Suomi Tyres Extreme 294 2.1 26″ & 29” Revised 3 season review


These tires give excellent grip, but they, of course, don’t stop you from sliding on very slippery ice when you turn too fast or brake too hard, no tyre will.

the strong stink goes away after few weeks of use so the stink will not irritate you when you got the bike indoors.

after about 4 months of use, there were some cracks in the tyres, which have been caused by broken glass, some studs fell out some snapped in half, but studs can be replaced.


  • sticky well gripping tyre
  • the tyre is stiff enough for the studs to sit securely, which is not the case for WXC 300
  • good pattern, that helps with getting the mud away and gripping the surface.
  • Does not lose studs easily
  • fast rolling
  • they can last several seasons, at least 2 or 3 probably more if you are not too crazy with them.  Since 2016 I have put these tyres through its paces with hard single track, riding on ice, riding street, I have dropped jumped, I rode down & upstairs, and they survived.
  • they are not as loud as WXC 300


  • due to the 2.1 studded tyre will feel like horrible no matter of the rim width, with a lot of vibrations,lowering pressures means folding & hitting the rim,  for this  to not happen I have to add 4 psi more from usual setup, so instead of 28psi rear it’s 32 psi rear & 28 psi front, so when the Esi grips wore out & got softer my hands hurt due to the massive increase in vibrations.
  • they got a strong stink to them when they are new, which last few weeks.

about 4 months of use:

Suomi Tyres Extreme 294 26"

Suomi Tyres Extreme 294 26"

Suomi Tyres Extreme 294 26"

Rear evo snow covered _20170222_144808844


If you don’t mind the harsh ride, But proper grips help, and you want durable tyres these will do the job, But I  might try bigger tyres, but be as durable as Gazza Extremes 294.

Check out Tommi Kivimäki‘s review & set up of  Suomi Tyres Gazza Extremes 294:

Suomi Stud tool:;product=73184;menu=1000,185,191;mid=0;pgc=0;page=3


(updated 2,5 months review)Tyre Review: Suomi Tyres WXC 300 2.2 29er 65 TPI

Time of use about 2,5 months

I have ridden the Suomi Tyres WXC 300 tyres for few weeks, you have to run higher pressures than summer tyres, I had to pump them up 10 psi more, I am about 75kg with all my gear on, and I usually I run 25 psi front 30 rear,but I had to run 40 rear 35 front with the Suomi Tyres WXC 300 tyres. at a lower pressure, it will squirm. If you run low pressures with Hakka tyres you will dent the rims, eventually, I haven’t Tried other winter tyres that Suomi yet.

I noticed the tyres don’t stink as the Suomi 294 extreme I got for my 26er.

First I tried adding just 5 psi but it did not help much, so I had to add 10psi.

With Maxxis High  Roller 2 2.30 I run 3 rear and 25 Front.

I lost 6 studs on the rear tyre, but I am sure I rode too hard in the break in period.

Rear Tyre shredded January 14th, 2017:

after jumping off concrete walls, riding up straits, I did not notice any significant wear, but I have not done it many times, but I did it at least 50 times, didlongBut it was not Until did long-distance mountain biking.with roots ice, rocky hills.

The tyre is quite soft, which I think Is the reason for the knobs shredding apart & losing studs, Specially when braking and cornering, or going over alto of obstacles.

I have ridden every single week, almost every day.

After riding on an icy, snow-covered dirt road, I noticed the rear slipping and the rear acting weird, almost like n untrue wheel, but it was the shredded side knobs that were the reason.but January the 14th I lot many studs, and the many of the side knobs were shredded.

I rode about 24km for 3 days in conditions like in the video with about the same terrain, after that The picture above says it all, I have ridden some different trails with that were not as rough, but I think the change in terrain might have something to do with the tyres shredding apart, a lot of roots a lot of more faster corners, resulting in shredded tyre.

Before all that I had been riding for almost every day, at least 1-3 hours(But lately I have been timing how long I ride.

But its was only the rear tyre that got shredded knobs, but the front still lost at least 10-20 studs, but the rear lost 20-40, and the rear end washed out too many times to continue riding like this. On frozen snow, I won’t slip, but on ice I will spin.33013994426_bc1e0bf6d4_o

You have to run high pressures to avoid hitting the rim, the compound is too weak.

THe Tpi is is higher than my summer tyre which is Maxxis high roller 2 60 Tpi, at 65 Tpi,.

I think the need for higher pressures might be caused by the low volume of the tyre.

But this footage is not from the day the rear tyres got shredded, but I think it was already in progress of being shredded.

a few days later I bought Suomi Gazza Extreme 294, the local shop had some in stock so I had to buy one, shame other shops did not have it in stock at the time I got WXC 300, but at least I can write this review and tell you about my experience.

The bike I was riding the tyres on.

Suomi Stud tool:;product=73184;menu=1000,185,191;mid=0;pgc=0;page=3


Get Suomi Tyres Gazza Extremes  294 instead, they are much more durable, they are stiffer and thicker.

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