10.11.2016 Updated review:Thrustmaster T500 RS

the wheel
if you got the money get a better wheel,but this is better than cheap wheels like csr or Porsche wheels

Frex Sim Steering 1080 deg

SimSteering System  have max 2304 degrees



  • the shaft is very flexible,
  • the wheel rims are very flexible,which is notisable.
  • The fan is very loud,and the summer heat will make turn olon even when the wheel is not in use,because the sumemr heat will over heat the wheelbase,it can get up to 28degrees where I live.
  • the clamp works well the wheel does not move or slide much, but its impossible to make it 100% secure without hard mounting the base.
  • strong ffb much stronger than the Fanatec CSR wheel,now i can play rfactor 2 with ffb that is not very weak like on the Fanatec csr wheel.
  • good dpad(directional pad)
  • can adjust the FFB in hte Driver software.
  • easy to clean the wheel rims.
  • there is possibility to mod this wheel, adding a real wheel of your choise,
  • the ability to ahve static or/and rotating pedals, is nice
  •  8 direction D-Pad
  • Playstation 3 compatible
  • not much play in the wheel

there is a adapter by Derek Spear http://www.derekspearedesigns.com/a guy on the iracing forum makes builds rearl wheels with pedals and every thing with the quickrelease sytem as o nthe standard t500rs so its easy to change to a rea lwheel if you want to,his name is Sam Maxwell.

YipZone makes nicee mods but he does not sell them. but you can look at this for ideas, if you want to do the same.

the amount of flex increased over time.


  • My wheel had is is faulty,the sensor only works to the right but not to the left, I have to turn more to the left to get full steerign range,I will have to send it back to thurstmaster,but as I am busy with Mountainbike related stuff. This was not my on the lsit of high priroitiy thigns to do. and my custommer supoport expericne was not good,the person replying me after they looked at the video said my wheel was working, even though it can be clearly seen in the video I sent them that it was not.
  • no real life quick release
  • no support for techometer
  • to add custom wheels you buy a 3dprinted copy of the screw on peace and add the wheel on it, mod the wheel base to fit a real life quick release.
  • The stock gt wheel was almost impossible to take off b, but afther many tries i did it.
    but got it off. This might be just with my wheel.
  • wheel chaft is flexing
  • the GT rim & ferrari addon rim is flexing
  • static pedal shifters ahve play,they rock invards and outwards
  • materials used are nto the best, liek plastic, the the quick release ifs made of abs but if you unscrew  the screw too many time i guess it would be worn out and u wheel will get loose.
  • very loud fan
  • no option to buy the wheel base only, then buy all the wheels you want or need,so you could buy which ever pedalset you want,
  • big base unit, i think its too hight and too long and wide,
  • no real quick release,woudl be nice iwht real car quick release.
  • rubber pads under the whheel base slide off.
  • wheel rim get scrached  easely
  • the paint on the red metal senter wears off

the pedals


  • the pedals are made of metall, so they are very strong and heavy
  • stiff brake


  • no loadcell
  • the clutch pedals feels the same as the accelerator pedal. This is because you can flip the pedals and run them in f1 style or rally style.
  • not stand alone with usb


am i satesfied? No

woudl I  recommend this wheel? No

this is mass produced equipment, with alot of custommer having issues with it,.

Get direct drive servro instead,I know it cost considerably more,but I am tired of cheap plastic junk.

I have not tried accuforce or leaobodnar or frex but they will not wear fast liek all the common consumer,department store,electronics store wheels you can buy.

in my honest opinion all the entry mid range wheels are junk., specially fanatec csr, and logitech wheels, and madcatz.

what a wheel sim wheel needs is :

servo motor, real rim real quick release

at least 1080 degrees rotation

static pedals pedals on the wheel

the Ferrari 458 challenge repliuca wheel add addon


  • easy to acsess the screws on the back because of 1 hole on each shifter pedal .
  •   8 direction D-Pad
  • cons:
    the replica is not accurate
  • as flexible as the Gt rim
  • this wheel is not 100% scale replica
  • the 2 yellow buttons that are on the real wheel on the both sides are missing.
    wrong size
  • wheel rim get scrached  easely
  • same amount of flex as the gt wheel
  • price

if you want a smaller wheel or old f1 cars, then this is good for you or drive cars with rotating pedals