Biltema Yosemate EX-Trail 27,5 E-bike quick test ride

I am sure there is more wrong with the bike than what I noticed from the test ride.

The very heavy, I could feel it, the steering was slow, I could barely get the bike to move.

and of course, the XCT fork is bad, heavy, lacks adjustment, and is horribly heavy.

the seat tube is quite slack & the stem is absurdly long.

the gearing is too heavy, absurdly small gearing range.

I only test rode it, when I met a local rider, I don’t know much about this bike, but it’s awful.

But I can’t judge all E-bikes from this bike, this is a department store bike with some of the cheapest heaviest components.

There are some component’s I don’t know, and can’t say anything about, but I would avoid this bike If I was you, I would avoid all bikes from Biltema.

There might be other issues I can’t think off.

Even the spec sheet is bad:

it has Shimano RevoShift, which is awful, it’s very exposed, the plastic cover can be easily damaged in a crash, I had grip shifters from Shimano on previous bikes when I was a kid.

36 V / 250 W E motor with  9 assistance settings, & 8,8 Ah battery. Max. 25 km/t, 30–60 km rekkevidde.

Ramme: Aluminium
Hjulstørrelse: 27,5″
Rammehøyde: 48 cm
Gaffel: Dempet med låsefunksjon
Gir: 7
Bakgir: Shimano Altus
Girsystem: Shimano RevoShift
Veivparti: Aluminium
Veivlager: Kapslet
Styrelager: Stål
Styre/styrestamme: Aluminium
Forbremse: Hydraulisk skivebremse, Tektro
Bakbremse: Hydraulisk skivebremse, Tektro
Kjede: Rustbeskyttet
Felg: Dobbel bunn, aluminium
Farge: Sort
Vekt (kg): 22

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