Review: 2015 Topeak PerpStand Elite

I have used this repair stand for few months.


  • the stand I got Failed after few days of use,the clamping plates failed when I had the Trek Fuel ex 7 29er in it.and suddenly I hear a loud bang,but it was fixed with 2 washers on each plate.
  • The teeth on the and angle-adjustment wear out fast and there will be huge play, which makes the bike hang loose. it should be made of metal instead, or there should be a different solution for adjustment.
  • The plastic where the screws are got eaten up by the weight of the 13.6 KG bike.
  • the arm holding the bike is sagging so the bike will not be hanging 100% straight.
  • No replacement offered for Plastic inserts for the arm.The plastic inserts where the arm fro the adjustment slides in and out, wears out fast, so there will be huge amount of play, that causes huge amount of sag,(the bike hangs uneven. there is nothing wrong using plastic there but then spare parts are needed.
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  • huge amount of play, in the legs
  • when working on the bike you have to take the wheels of or the the weight of the bike might flip the stand.
  • the clamp failed after few times of use, I had my 13,6 kg bike clamped. and suddenly I hear a loud bang,one of the plastic plates on the clamp failed, so now its very flimsy and bike wont stay still.
  • there is  noticeable play I the whole stand
  • when you have The small-parts box is useless,if you hang the bike to by the seat post.
  • The plastic camping plates, will scratch the frame,so you need to have something over it.
  • Price
  • The clamp adjustment is bit time consuming




Too many construction flaws, high price tag.

I cant really recommend  it,the huge amount of play,which makes the bike hand weird, is a too big con, and no spare parts are offered, which is stupid.

but I recommend getting a high-quality,metal repair-stand, with weight plate.

but I need a bike-stand as fast as possible.





Review: Topeak Mini Dual DXG Hand Pump


  • less resistance and faster pumping than cheap pumps.
  • pressure Gauge
  • can be mounted under a bottle cage
  • a good size for a mini pump,i ride with it on every ride.


  • more volume would be nice so pumping would go faster.
  • rubber seal wears fast(but I guess it will not wear out for years. unless you use it every single day
  • the locking lever snaps back in place, so keep your fingers away, or it can be painful.
  • because the rubber seal wears out so fast the pump slides up while you use it, so you have to take it off and on again.
  • the pressure Gage might be confusing for some.

  • because the rubber is soft it fast wearing a rubber, after about 10 times of use, I can see that very noticeable signs of wear on the rubber seal.
Topeak Mini Dual DXG - afther about 10 times or more of use
Topeak Mini Dual DXG
Topeak pump seal worn vs new _0229
Old seal used about 10 times vs new seal


I was not satisfied with this pump, but it was a lot better than the super cheap pumps that take endless time to get up to just 20 psi.

I recommend getting a pump with larger volume/larger air chamber, double the size would do I think.

I did not find replacement rubber seals anywhere in Norway, but this is not Topeak’s fault, Norwegian stores usually are like this, some sell stuff but replacement parts are difficult to get, But I eventually found spares on SJS Cyles:

So I can’t really recommend it.