BikeYoke Divine 185mm dropper post + Trigger remote. Initial impressions & short term review.

So far this is just a quick review, I have only used these products for few rides. so here is what I think so far.

First Impressions:

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When I saw it 25% off on black week sale at , I went for it, I had measured the the length so I thought it might fit, and it did with room to spare.

As you can see there is enough room to secure the rear light.

The remote was way too slippery, I had to use grip tape/anti slip tape.

BikeYoke dropper post remote
My Large Nicolai Geometron G1
Fully extended on Nicolai/Geometron G1 Size Large.

The Positive:

  • Minimal play, so the stanchion stays a lot cleaner than the E13 dropper post, which was a greasy mess after evry single ride, which is not the case with BikeYoke Divine
  • smooth actuation
  • light enough lever action, I don’t feel like I need lighter actuation, the Revive has that, but for me Divine offers great actuation.
  • light and easy to drop all the way down.
  • low stack height

The negatives:

  • Barrel cable clamp at dropper post is a flawed clamping method. I rode 3 rides in with #bikeyokedivine I thought this method of wire attachment was flawed, and to day I experienced what I suspected would happen, the bolt at the barrel cable clamp loosened the wire slipped, this method is useless @bikeyoke I suggest you make the system work like this: attach the wire in the hook run it trough the housing and end up at the lever, these sizes most multi tool don’t have and having to take the seat post out during evry single ride will be annoying, yes I tightened tight enough and used Loctite 243. Now I will have to try it the way I mentioned. This way I don’t have to take the dropper post out just have one the bolt on the remote to tighten, which is easy to access. 


So far it looks promising.

So far it seems to be one of the best options on the market.

But I will update you on my experience with it long term.

Product page:

Places to buy it in Norway:

So far only offers it.

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