cheap or free tool alternatives27th april-Keep handle bar ,wheel from turning


Keep handle bar ,wheel from turning:

instead of using Park Tool HBH-2

PTHBH2 Park Tool  Park Tool HBH-2 Styreholder Hindrer styret i å rotere

You can use my method.

This is my method:


Step 1: 

Take 2 loops slide it on the handlebar, and tighten it, and you get this as result

Step 2:

25914283502_7b96d08a02_c or 25914285732_930100dbae_c

take 2 turns around the seat tube or seatpost depending on wheat is possible on your bike.(but if the shoe lases or the frame is too slippery,you can do it on the seatpsot and use the clamp on the bikestand)

step 3: repeat step 1 on the other side.


You can use this knot for brake calliper aliment, just make the hole bigger and slide it over the brake lever and tighten:

I you can’t reach the brake lever,for example if you work on a tandem bike or a utility bike,this method will work great,as long as you have it tight.

Here are some good stuff i found:

Video by RJ The Bike Guy

Video by RJ The Bike Guy

Picture by christoph vetterDSC_0321

This post will be updated with more stuff as I come up with something else or find something else

quick review Review: 2012 Marzocchi Corsa Superleggera(RL) RC 26er fork

I need a fork as fast as possible, this fork was the best I could get at the time straight away.the 2012 XCM v3 I had on the Trek 3900 worn out, so I had the local shop swap the 2010 Rockshox Tora SL fork over from the 6300 to the 3900, and get the Corsa on the 6300.The fork plus lighter handlebar & stem (race face turbine) made the front a lot lighter.the flex is about the same as on the Rock Shox Rora SL, bu the suitability is much better.

Winter riding:

The fork was making less noise, the knocking sound was almost gone or maybe gone, itsI had no issues riding in -6 degrees Celsius.I don’t know why the fork get silenced in below freezing, and the knocking is back with above freezing.

Flickr Album

the lockout remote
Sr Suntour VS Marzocchi


  • good clearance, mudguard and 2.3 tyres are not an issue, I have tested it with RRP Enduro guard, Zefal, and Mudhugger Fr, without any clearance issues.
  • a lot more stable/controllable ride than the Tora SL, because of the adjustments
  • remote lockout
  • lockout adjustment
  • much better adjustment than the 2010 RockShox Tora Sl

According to Bike Radar, the Corsa forks got noticeable flex, I have not ridden that hard with this fork yet, so I can’t really say much about it.


  • knocking sound on rebound,The knocking sound comes from the right leg, I can feel something move in there, when I press the brake and rock back and forth.
  • The red rebound adjuster have a very flimsy feel, it got huge flex when you turn the knob.

Some Riding footage:

The pump:



  • the button to reduce air pressure  is more precise than the Beto/Trek/Bontrager bump


  • the black peace screws off sometimes

Short term review: Jagwire WST028 Pro Wire & Housing Cutter


  • The cutting is excellent, as good as its show in their video, no matter if it’s Shimano or Jagwire cable or wire.
  • The spring never falls out unless, you drop the tool.
  • integrated awl


  • If you like the cable to be short at the end, you can’t use the wire end cap criper,unless you want to take the wheel off if you do it on the Rear Derailleur.

To be able to use it,you got to have the cable really long , which is not nice to have

I recommend using Slip-joint pliers ,which i do.


I absolutely recommend this this tool because it’s 4 tools in one.

Official product video


Jagwire Pro Housing Cutter:;product=54359;menu=1000,185,191


Rebranded Jagwire cutter with SRAM branding:00 7915 073 010 Sram  Sram Kabel Kutter Til Wire og strømper;product=29247;menu=1000,185,191;mid=0;pgc=0;page=10