2 Winters Review: 2015 Gemini Xera 950 lumens light

I rode with this light at max brightness a lot, and I think 2 hours on max is way too low for me, I have to charge it when I come back or have more batteries with me, If  I want to continue to ride in the dark, but I try to ride as much as I can when in daytime,when it’s bright,but this means riding from 09-16, if need to work on my bike or go to the store, or do other important tasks, I just have to ride in the dark, So a good light is important, so far this light is OK. I of course switch to the weakest mode, when I don’t have to have as bright light, but if you want to ride in complete darkness, for a long time this light is not for you.950 Lumens is quite OK, but I want something brighter with wider and longer reach, but I just bought whatIcould when I could as fast as I could, so the local sports store it was, I t was not cheap.

For me the weakest mode does not blind me, but when riding in the city,o r where cars drive, or near people, keep the light pointing slightly down,b ut, Even so, I have had complaints from people so far way I could not even see them, said the light was way too bright and they  were blinded, this was surprising, but some other people I don’t react to it and think it’s fine.

On Mavic Notch
2 Cell battery pack
4 Cell battery pack


Battery life:

after 2 season the battery died.


  • the light on the button changes colour from green to yellow to red, when the battery is low
  • can be used as a headlight
  • Secure rubber ring mounting, no issues with slipping.
  • can be mounted to most XC and road helmets
  • replacement glass provided.
  • Velcro straps work well.
  • comes in a nice box, to store the light in.
  • i had no issues with fogging glass the light not working in wet conditions, it worked well no matter the weather, I have been riding in -10 Celsius, or summer-Autumn rainy days, I had no issues what so ever.


  • short battery time on max brightness, with the stock 2 cell battery, I ordered 4 cell battery pack.
  • the provided strap is too long for many of mountainside top tube,s which makes the battery slide.
  • The cable plugs disconnects while riding in in green& blue trails, rock gardens will unplug it for sure, this happens no matter if i mount it to the top tube or on the stem spacers.
  • Gets as hot as a heating radiator, even when riding in below -10 Celsius, but new version , got a different cooling fin design, but I have never tried it out.
  • would be nice with a 3m adhesive mount or go pro adaptor for mounting to a full face helmet

MTBR’s review of the 2014 version: http://reviews.mtbr.com/review-gemini-lights-xera-950

norwegian review: http://www.tu.no/artikler/test-imponerende-multisportlykt/222979