Race Face Turbine X1 Dropper post remote Revised Long term review

The remote has a well-designed clamp, there are 2 threaded holes for inward-outward adjustment to get the lever positioned perfectly.

The lever is ergonomic feels great feels to use it. The lever diagonal groover, for improved grip, I have not experienced any issues with my finger slipping along the lever, but it can slip down or up the lever, so holes or multidirectional grooves would work better, But So far I have not experienced any issues with this, the grooves in the lever are helpful.
After much regular use, the bearings developed significant play in the lever if the remote is not actuated perfectly straight the lever can touch the lever body, Which happens from time to time.

Taken apart:

here you can see the 2 bearings.
The barrel adjuster is very fragile, it can easily be bent or kinked, which probably happens if the housing forces it, for example in a crash. This did happen on both remotes, I think I should replace the original barrel adjuster with an aftermarket option.

A closer look at the lever:

The bearing measurements:

Outer 10mm

Height 3mm


Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6h8Mih

So far I’ve not had a crash where there was an impact on hte lever, So I can’t comment on this at this point.