revised Short term review: Park Tool OM-1 Bench top Overhaul Mat


Originally posted 15 may 2017, but updated with pictures and improved text.



  • The knobs in the mat will keep small parts from rolling off.
  • It sticks to my painted kitchen table/dinner table well.


  • Reacts to direct sunlight / heat it bends upwards
PArktool workbench mat_20190112_133235edit

Keep it away from sunlight!!!, the mat bent upwards, and made it almost useless, to fix this you have to put your heaviest tools on it and let it lay in the sunlight for a long time.
For some reason, there was red discolouration in the white park tool logo.

I noticed something similar on my 100% Race Craft goggles,the same red color on my on the top on the 100% logo, as I have a the helmet is white there and has no red in it there should not be any color transfer, I don’t know why this happen.


I have not tried other mats, but So far I like this one, But keep it away from the direct sunlight.;product=47986;menu=1000,185,191;mid=0;pgc=0;page=27