Biltema Yosemate EX-Trail 27,5 E-bike quick test ride

I am sure there is more wrong with the bike than what I noticed from the test ride.

The very heavy, I could feel it, the steering was slow, I could barely get the bike to move.

and of course, the XCT fork is bad, heavy, lacks adjustment, and is horribly heavy.

the seat tube is quite slack & the stem is absurdly long.

the gearing is too heavy, absurdly small gearing range.

I only test rode it, when I met a local rider, I don’t know much about this bike, but it’s awful.

But I can’t judge all E-bikes from this bike, this is a department store bike with some of the cheapest heaviest components.

There are some component’s I don’t know, and can’t say anything about, but I would avoid this bike If I was you, I would avoid all bikes from Biltema.

There might be other issues I can’t think off.

Even the spec sheet is bad:

it has Shimano RevoShift, which is awful, it’s very exposed, the plastic cover can be easily damaged in a crash, I had grip shifters from Shimano on previous bikes when I was a kid.

36 V / 250 W E motor with  9 assistance settings, & 8,8 Ah battery. Max. 25 km/t, 30–60 km rekkevidde.

Ramme: Aluminium
Hjulstørrelse: 27,5″
Rammehøyde: 48 cm
Gaffel: Dempet med låsefunksjon
Gir: 7
Bakgir: Shimano Altus
Girsystem: Shimano RevoShift
Veivparti: Aluminium
Veivlager: Kapslet
Styrelager: Stål
Styre/styrestamme: Aluminium
Forbremse: Hydraulisk skivebremse, Tektro
Bakbremse: Hydraulisk skivebremse, Tektro
Kjede: Rustbeskyttet
Felg: Dobbel bunn, aluminium
Farge: Sort
Vekt (kg): 22

Where do the Shock pumps that come with most bicycle suspension come from?

This is what I know So far.

All of the pumps I have seen from suspension brands are just are branded of two brands: &[]=15 There different variations, different handles, different heads, colors, finishes, & they get customized to fit the brands. but there are differences, some can take more pressure than others.
Picture from DVO site:




Pumps each by Brands/Manufacture’s pumps next to each other

The Pump on hte left is a Giyo GS-02 rebranded for Marzocchi & on the right has no branding but comes with Trek Bikes & it’s a Beto SP-002AGN


pump to the right is made by BETO  and is rebranded for: Marzocchi,Monitou,Spin Doctor, pump is a
fox use the same body but with round handle & Fox branding on inside the pressure meter
the pressure meter is also used by RavX and Syncros( now owned by Scott sports)
the screw-on valve tip is also used on Shockmate 2.0 Suspension Pump
with Marzocchi pump you loose less air(I mean fro mthe pump hose not the suspension of course) when unscrewing it from the suspension,and the air release button releases less air than the trek pump


Giyo makes pumps for Fox & Marzocchi, DVO,Rock Shox





2010 Trek 6300 Review

2010 Trek 6300 ewhiterootbeer.jpg

The Official photo from Trek, there are two major differences, the fork is 120mm,the dropouts have a hole, but my bike came with 10mm fork and no hole in the dropout.

I got this bike for my birthday August 2011 & I have used it ever since, but less over the past few years, due to getting the 2014 Fuel Ex 29er, I needed A full suspension bike due to my back issues, but it had its shortcomings, but I kept the 6300 in pretty good shape & slowly upgrading it, but I do not ride any difficult terrain with it.

The frame Is 18.5.


The Shimano SL-M590 shifters:

Shimano SL-M590_4686

The shifters have a light feel, you can only up shift once gear at the time, the indicators are pointless, for me or any rider, no matter if you are working on the bike or riding it, I never looked at them.

as all the shifters on the market over many decades none of them fit me well.

Shimano SL-M590:

2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- look down at front derailleur

Current Spec:


Trek 6300 at Rudsmosen_4885
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway
Trek 6300 at Rudsmosen_4873
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway

With the current spec, the bike can handle much more than I will ever put it trough, as I can’t ride hardtails trough rough terrain or do gnarly stuff, due to my back & neck.

Trek 6300_5666
Trek 6300_5660
at at Rudsmosen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway
Map at Slitu_0317edit
at Slitu, Eidsberg, Indre Østfold, Norway
at Romsåsen, Askim, Indre Østfold, Norway

current weight of the bike is about 11.90 kg with current setup, as seen in the top pictures, So it’s pretty light.

I swapped over the cockpit form the Fuel ex, including brakes, the M6300 brakes have perfect shape for my fingers and are gentle on my finger, unlike TRP Spyke which fatigues my finger after hours of riding.

The Renthal Apex Stem is great, holds on to the bar securely for a long time, My Dream build will definitely have it.

The Hope Pro 4 Enduro 26er, wheels are lighter,stiffer,stronger, and have much better engagement, but not the best engagement n the market, but good enough to not feel awkward.

The only forks I could find that would fit this bike were 100mm Recon gold, it was a fast fix, but I am interesting in the MRP forks, a 120mm fork would improve the handling of this bike a lot, this bike can handle it, so far it’s the are some gripes with the current set up significant complaint, but a dropper post would also be nice.I run 90PSI in the fork, the fork has enough mid stroke support & enough bottom out support for me, but it has horrible tyre clearance, no mudguards will fit with 2.3 tyres, you will have to go down to 2.1.

2.3 tyre clearance 2010 Trek 6300_0250
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300-headset-Seatstays rear view
WIth Bontrager XR 1 Team Issue 2.2

The bike started out with horrible components, but over time I learned more & found more components, and the bike is reliable now.

2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- downtube Safetywarning & EN14766

I will keep the TRP Spyke as Spares In case the hydraulic Shimano brakes fail.

The main use of this bike the past years has been grocery shopping, and gentle rides.

Oval Chain ring from Absolute black, reduced knee pain, have smoother pedal stroke, I can last much longer without knee pain and fatigue.

I could get Knee pain & fatigue after just 1-2 hours, if I rode hard, but now I can last for several hours.

Cane Creek Preload Collar

The collar was a great upgrade, it stays in place, and spins easy so it’s easy to adjust the preload,The bolt stays in place, so it’s secure.

Chris King Thread Fit bb, runs smooth but it has drag, but I don’t mind it if it will last me a long time, which the reputation suggest.

E thirteen ISCG adapter, Absolute black Oval Chain ring,73mmbb.

The chain was rubbing in the lowest gears with the MRP chain guide installed, but installing the Absolute black chain guide which has adjustable guide was an improvement, but there was still rub.

the absolute black chainring is offset by 3mm, this is causing the to rub on the inner guide plate when in lower gears, but also causes the chain to catch the second smallest cog, and slap back down, if back-pedalling not that you would do that, but if there is enough chain slap the chain this could still happen when pedalling forward, which I noticed few times, The Box One rear dérailleur’s clutch spring was very firm in the start, but it wore out quite fast, it became lighter, the shifting became much easier on my thumb, but still too much for my finger in the long run, but the chain slap increased slightly, that’s probably why I noticed the noisy banging noise from the chain catching the second last cog.

Silky smooth Chris King Inset 1

Enough clearance for 2.3 tyres,but it would ben ice with more clearance, for studded 2.3 tyres, but 2.1 studded tyres will fit.

Skoglia traktorveien_1195
at Trippestadskogen, Askim , Indre Østfold, Norway
2010 Trek 6300 rear frame 0103
28.07.2017 2010 Trek 6300 Rootbeer White_0059

because the original fork was trouble, I bought this fork, the shop installed it, it was a easy fix,but it eventually developed play, probably needs new bushings, but I had to get a fast fix so I bought the Rock Shox Recon gold, which doesn’t have has as good clearance, the Corsa fork has good clearance for both mudguard & 2.3 tyre, which the Rock Shox fork does not have, I also swapped over bars so I ended up with no bars fro this bike I had to get new bar, only thing I found at the time was this Race Face Turbine bar, but later I swapped for 800mm bars from the Trek Ffuel ex I originally bought for, eventually I swapped over the whole cockpit including Renthal Apex stem. The Fuel Ex is going to a bike shop and Trek will look at it,But I plan on new bike build at some point, So I kept this bike going.

The Avid Juicy 3 brakes were ok for a while, but they eventually wore out after few years, the lever was slow to return, the return spring for the lever wore out, which is not surprising, quite normal for springs to wear out, but my local shop could not fix it, the I pressed the lever but the braking power was not there,  it was useless, Mabbe the calipers were leaking I don’t know it was years ago, but the master cylinder was well sealed, there were no failed threads or loose bolts, but the lever blade developed play.

So it was later replaced with Shimano M615, which had a better lever feel, but they also failed eventually, so I got M6000 under warranty.

hanger 297656_0102
hanger 297656_0158
hanger 297656_0141
hanger 297656_0150
hanger 297656_0096

After 7 years of use( 4 regular rest not as often)

I failed under truing with hanger tool, I only did it few times before, But the last time I noticed something that looked like a crack, and it felt too soft, But it eventually got bigger.

because the original fork was trouble, I bought this fork, the shop installed it, it was a easy fix,but it eventually developed play, probably needs new bushings, but I had to get a fast fix so I bought the Rock Shox Recon gold, which doesn’t have has as good clearance, the Corsa fork has good clearance for both mudguard & 2.3 tyre, which the Rock Shox fork does not have, I also swapped over bars so I ended up with no bars fro this bike I had to get new bar, onlky thign I foudn at the time was this Race Face Turbine bar, but later I swapped for 800mm bars from the Trek Ffuel ex I originally bought for, eventually I swapped over the whole cockpit including Renthal Apex stem. The Fuel Ex is going to a bike shop and Trek will look at it,But I plan on new bike build at some point, So I kept this bike going.


The rear end is very easy to throw around, due to the short chain stay and the bike is very easy to initiate/start a wheelie, but with 100mm fork the steering suffers.

the steep head angle & short wheelbase makes the bike harder to do precise riding like skinnies, but it makes the bike easier to initiate a do endo turn, spinning the bike around the fork.

if I let go of the handlebar and roll the bike turn in both directions, I struggle to steer it without holding the bars, it requires some practise to do so, but I can can ride horrible bikes with horrible characteristics and still do most of the things I do with a better bike, but of course I notices the shortcomings of them, including this bike, but a longer travel fork would improve the steering and make the bike more balanced by increasing the wheelbase.


  • Due to the stiffness of the frame the chain wear is good, the chain wears slowly, unlike with 2014 Trek Fuel EX 7 29, I am quite sure it’s due to the stiffer frame, less twisting and movement, also the hanger does not get bent as fast, it can go for a really long time, several months or maybe longer, I rarely hit RD hangers, so it stays true for a long time, but with the Fuel Ex it bent very often, but I sent it to a shop for trek to look at I hope they sort it out for me.
  • The frame is stiff enough for me, I am somewhere between 75 & 80g, I don’t have any issues with tyre rub or frame flex, but if you mess up or push really hard while pedalling in a brutal way it’s possible, but if you I don’t do that which I don’t do normally, but I did that just to test what happen, so I am quite satisfied with the performance of this frame.The frame has even flex on both sides,at least very similar.
  • The welds are also good.
  • Bontrager SSR, 31.6mm, 20mm offset, I had no issues with the seat post, but the adjust jaw result in less adjusts-ability of the angle.The logo wore out quite fast, and the black paint became discoloured.


  • very slack seat tube angle, which puts the saddle too far back, even if reversing the seat post, but for a kid or shorter adult it will work, but  not for 180cm person like me, if fork was bumped up to 120 it would be a quite nice handling bike.
  • The Bontrager Rangers wheels, had weak spoke nipples which rounded off when truing the wheels, and when hit by rocks & Shimano m475 hubs was horrible, it had awful engagement, a huge dead zone, which was very noticeable, the freehub lasted about 1 season in the beginning when I was younger, but now as I am a lot heavier they wobble and causes shifting issues due to wobble, and only 3 trips and the axle bent, this was the case on all the the hubs, not only this wheelset.
  • The Bontrager Ranger wheels were heavy, the main reason is the Shimano
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300-crank area-Shimano deore dron front derailleur -mega drive
  • The plastic on the front dérailleur was eventually hitting the frame, which caused paint damage
angle -36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeerwhite
2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300- look down at front derailleur
Clearance- 36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeerwhite
  • The triple chainring setup was problematic, no clainguide, and hte hcian dropped on the rougher stuff, like roots, or technical terrain, if you changed gears, a chain guide is a must, but I did not have that at hte time, so this caused chain drop damage on the paint near the bb.
11-36 10 speed x 36T Race Face Narrow wide-my 2016 upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white
  • Came with 100mm fork not with 120 as official picture shows.
  • The cockpit was not good enough, too long stem, too narrow bars, the original bars were Bontrager Lowriser 650mm 9deg bend 31.8mm dia 6061-T6 alum, I did not have any issues with them, they took some crashes, they did not bend.
my 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white handle bar front
2018 Upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 BB shell_0554

Flickr album:

Now as I am a adult, I need 800mm bars.

The original stem

  • Bontrager Race saddle was a good fit for me, but it failed fast,  screws flew off, and the plastic plate loosened, and the saddle was useless, I don’t remember exactly how fast that happen, some months or maybe a year I don’t remember, but quite fast.
  • Bontrager Jones XR tyres were fast rolling but they lacked grip for the type of riding I did.
  • The paint is quite fragile, the paint falling off the was fro ma crowing on gravel many years ago.
  • The only problems with the frame I had was when installing Chris King headset, the frame did not match Chris King’s precision, So I had to use a hammer to make it go in straight then use the bearing press, It sits flush now, but the head tube is not completely flush at the bottom towards the down tube, there is a small gap just there. The original Cane Creek headset was very easy to remove,it does not sit there as tight, the tolerances are different, with Chris King it’s tight, the Chris King headset was a great upgrade, it’s smooth and even turning all the way.

The original VP-A42E, 1-1/8″ semi-integratedheadset from Cane Creek, I can clearly see there is a gap & the bottom of the head tube is not 100% flush.

my upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white headtube

Original headset removed.

The head tube after removing the original headset.

The original worn out noisy uneven turning headset, new bearings did not help, it was time to for an upgrade, I could go on of a while but I rather have a reliable solution, So I went With Chris King.

Serial number do not remove- my upgraded 2010 Trek 6300 rootbeer/white

Summer 2018 Updated review: Kingston HyperX cloud revolver

Metal frame, but the adjustment ,  swing arm & cups are made of plastic, which is the weakest point of the headset.

Because the plates are swing arm, the plastic will not get as much stress, as it would if it was not swing arm as solid connection, but still, it would be nice if it was made of metal.

I did go for the cloud revolver because of the steel frame, which is good if you drop it on the floor.

The microphone:



  • Better audio than Logitech. Much better sound than Logitech G430(this might not be so noticeable for everybody, but for me it is. without too much bass. Things I barely hear, I now can hear even better than the G430. Noticeably better sound than the Logitech g430 headset, I have been listening to Jimi Hendrix a lot , everything sounds much clearer, the cymbals are a lot more noticeable, the bass guitars are more noticeable, even imperfection, like static sound from old recordings, or distortion effect is much clearer. or when the singer got the mouth too close to the mic I can hear the difference much better, than on the g430.On the track ”Little Wing” the Glockenspiel was much more noticeable, I could clearly hear what instrument it was, unlike g430 and the other headsets I have been using in the past.
  • quite comfy,the self adjusting headband,& the steel frame combined with big ear ear cups with big cushions make this happen.
  • The cushions are easy to remove.
  • Preside volume wheel
  • Braided cable fabric cable
  • The adjustment works well and keeps the headset on your head, even when your head is upside down,not you would do that often, but nice if you drop something you can pick it off without headset falling off.
  • 3.5 jacks
  • lightweight,not the heaviest but not the lightest but decent weight, but I would not mind heavier if it would improve durability.
  • detachable microphone
  • should fit big ears, it’s easy to just move the cups to the desired position, my ears are average size and I got the space for 1 ringer tip, both on the top and rear of the cup.
  • easy to put on with one hand, unlike some headset, like Logitech for example.




  • Awful microphone, the voice gets so changed I can’t recognise my own voice, it gets so changed it makes me sound like I am drunk, and there is a constant hissing/white noise.
  •  The 3.5 cable isn’t detachable.
  • gets hot and sweaty after a while.
  • If you got big ears that stick out the ears will touch the plate, as long as you got average, or a bit over the average but not ears that stick out, then you are on the safe side.
  • the suspension self-adjusting headband-swing arm should be made of metal instead of plastic, for better durability.
  • if you move your head fast or hit your fingers on the steel frame it makes a sound similar to a church bell or hitting a metal tube against some other metal depending on where you hit it, but this is not a big deal-breaker for me, I already knew about this when I purchased this headset.
  • might not fit your head is above average size, mine is about 59cm, which results in about a half cm space between the steel frame and the headband
  • Synthetic leather, instead of real leather, I had a bad experience with synthetic leather, it usually wears out quite fast.
  • The headband design is flawed, the screws holding the self-adjusting headband are hard to reach, there is no way to tighten them when they loosen up, which will eventually happen, maybe in few months maybe in a year maybe 2 years, but it will eventually happen.

    The plastic swing arm

    The cable in the right kinked probably caused by the swingarm detaching because of the missing screw.

  • The autumn of 2017 I noticed strange distortion and hissing, which was caused by the 3.5 plug slightly unplugging.
  • The pleather on the cushions failed a few weeks later.
  • There also was play in the cable where the cable goes into the controller.
  • The plastic parts:

    Damaged plastic part

Damaged plastic part

  • The cussions became too easy to remove, they fell out from time to time


Wear summer 2018

The cushion inside part of cushion covers popped off.

The Artificial leather  is falling off.




Things to improve:

  • Better microphone, constant static when recording., I found the best way to get usable audio was to use +20db  whit mic straight.
  • quality cushions with quality cover
  • swing arms and the plastic parts on the headband should be made of metal.
  • make it easy to take off the cushion.
  • bigger cushions for big ears that stick out.
  • spare cessions should be included, which is nice when it’s hot and you sweat and you need to wash the sessions, then you can just put on the fresh spare cessions.
  • replace the synthetic leather with real leather
  • more metal parts instead of plastic.



There the is room for improvement.

I will have to research headphones and get a attachable mic, Mod Mic 5 looks decent enough.

Official product page:






Lezyne SV10 Multi Tool Long-term review

I had this multi-tool for several years.

A few years ago I managed to bend the Allen key, I don’t remember how, maybe I dropped it.
I actually had to bend it back as it was so bent it was not possible to tuck it in.I had to buy a multi-tool, and this was the easiest solution, but it does have all the tools I need, for example, the Allen key used for reach adjustment on Shimano brakes.

But the size makes this multi-tool fit into tight places well, for example adjusting pads on mechanical brakes. It served me well the few times I had to use it for my own bikes, but I also used it many times on other peoples bikes, So it got a lot of use combined, but I need more tools than this tool has.

I have dropped it many times on hard ground like rock surface and asphalt.


  • chain tool spins smoothly.
  • Robust and smooth, you can easily rotate the tools out, and they don’t wobble, htere is no play, if you notice play, the bolt just needs to be tightened.


  • not enough leverage for very tight bolts.
  • The stitching for on the sleeve wore out fast, so it was too slack, but that’s easy to fix.


SV 10:




48W × 63L × 20H (mm)

Hex 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Star Shaped T25, T30
Chain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)

Product page for all the SV tools: