Schwalbe rim tape Long Term Review

Schwalbe rim tape removal_3709
Schwalbe rim tape removal_3716

I used my last bit of rim tape but the adhesive failed to hold it in place.

The tape tears easily  the adhesive is awful,

Good I had Cush Core or I might have dented the rim when jumping 6 steps of stairs, I Knew I had more I would have wrapped it two full turns but I did not have more, which I usually do, I later found some more tape, but it failed too, but the rim tape was pealing & the air leaked quite fast.

The adhesive is awful, it tries fast, and fail to hold the tape in place, the tape moves & wrinkles, and misalign, I get air bubbles, sealant leaking from rim holes.

I had to remove it due to bad glue, For some reason, the shop sent me rolls just in carton packaging, without any bag so the glue was bad. but the last time I got them they were in plastic bags and were easier to put on, but still a horrible experience.


I won’t use it again, I will try other alternatives, I will test Gorilla Tape next.