Updated Review: 2015 Craft AB/active bike Rain M Pants

Update nr2 21.01.2016
today 18.01.2015 i ntoiced 2 big holes


  • If you are thin or bit chubby the pants will fit you well, unless you are very fat of course,the elastic makes this possible, nto too clsoe to the body so i can still wear shorts and have my phone in my poc shorts,and still be able to pull out the phone in and out. and to get it wet, because I don’t liek to have it in my jacket pocket.
  • Comfortable, i don’t notice wearing them when i ride
  • Enough room for for knee pads,shin pads, body armour.
  • Perfect fit,if you got big muscular upper body these will still fit,or if you got a thin not so muscular witch i got:-(
  • The pants do down past the ankles so i can wear them inside my Fiveten impact high shoes.
  • Quick release Velcro  hook and loop straps for the suspenders



  • They will eventually rip, if you get one hole its gonna be bigger and bigger.
  • stores that the tyres trows at you will make hoes in the pant
  • the pants will probably rip apart when you crash.after many riders in the winter and some in the fall rain, and some very bad rain in the fall,but no crashes the pants are holding up OK,but if you crash a lot these pants are not for your.
  • No strap to put the pants over the shoes.
  • there are few small holes in them already after fall/ autumn and  a lot of winter.23586310454_2e69399694_c23586305104_8b9d9b83c1_c
  • Sharp stones/gravel will make holes i the pant,or if you are kneeling you must be careful.24361379762_f34f118d8c_b



in my opinion these pants, are not good. the pants are way too weak.

the durability is not there for riders that crash alot, or roads with alot of gravel, like it will be here in the winter in norway, gravel and sand all over,so the pants will get hoels from sharp gravel.

the venting on hte pants is great for onyl light rain btu for stormly flooding screets or woods, then these pants are not for you.