One winter with with Exposure Lights Six Pack MK9

Cockpit changes_20181121_094321Edit
The light spun_20181114_190803

I had to bail when doing side hops down the stairs, the bars slammed on the ground, the light spun on impact.

I have posted on Instagram about this hopefully Exposure will fix this, they liked my post.

The bike was laying in the stairs, drive side down, but I rolled it to a flat area, and centred the light & tightened the bolt.
So far I don’t think this is a big deal. but under trail riding with no crashes it stays in place, but I time will tell.

Exposure light_20190310_180757

Nice cover keeps the input clean, very tight to get on. but in some instances I managed to get it loose, it might be due to me hitting it with my knee or something getting caught in it, because my knee hits the handlebar, the fork crown, the stem, I think it’s most likely because I hit it with my knee. but with no crashes it never came opened up.

Exposure Lights Six Pack MK9;

Easy to read display, showing battery time, and mode.

one button to switch modes, and change settings.

it stays cool _20181129_093148edit-1gimp

exposurelightsexposuresixpackmk9 _20190110_182900edit
Exposure lights bar mount

The red thing under the mount is the quick release pull lever, which works great, it makes removal and install of the light easy, nice when you want to take the light with you or just take it off.

Exposure Lights bar mount
Exposure lights bar mount

after the winter ended I noticed the pin was out to the right, but I fixed this easily.

Side view_20190110_182855edit
Exposure Lights Six Pack MK9

The mounting clamp works for up to 35mm handle bar diameter, for 31.8mm there are two plastic half spacers for top and bottom, you can use the thin spacer with the plastic spacers for smaller diameters, for 35mm there is a thin rubber band is secured with a 4 mm Hex bolt.

Even the packaging is great, comes in a nice case , it’s light weight. there are of course more extreme options, but those require huge battery packs, cooling fans: but exposure lights stay cool, they don’t overheat as easily, some lights will overheat in minutes, but Exposure can run for the whole ride without overheating, they stay cold most of the time, only noticed very slight heat from six pack once, I mean barely, which went away quick. so great performance. I rode in low plus and subzero to -5 or 6 I think.
my old Gemini Xera overheated in few minutes in -10C, basically useless light for mtb. at full strength indoors in room temperature when being still the light actually gets very warm, but during riding in the winter it never gets warm.

Exposure Lights Six Pack MK9

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Other review: I won’t do any light strength/distance tests as this has already been tested by others. videos won’t do it justice, but in 2018 & 2019 I have used these lights, and have several videos with them in use, but as I said video does not do it justice, it does not show well how wide the spread is and how good the light lights up the trail, but you can see from the videos that it’s great, but not how great.

here are some videos anyway:

2019 the light is back on

Exposure Lights Six Pack MK9

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This review will be updated in the future, for next winter if I have more things to add.

I got mine from:

but you can buy it it directly form exposure at their site.

This is my set up: