iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh|Quick Long-term review

The Unit is quite heavy, which is not surprising as it offers enough power to charge my phone & GoPro 4 session vat least once. I don’t mind the weight, it does the job well, works great, I haven’t had any issues with this unit.

It seems like it’s a robust unit, but I haven’t taken it apart, so I don’t know what’s behind the rubber grips on the side, So I don’t know for sure if it’s exposed if the rubber gets damaged somehow. But it has bolts securing holding it all together securely.

The unit has a flash light which gives some decent light in case of a emergency but it’s not going to light light up far ahead on a trail.

iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh


  • The micro USB part of the red cable got partly separated from head, not fully fallen off, but still holding on but, but it’s loose and wiggles, I don’t know if this happen when I charged the GoPro while in my backpack while riding, or those times I rode with it charging while recording with side cam setup, but I think it’s too fragile.
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
  • Showing south at between north and east but closest to north. quite unreliable compass, it will show wrong direction no matter which way you turn it then show correct then somewhat off, basically it’s all over the place. I don’t know why that is.
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh

It seems to be quite strong, and durable, and handle being dropped.

iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh

The compass is attached to a fabric loop which is attached to a keyring, on a pivoting link.


  • The rubber cover does a great job of sealing & fits snuggle, so no grime will get in the inputs. But because of this it’s not the easiest thing to open, but that’s a good thing, I can use the USB plug to open it easier, or my finger nails if I am careful, but it’s not too hard for me, I find it east enough, any easier it won’t be as secure.
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
  • Good USB inputs/outputs, good tolerances, the cables plug in smoothly and snugly, no big play.
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
  • nice rubber on the side with big knobs making it more secure to hold.
iWalk Spartan Powerbank 13000mAh
  • the unit can take some abuse, I have dropped it on the ground several times.
  • I can Charge Go Pro 4 Session and my phone at the same time.
about to Charge_3606
Goprosession plus battery bank_1446

This is how I route the wire for the GoPro if I use it while riding

Here is a picture of my old setup with side helmet cam.

charging GoPro 4 sesssion_2747

Flickr Photo Album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmksL7sd