Great free software – summer 2018

here is a lsit of free software I use:

This is kind of mountain bike related, if you make videos or shoot photos or stream you will find these software very useful.

I have used or tried the software in this list, I am quite fond of most f them.

Video editing :

Da Vinci Resolve

Editing made easy, easy learning curve, great package for sure.

It offers all the features most of use need to make edit videos for Youtube.

The paid version got more features, but So far I haven’t found the need for them.

but before editing make sure the camera settings are good:


Blender, has a steeper learning curve, can be tricker to learn, but it’s a powerful video editing, rendering, animation, game engine, modelling software.

Screen capture & streaming software:

OBS Studio – Open broadcasting software

Perfect software for recording what ever you want,

no matter if you want to record or stream, it got every thing you need, it’s the best broadcasting software so far, it beats most paid options.

It got everything you need, and has more features than some commercial software

Video player:

VLC media player

Video converting


it’s not perfect, you can’t use it to upscale video but otherwise it works great, but you can do that in DaVinci Resolve but I haven’t explored everything it has to offer yet.

Photo manipulation:

here is an example of what I could do using Rawtherapee & gimp, this picture is a combination, I used gimp to combine the pictures exported and edited in Rawtherapee.


A great alternative to Photoshop, you will be able to do most things.

I haven’t tested out every feature, yet, and haven’t done a lot of skin work for sim racing games in a while, but I did it in the past, but I had to install DDS plugin for that, I don’t know much aobut the latest changes, I haven’t had the time to research those. but I had some fun iwth Gimp over the years. here are the skins I made for sim racing games:

video below shows me recreating a livery design I did for VW Polo WRC for Assetto Corsa

Raw editing software:

RawTherapee is a great software for raw editing, even if you don’t have raw files, you can do some great improvements to the photos, that you would not be able to do in gimp.

Photos edited in Rawtherapee:

Image viewer:

A simple but effective software, it also comes with Thumbnail browser, which supports DDS files and other files most people don’t know.

Irfan view:


I have only played with it a short period, but I am sure many of you will get some use of this software.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A great alternative to Microsoft’s mail software, which I found to be horribly buggy, to the point of me abandoning it.

Music player:

For audiophiles, with support for lossless audio formats, so you can listen to music in great detail. no need to convert to mp3 files, but it supports m3 files too of course.

Chat software


It’s kind of like Skype, but not quite but with more features. it gained popularty quite fast, and is the main choice of gamers.


Schwalbe rim tape Long Term Review

Schwalbe rim tape removal_3709
Schwalbe rim tape removal_3716

I used my last bit of rim tape but the adhesive failed to hold it in place.

The tape tears easily  the adhesive is awful,

Good I had Cush Core or I might have dented the rim when jumping 6 steps of stairs, I Knew I had more I would have wrapped it two full turns but I did not have more, which I usually do, I later found some more tape, but it failed too, but the rim tape was pealing & the air leaked quite fast.

The adhesive is awful, it tries fast, and fail to hold the tape in place, the tape moves & wrinkles, and misalign, I get air bubbles, sealant leaking from rim holes.

I had to remove it due to bad glue, For some reason, the shop sent me rolls just in carton packaging, without any bag so the glue was bad. but the last time I got them they were in plastic bags and were easier to put on, but still a horrible experience.


I won’t use it again, I will try other alternatives, I will test Gorilla Tape next.

RevGrips Pro 34mm suspension grips short-term review – July 2018 update


The test was done with black inserts & thick shims.

The first test I did, was to check how the movement in the grips felt, I did some wheelies bunny hops and it felt quite good, so I went for a short ride later, I tested it on very touch icy pavement with tractor tyre tracks, which is basically a torture test for vibrations, I could definitely tell the grips were working, but of course grips have a limitation they won’t eliminate everything, but they definitely do a great job.

Done with red inserts & thick shims, more comfortable but there was too much rotational movement, but the rotational movement created lack of control.

The best out of all combinations is combine blank & red inserts, do the upper and bottom are red and front and back are black, using no shims, for firmest set-up use black inserts without shims.

The best set up:

I found that the best set up for me is with, 2 black inserts in each clamp, and 2 red in each, this gives me plusher feeling where there is an impact, but the grip does not rotate as fast, to clamp the grips so the red inserts are on top.

The sleeves/grips:

The sleeves/grips have similar grip levels to Maxxis MaxxGrip tyre compound, so of course, it has much greater grip than ESI silicone grips


The durability, I rode with these grips for few months. march 2018 I noticed slight wear on the grips, 11th march I noticed quite clear wear, on the inside and outside of the grips.



After many long rides to Skansehytta, I was not surprised to see wear after so many months of use.

as you can see the grips are wearing well, I will flip and rotate them to keep using them for longer, the grips are durable enough to do so.
I got some riding done June & July, but less than the other months due to a lot of neck & back issues. but still these grips are far more durable than Esi Grips.
  • Very sticky grips, give great grip, much better than Esi silicone grips.
  • Colour choices
  • 3 sizes, I use 34mm which fits me perfectly, any other sizes won’t fit my hands. The thumb will rub against the lock on clamp when shifting with the XTR M9000 shifter,  but this is not the Grips’s fault, I would like some more adjustment for the XTR shifters, but so far this has not been an issue yet, this of course leads to wear where the thumb rubs.



None I can think of at the moment.



they definitely work, one of the best grip options on the market right now.

So far these are my only grips of choice, due to comfort, and durability.

Flickr album:

But I will, of course, update you on further findings, if there any.