Assos Chamois Creme Long-Term review

I have used this cream for several years.

It does what it says on the box, but for really long rides, put on a thick layer of it, as much as you can get on the pad, for example a 4 hour ride. cus you can use it up. I have tested this, so I know, just thin layer won’t cut it even with 2-3 H ride( depending how much I sit of course), you will literally get butt hurt, but if I go more than 4 H my butt will hurt just from sitting, even with comfy well fitting saddle, eventually my butt will hurt, but then I hurt everywhere, and it’s different type of pain, then my legs are getting weaker, my upper body too if I do a lot of tech, climbing. this cream won’t stop that. It does what it promises and nothing more.

The cooling effect is true, but it only lasts few minutes.

I always ride with Chamois Boxer short, and with Chamois cream, if I don’t my butt will hurt if I do it for too long.

I prefer to cover the pad with it instead of only butt or both, seems like a easier solution that don’t make a mess.

And of course I use a fresh short for each ride.

But Assos offer product that repairs the skin after friction, it’s called Assos Skin Repair Ge, but I haven’t’ tried this.

But if you already are sore then Zink ointment will work great, for cracking skin at the fingers it’s a must. that’s a issue I get in the winter. you might find others that say so too, it works & is easy to get at a pharmacy.