REVIEW: 2011 SR Suntour XCM v3 100mm RSLO ( Heavy terrible fork for a terrible price)

RSLO= Remote speed lockout

i got this for because my xct v2 on my trek 3900 2010 had too mutch play and was jut horrible to ride the store ordered the xcm  fork .

First i must tell you the travel is about 40mm not 100. i had a xct fork on mm trek 3900 disc 2010,it had alot of play and was flexing and alot of play when braking hard,but with the XCM V3 fork i don’t get that issue. i have not been riding this fork hard,in fact i had nto been riding mtb with it jsut used it to comute from store to store to home and so on. afther ca 1 year of riding the fork got play specially the left side,noise when braking clicking sounds. the paint on it is glossy black , it did not scratch easely or no paint fallen off yet.

i have ridden this fork in late summer and fall(few times only),winter(few weeks)


  • Stiffer than XCT v2 2010 fork,but it still is bending and twisting
  • preload
  • comes in white and black
  • remote cockout
  • you can put it on older bike with vbrakes
  • 2 color option white and black
  • the remote works well,its the same as marzocchi use.


  • rebound is bad when you sit on the bike,it just does not work, my weight is between 70 and 80kg. Small bumps get abozorbed by the fork,but big bumps the frok will stay compressed. you need to lift the front wheel to get it back to normal posistion.
  • no rebound adjusment
  • weight,very heavy,i put my rock shox tora from my 6300 on my 3900 biek and its a big improvment.
  • Very heavy, poor dampening, doesn’t provide confort.
  • my opinion the price is too high compared to rockshox forks that cost little bit more.
  • the seals on mine wore out very fast,they expanded so they now got ca 2 mm cap. witch resulted in water and mud got inside the fork.
  • tuned wrong for most people
  • after ca 1 year i got play and clicking sounds and twisting from side to side,play when braking, feels very dangerous to ride that way i did not take it apart so don’t know how much is wrong with it if there is more.

concllusion: this fork is a terrible and way too heavy fork, don’t get this fork. get a real mtb fork from sr suntour or get a rockshox xc, monitou or fox.

i desided to but my rockshox tora sl 2010 on my trek 3900 and upgrade to a new air fork on my 6300. no point in  fixing that xcm fork,service plus parts will cost almost as mutch as the fork it self.

i no longer have this fork the store trown it away.