Creative hs-950 review 1 year is complete garbage

this is a discontinued product,but might still be in stores.

Creative hs950:

longtermreview 1 year

the head band  broke on both sides on the headbandthe screws popped out, the headset was very unconfortable, my ears was hurting afther 1 h of use .

cons: unpresise volume adjustment wheel.

there are some other good headsets on the market,

the hs-950:

cons : unconfortable,,you ears will hurt aftehr a short time,

michrophone is very bad.

the adjustability is bad they sit very looks on your head,

mine cracked under 1 year of use. but you willhear the doorbell.

is worth the price? :NO!


 horrible ,waste of money!!!

thermaltake azurues mouse:

you can reduse the weightof the mouse with 3 steel weigts, they look similat to small batteries

ym hand is avarage in size and it feels confortable in my hand, its confortable any smaller mouse will be uncofortable for me.

i have used it over 2 years and had no issues


  • for some the the Tt logo that is flashing can be enoying
  •  cant turn of the red pulsing light ther is no driver to do so.  this is nto a big con if you dont mind the light.


  • semetrical so you can use for left or right hand
  •  long cable
  • cable strap
  • 1600 dpi for photomanipulation and fps games its a big pro