsport shifter sequential knob

My support experience has been good.

I had issues with some gears not working properly after a while,Fanatec cleaned and greased the shifter, and it works even smoother than the day I got it out of the box.

this is how the shifter knob looks like inside(when you see is CNC aluminium residue,not a big problem but it should not come like this,but i guess only few came like this.
a good on, but the only thing I would like to add is that the rubber under the clamp wear off fast,i taken the grips from my CSR wheel off and put under the clamp plate and grips the desk better.

Pros: see videos: