Review; Bleed kit for Shimano: PREMIUM edition SET

As the writing on the syringes states it’s one use only, so they will wear out after few uses.

Which I think is a shame, because I hate to buy an endless supply of things that could be made stronger so I can use it for a long time.

I read a lot of people use medical syringes for bleeding their brakes.

Every thing that is in the box


  • robust tube
  • Smart reusable easy to unhook big ziptie


  • price
  • very fragile, wears out fast.
  • the tip will get loose and leak fluidBilderesultat for shimano
  • the seal can stick,I think it might be due to the flimsy syringe, the whole thing flex.
  • easy to damage the syringes if you drop them,which happen to the blue syringe.

    I did not need it anyway, to complete a full bleed,but it it was already bent out of the box, I dropped it from about a half meter and the tip snapped,I did not even got to use it before it broke off, I just used the other syringe instead, and threaded the on the tube.
    if you got this, don’t drop it, carefully use it.