2015 Giro DND Medium- for people with big thumbs- Short-term late review

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I was supposed to post a review of these gloves but did not finish it at the time, but here it is.

I only used these gloves for riding a short period, they did not fit me, so I eventually got other gloves.

Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

I don’t know about durability as I did not use them enough.

But I started to use them again but in the winter because it’s too big for me, but with fleece gloves.

but even with fleece gloves in side I can still feel the stitching and the glove still feels too big, fingers are too long for me, the wrist are still too big.


  • Bad sizing, for most people, the wrist area is too big, and the thumb is too big, this might fit people with big thumbs and huge wrists, but it does not fit me, and smaller will be way too small, at least the Medium I tried in the shop I bought these from it was way too small, maybe it was small the guy gave me to try, or I might remember it wrong, I am not sure.
  • this happen after just few days of riding
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

quality of the stitching was not great, this is quite common issue, and can vary from glove to glove & brand.


  • decent material on the top.
  • nice sweat/nose wipe area
Giro DND Mil Spec Olive / Highlight Yellow  2015 Gloves

2 month REVIEW: 2014 Giro remedy x- Lacks durability

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you will definitely feel the stitching,and and that you got the glove on but it its still a wearable glove


  • these gloves do not have a knuckle protection even it might look like they do for you.
  • good padding.
  • the part of the glove that got camo on it wears fast, it will wear out when washed often,the colours will fade,the small venting holes will be bigger or rip apart.
  • Protection on the fingers and and padding on the palm and side, so you wont get scratched when you hit a tree,but if will not give you full protection its not like knee or elbow pads
  • The synthetic leather from the palm extends over the finger tips so the stitching won’t wear off or rip, and its  comfortable,not like on the Mavic’s or Shimano gloves where the stitching came upward and under my finger nails.
  • special stitching with touch screen support,and it works well.
  • good venting


  • not very comfortable, but wear able, but if you want very comfy gloves these are not for you,You can clearly feel the seams
  • the hook and loop strap do wear out very fast, father Ca 2 month it worn out
  • the protection pads are bad, not like on the Poc Index DH Vpd 2.0, witch is my favourite glove so far.
  • the touch screen stitching began to wear.
  • the glued-on rubber is peeling off, but this is normal, you can’t glue rubber on fabric and expect to stay on.
  • the vent on the left long finger rip


I can’t recommend these gloves,the lack of comfort and durability makes this a Not recommend product.